Letoya Makhene biography: age, baby, first husband, parents, songs traditional healer, Instagram, and contact details

Letoya Makhene biography: age, baby, first husband, parents, songs traditional healer, Instagram, and contact details

Letoya Makhene is a beautiful South African actress. She is not only an actress but also a singer and television personality. What comes into people’s mind when the most talented South African actresses are mentioned is the one and only, Letoya. She is one kind of person who is highly professional and committed to her craft. In a group five actress, if asked, you will love to work with her due to her vast experience in acting.

Letoya Makhene

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People amongst her fans describe Latoya Makhene as a person who has a lot of wits and a sense of purpose. She believes in the quality of work, and that is why she always takes her time to come up with a likeable craft. This article will talk about Letoya Makhene’s biography, her family, career, traditional healer, and her contact details.

Letoya Makhene’s profile summary

  • Full name: Letoya Makhene
  • Date of birth: September 7, 1984
  • Place of birth: South Africa
  • Siblings: No information
  • Occupation: Actress, singer, and TV personality
  • Years active: 2000 to present
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Image: instagram.com, @letoyamakhene
Source: Instagram

Do you know that Letoya Makhene always wanted to be a traditional healer but later shifted to be an actress? Aya! She had the ambition of becoming a healer who will save people’s lives but who knows God’s plans for everything? Nobody! She enrolled and trained for several months as a traditional healer; however, it dawned on her that she could not make it. She opted to work in Generations: The Legacy.

The beauteous Letoya Makhene was born on September 7, 1984, in Johannesburg’s Municipality, South Africa. She is the most famous actress for acting the South African’s famous soapie opera Isidigo and Generations. People have known her because of the notorious character she portrays in the Generations soapie. In that soap, she has acted as Kumkan Phakade’s gangster wife.

The South African queen, Letoya Makhene, is influential due to her fantastic talent as a singer and actress. She had made numerous appearances in the South African music industry since when she was seven years old. At a young age, she was singing alongside famous Brenda Fassie as her backup singer. Being a child, Brenda Fassie mentored her as one of her children. The mentorship helped Letoya to be the most rocking singer.

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In Letoya Mekhene’s music career, she has not only worked with DJ Cleo in the song “The one,” but she has also worked with DJ Qness in the song “I Get Weak.” In 2016, she did release her solo song, and currently, she is preparing to launch a debut solo album.

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Who is Tshidi Phakade?

Lately, "who is Tshidi from Generations?" The question has been dominating the internet. Well, Tshidi Phakade is an alternative name of the famous South African actress Letoya Makhene. Tshidi is featured and is among the main characters in the hit soapie Generations: The Legacy. Tshidi has been acting in the soap since its reboot in 2014. However, she will not be featured in the next Tshidi generation because she has downed her acting tools due to micromanagement issues. She handed her resignation letter two months ago and said that she has left out of her own will to pursue her career in music. She further indicated that she might come back to take her Tshidi Generations role in the future.

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Tshidi from Generations

tshidi from generations

Image: instagram.com, @letoyamakhene
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After being part of the soap Generations: The Legacy for four years since 2014, Tshidi Pakhade has decided to leave the popular soapie. She told Drum magazine that that decision was spiritual; however, she had difficult times trying to convince her colleagues over the same.

Who is Kumkani Phakade?

Vuyo Dabula, commonly known as Kumkan Phakade, is the most famous South African actor in the soap, Generations. In the soapie, he has portrayed as a husband to Tshidi. Other the Generations soapie, Phakade has also appeared in the soapie Avengers: Age of Ultron and has been playing as the main actor in the soap Five Fingers for Marseilles.

Letoya Makhene age

letoya makhene age

Image: instagram.com, @letoyamakhene
Source: Instagram

The beautiful TV girl Letoya Makhene was born on September 7, 1984. She is currently 35 years old who resides in Johannesburg.

Letoya kids

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letoya makhene pregnant

Image: instagram.com, @letoyamakhene
Source: Instagram

Letoya is a mother again after recently giving birth to a baby girl, the first baby with her boyfriend, Tshepo Leeuw. Although Makhene and her husband have been having a secret relationship, she took to social media to confirm that they had welcomed their baby with lots of joy. In total, she has four children- three boys and a girl.

Makhene first husband

The first husband of Letoya Makhene is known as a Zimbabwean Privilege Mangesi. She had three children from him; Nubia, Tadiwa, and Tamuda before things went bad. She divorced Mangesi after nine years of their joyful marriage.

Who is Letoya Makhene husband?

letoya makhene husband

Image: instagram.com, @tshepo_le
Source: Instagram

Currently, Tshepo Leeuw is the husband of the Letoya. They just had their beautiful baby girl recently. They have been together as wife and husband for one year now.

Letoya Makhene pregnant

The Generations actress confirmed to Drum magazine that she and her ‘husband’ are expecting their baby in a couple of months. The actress revealed that the baby she is carrying was a blessing and a surprise to them. She then went on to share her happiness, and the picture of a baby bump on social media through her Instagram handle.

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Letoya Makhene parents

The parents of the gorgeous actress are Blonde Makhene (father) and Agnes Makhene (mother). Makhene’s father is a music legend who has vast experience in the music industry. Letoya shares some traits with her father since both of them are musicians. She recorded a song with her father, although it did not make sales because she failed to make it well known to the public. The actress has three siblings.

Makhene songs

letoya makhene instagram

Image: instagram.com, @letoyamakhene
Source: Instagram

Makhene did not concentrate on music as she did on acting. Out of the few hours she went into the studio, she was able to record two songs. The songs are “The One” and “I Get Weak” which she collaborated with DJs to produce. She has also released solo songs, and she prepares to launch her solo album as a starting point of her future music ambitions.

Makhene traditional healer

Makhene had aspirations of becoming a traditional healer when she grew up. Out of her determination, she enrolled to study how to heal but later pulled out of school and started acting. Maybe she was made to influence people through singing and acting as a way of treating the hearts of the masses.

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Letoya Makhene Instagram

letoya makhene instagram

Image: instagram.com, @letoyamakhene
Source: Instagram

Her handle is (@letoyamakhene). You will love to see many cute photos of her and those of her amazing husband and beautiful little angel. Her Instagram has a collection of pictures of her both as an actress and as a mom.

Makhene contact details

Makhene has no contact details so far, but you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Her Twitter handle is (@letoyamakhene). You will love to see lots of her posts there.

In conclusion, Letoya Makhene is a gifted actress, singer, and television personality. The beauty has contributed a lot to the music and film industry. Her role as Tshidi Phakade in the soap Generations: The Legacy has made her famous not only in Africa but also globally. However, she recently left the Generations to venture into music as well as take care of her little angel.

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