15 South African celebrities who have amazing bodies thanks to their workout routines

15 South African celebrities who have amazing bodies thanks to their workout routines

Physical fitness is one of the things that many South Africans are trying to achieve and maintain. Being physically active promotes health by improving the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It also helps in maintaining ideal body weight and preventing many lifestyle-related diseases. Some South African celebrities have maintained their work out routines and have amazing bodies as a result.

South African celebrities
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In addition to health reasons, most South African celebrities need to have amazing bodies to boost their brand image. They create time to work out, are mindful of what they eat and do interval training to maintain a specific physical appearance that they consider to be ideal. They are also disciplined and stick to their routines to achieve their body goals.

15 South African celebrities who work out

The stars who regularly work out and have amazing bodies as a result are:

1. Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo
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Boity Thulo is a model, television host, actress and rising hip hop star. She is also one of the fitness stars who have turned their passion into a business. Boity Thulo products for an amazing body are called Boity Toning Support. These are supplements, in the form of capsules, which are made using natural ingredients. Boity Thulo training for the perfect body entails exercising at least five times each week, jogging in the park, skipping rope, weight training, hiking and yoga.

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2. Amanda Du Pont

Amanda Du Pont
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Amanda Du Pont is also a television host, model and actress. She has a fantastic body that she maintains by working out six days a week. According to her, her health is her wealth. She makes healthy dietary choices. Her top three exercises that she must do during a workout session are weights, squats and strength training. The actress runs a YouTube Channel. Some of the Amanda Du Pont vlogs are workout videos.

3. Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest
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Cassper Nyovest is a successful rapper. Initially, he was not keen about being trim and healthy. In 2018, he created a Cassper Nyovest workout routine. He paired it with a Cassper Nyovest diet plan. Through his commitment to the Cassper Nyovest workout plan and diet plan, the rapper now has a six-pack that a lot of men dream of having.

4. Pabi Moloi

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Pabi Moloi
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Pabi Moloi started her fitness journey years ago. Singer Beyonce is her inspiration, and she believes that fitness is an individual's responsibility. The DJ, show producer and host trains about thrive each week and makes healthier food choices. Having the end goal in mind motivates her to continue working out.

5. Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi
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Pearl is a fitness fanatic. She goes to the gym very often. As a result, she has a fantastic body.

6. Somizi Mhlongo

Image: instagram.com, @somizi
Source: Instagram

Somizi is another South African celebrity with an amazing body. The entertainer started his journey a few years back. He also decided to help his fans to become more fit by releasing the workout DVD, Grind With Somizi. He mainly works out through dancing.

7. Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle Mpisane
Image: instagram.com, @sbahle_mpisane
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Also known as the Fitnessbunnie, Sbahle Mpisane is very passionate about working out. She is a fitness guru who started her business to make more South Africans fit. In 2018, she shared her workout routine, which included sit-ups, squats and push-ups. She is currently on the path to recovery after getting involved in a severe road accident. Her passion for fitness is still alive.

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8. Unathi Msengana

Unathi Msengana
Image: instagram.com, @manuisamazing
Source: Instagram

When Unathi began her fitness journey, she was 98 kilogrammes and had just given birth to her second child. Years later, she has a fit body. She starts her Monday with a workout session and makes sure that she is disciplined throughout the week.

9. Suzelle DIY

Suzelle DIY
Image: instagram.com, @suzellediy
Source: Instagram

Suzelle DIY is a comedian who has an enviable body. She has admitted that she is a lazy person, but she always stays fit regardless of her moods. She does so by finding fun, unique and creative ways of exercising. Her best tip is dancing wherever she is to keep trim and fit.

10. Siba Mtongana

South African celebrities
Image: instagram.com, @sibamtongana
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Siba Mtongana, a celebrity chef and mother, also has an amazing body. She often posts her fitness regime on her Instagram account. She is still on a journey to achieve her ideal body. Her best exercises are running and skipping.

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11. Khabonina Qubeca

Image: instagram.com, @khabonina_q
Khabonina Qubeka
Source: Instagram

Khabonina is an actress, dancer and yogi. She is very committed to her fitness journey and often updates her fans about her progress on social media.

12. Bohang Moeko

South African celebrities
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Bohang’s body is attractive. He often plays soccer to keep fit.

13. Nandi Mngoma

South African celebrities
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Nandi does not enjoy going to the gym. However, the model is fit and has an attractive body. Dancing is her main form of exercise. Her mother, who has a killer body, is her primary source of inspiration to keep fit.

14. Jeannie D

South African celebrities
Image: instagram.com, @iamjeannied
Source: Instagram

Jeannie is a popular presenter who has a to-die-for body. She has a personal trainer, Johno Meintjes, who guides her. She often does pilates, yoga and hiking. She credits her body to eating healthy and consistent training.

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15. Leigh-Anne Williams

South African celebrities
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The television presenter is confident as she does her job because she has an amazing body. She often works out, and her personal trainer is Bruce Benjamin. She always recommends putting on comfortable training gear when working out.

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The above list of South Africa’s celebrities who are fit because they work out, is not exhaustive. Many others are dedicated to their fitness programmes. These include Clint Brink, Liesl Laurie, rapper AKA, Fezile Makhanya, Minni Dlamini, and many others.

A large section of South Africans desires to have a trim and fit body. However, getting into a fitness routine is hard for a majority because it requires a lot of discipline and commitment. The above list of celebrities who have successfully established routines that have yielded fruit, inspires everyone to start their fitness journey. Remember, all you need is discipline and commitment.


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