All you need to know about Mandela Day: date, ideas, theme, how to celebrate it

All you need to know about Mandela Day: date, ideas, theme, how to celebrate it

On Mandela Day, people touch each other's lives for 67 minutes to remember how Nelson Mandela made the world a better place for humanity. It is not a public holiday, but people need to honour it because the legend paid a high price to liberate South Africans from psychological and physical colonialism. Similarly, the world would not be the same if he had not made sacrifices and held onto his values to bring the changes that people enjoy now.

Mandela Day

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Mandela Day 2020 will be the most memorable of all Mandela Days that the world has been celebrating over the years. The hero did not attend his son's funeral because he was imprisoned in Robben Island for the sake of South Africa's liberation. Is he not worth celebrating?

What is Mandela Day?

It is an internationally recognized event when the world commemorates the achievements of the first president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. He and other African leaders fought for democracy in the continent. Mandela met many prominent people, including the Pope in 1998, to discuss African problems and solutions. He emulated the leadership of many historical African kings and queens who came before him.

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The event falls on his birthday, 18 July. The United Nations officially launched it in 2009, and the first one was held on 18 July 2010. Mandela Day 2020 theme is to take action, inspire change, and make every day a Mandela Day. You are encouraged to contribute to the Each1Feed1 campaign.

How can you celebrate Madiba Day regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Mandela Day

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Here are the best Mandela Day ideas in 2020:

  • Pray for the world to heal from the coronavirus pandemic, the economy to revive, and the medical experts' safety.
  • Check up on all your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and acquaintances. Ensure that they are alright and encourage one another to stay optimistic during the pandemic.
  • Donate blood for coronavirus patients and those suffering from emergency diseases—the COVID-Solidarity Response Fund initiative from WHO calls for more blood donations.
  • Help with the basic needs (food, clothing, and shelter) of the poor. Give sanitizers and masks to the needy through charity organizations near you.
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Mandela Day

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  • Plant crops, trees, flowers, and so on for nature to thrive. If you bring your resources together and use an hour to plant crops, you will increase food production to sustain more people.
  • Donate medical equipment to health care centres.
  • Volunteer free professional services online such as therapy for the depressed, medical and legal consultation services, and more.
  • Promote each other's business by posting on your social media accounts, email, send SMS, or call your contacts to advertise one another's products and services to earn a living.
  • Share employment opportunities with people who need them and also offer jobs if you can employ people.

Mandela Day ideas for schools

He loved education and encouraged more people to support the younger generation in acquiring it because he believed that education was going to change the world. These wise words were right because Africa's economy has grown, and the standards of living in the continent have improved rapidly.

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The continent is fitting into the current technologically advanced world by educating its children and the youths. In what unique ways can learners and the communities come together to honour the Mandela Day 67 minutes?

  • Donate resources that will support online learning, such as computers, online books, access to the internet, and more.
  • Volunteer to teach students online.
  • Organize entertainment events that learners can participate in virtually, such as concerts.
  • Offer teachers financial and moral support if you can because most of them are working without getting paid.
  • Offer scholarships to learners who are unable to pay their school fees.

Can you create an initiative for celebrating Mandela Day?

Many initiatives have been established to honour the occasion, such as the annual Mandela Day marathon. The planned Mandela Day marathon 2020 has been cancelled because of the lockdown restrictions.

Mandela Day

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There are terms and conditions for developing a Mandela Day initiative, such as:

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  • The name and image of Mr. Mandela (and any reiterations thereof) are not directly associated with any product, brand, or commercial promotion; therefore, do not use his images and name for these purposes.
  • The initiative being developed must not promote or be linked to the production/sale of cigarettes, alcohol, firearms, weapons of war, etc.
  • Participation by any member of the Nelson Mandela family must not be a prerequisite; any such engagement will be based on their voluntary willingness and availability.

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Ideas for Mandela Day posters

Create unique posters from his uplifting quotes. Here are the examples:

  • His leadership is worth emulating by South African presidents and global leaders because his actions matched his words. Here is his quote about exemplary leadership:
Mandela Day

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  • He was passionate about equality and justice for all. It is the right time to use this quote on your posters because of the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter, and #AllLivesMatter issues are dividing the world. In a small way, you will be uniting all people.
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Mandela Day

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  • He advocated for unity between the rich and the poor:
Mandela Day

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Here are answers to the most common questions about the day.

Why is Mandela day 67 minutes?

Each minute represents a year that Madiba served South Africa and fought for human rights. He began to serve humanity in 1942.

What can we do for Mandela Day?

There are so many things that you can do during the occasion. What you do not need in your house is valuable to someone else. Donate blood, food, money, clothes, medical equipment, masks, sanitizers, shelter, etc.

How did Mandela Day start?

The Nelson Mandela Foundation launched a movement to celebrate Madiba's legacy, and the United Nations took it up from the foundation and made the legend's birthday, 18 July 1918, an internationally recognized event.

How does a Mandela Day logo look like?

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Is today Nelson Mandela Day?

Nelson Mandela day will be held on 18 July 2020.

Is Nelson Mandela Day a public holiday?

It is not a public holiday but a moment to appreciate Madiba's legacy of serving the community selflessly for 67 years.

What is the significance of Mandela Day?

The world celebrates Nelson Madiba's efforts to bring justice and freedom for the oppressed in his country and globally.

Mandela Day should remind you to love yourself too as you spread love and fight for justice on behalf of others. Make it the best day for you and those around you, and above all, incorporate helping people in your lifestyle. Have a happy Mandela Day!


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