My Identity Starlife cast, plot summary, full story, teasers

My Identity Starlife cast, plot summary, full story, teasers

You know such TV shows that will get you addicted and leave everything else so that you can focus on watching when they come on air? My Identity Starlife soapie is one of them. The series is an all-time favourite, thanks to a team of talented cast members who perfectly bring out the exciting storyline.

My Identity Starlife plot
My Identity Starlife is an Indian drama television series. Photo: @naamkarann_az
Source: Instagram

Originally known as Naamkarann and directly translated as Naming Ceremony, My Identity Starlife premiered on 12th September 2016. My Identity Starlife plot is inspired by the real-life of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, focusing on interesting real-life dramatic experiences and twists around the idea of love.

My Identity Starlife

  • Name: My Identity
  • Genre: Indian drama television series
  • Writers: Gautham Hedge, Nikita Dhond, Shipra Arora, Aayush Agrawal, Mitali Bhattacharya, Arundhati Sharma, Ishan Bajpai
  • Directors: Mahesh Bhatt, Loknath Pandey, Faheim Inamdar, Sandeep Vijay, Jafar Shaikh, Yusuf Ansari
  • Executive producer: Aayush Agrawal
  • Producers: Guroudev Bhallan, Dhaval Gada
  • Country of origin: India
  • Original language: Hindi
  • Original name: Naamkarann
  • Episodes: 463
  • Seasons: 1
  • Original network: Star Plus
  • Original release: 12 September 2016 – 18 May 2018

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My Identity Starlife plot summary

My Identity Starlife summary of the plot and full story gives you an idea of what to expect in the 463 episodes of the soapie. The series explores the controversial life story of a child, Avni Ayesha, born out of wedlock. She is uncomfortable bearing the illegitimate identity that society has painted on her. As a result, Avni develops a strong determination to fight back and does not stop in her adulthood.

My Identity Starlife full story

My Identity Starlife
My Identity Starlife includes 463 episodes. Photo: @naamkarangeorgian
Source: Instagram

Avni lives with her mother, Ayesha Haider. She is a daughter to a notorious film director, Ashish Mehta, who skips in regularly to check on them. He specifically visits them privately because his mother, Dayavanti Mehta, is strongly opposed to the relationship.

Dayavanti is a staunch Hindu woman with an uncompromising religious stand. She is particularly against her son seeing a Muslim woman, with whom he has a child. For this reason, she completely rejects Avni and is determined to ensure that Ashish does not associate with the illegitimate family.

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Ashish, against his wishes, marries the kindhearted Neela Parikh, to whom Avni becomes a friend. Avni does not give up in her fight against Dayavanti, and her pursuit of justice is backed with Neela's support.

Ayesha gives birth to another child, Aman, enraging Dayavanti more. She retaliates by suffocating Ayesha to death and ends up renaming her son to Amol. She goes ahead to manipulate her son Ashish into thinking that it is Avni who killed her mother, Ayesha.

The enraged Ashish locks Avni in jail, and Neela comes to her rescue from prison. As soon as she gets her out of prison, Neela makes up her mind to live with Avni. Meanwhile, Dayavanti pursues Avni and ends up shooting her. Neela again comes to her rescue, saving her life.

15 years later

Fast forward to 15 years later, Avni is now mature and a beautiful woman, having changed her name to Ananya Verma. She is engaged in a controversial deal of stealing money from wealthy individuals and donating to health centres. ACP Neil Khanna takes the responsibility of uncovering her identity. Neil is, coincidentally, best friend to Avni's childhood friend, Ali.

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Various circumstances bring Neil and Avni together. By this time, Aman is a spoilt brat. Neil slowly starts getting along with Avni after learning about her from Neela.

Investigations finally reveal that Dayavanti murdered Ashish as soon as he knew she had killed Ayesha. Dayavanti goes to jail following the revelation. Avni saves Neil, who narrowly survives a bomb blast. Further investigations reveal that Aman, the agent to Dayavanti, masterminded the blast.

Neil and Avni are in love

my identity starlife
My Identity Starlife has 1 season. Photo: @aditirathorelovers
Source: Instagram

The fateful blast leaves Avni and Neil thinking about love. It eventually dawns on Aman that Dayavanti has been taking advantage of his innocence. He proceeds to burn Dayavanti to death and goes to jail for it. Avni is no longer vengeful towards Aman; instead, she is proud of him for having claimed justice for her mother, Ayesha.

Juhi informs Neil about their illegitimate daughter, Mishti, under the custody of Vidyut. Avni and Mishti bond following a successful rescue. Mishti is indeed a daughter to Vidyut. Juhi confesses the truth when Neil and Avni press harder. Unconfirmed revelations by Vidyut place Avni on the spot for shooting Juhi. The troubled Neil sends Avni to jail.

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6 months later

Six months later, the fateful accusation enrages Avni even as she counts on a broken trust with Neil. She considers acquiring fighting skills to prove her innocence. Luckily, Neil confirms Avni's innocence from Vidyut. During a blackout, Neela suffers a shooting while in the Khanna house. Neela's death hurts Avni. Avni and Neil finally show their love. 

Vidyut threatens Avni into marrying him as the only way of saving Prakash. Avni takes the law into her hand and burns down his house, leaving four dead and her fate unknown.

10 years later

Ten years later, Neil becomes a radio jockey after giving up his role as a police officer. Avni concentrates on the affairs of illegitimate orphans. Among others, Avni looks after Sayesha, who is Mishti in reality. Sayesha proves her talent in singing, drawing inspiration from actor Karan Kapoor.

Avni makes up her mind to move out of the city with Sayesha and Neil's son, Mowgli. She thought Neil needed to start a new life with Mitali. Before then, Mitali assures Neil that he can only be happy with Avni. As fate would have it, Avni reunited with Neil.

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My identity Starlife cast

The soapie is a success because it encircles talented actors with a good record of accomplishment on our screens. Here are My Identity Starlife cast pictures, life stories of the main actors and actresses, and a list of the recurring cast.

1. Aditi Rathore as Avni Khanna

my identity cast
Aditi Rathore plays the role of Avni Khanna. Photo: @only_aditi_ki_smile_matters
Source: Instagram

The talented Aditi plays the role of Avni Khanna, which she took over from Arsheen Naamdaar, after a 15-year leap in the soapie. Besides playing Naamkarann between 2017 and 2018, she has previously acted in the following Indian soapies:

  • 2016: Ek Duje Ke Vasste
  • 2014/16: Kumkum Bhagya

Her skillfulness earned her an Indian Television Academy Awards in 2017 and 2018. Aditi also qualified in the list of Eastern Eye's Sexiest Asian women claiming the 23rd position.

2. Arsheen Naamdaar as Avni Ayesha at a young age

My Identity Starlife cast
Arsheen Naamdaar plays the role Avni Ayesha at a young age. Photo: @arsheennamdar
Source: Instagram

She portrayed the role of Avni Ayesha at a young age. Arsheen is a young Hindi actress born in Mumbai and brought to the limelight by Alia Bhatt. She has been on other TV programs such as:

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  • Maan Na Maan Main Tera Mehmaan
  • 2012: Baal Veer
  • 2015: Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re

Arsheen will be celebrating her 13th birthday on 15th September 2020. She is a daughter to the actors Ali Raza Namdar and Anuradha Kanabar.

3. Zain Imam as Neil Khanna

my identity starlife cast
Zain Imam plays the role of Neil Khanna. Photo: @zainimam_official
Source: Instagram

The Indian model and actor Zain portrays the role of Neil Khanna in the soapie. Yuvraj Luthra from Tashan-E-Ishq is perhaps his most recognized role. He is also notorious for the following television productions:

  • 2016: Yeh Vaada Raha
  • 2015/16: Tashan-E-Ishq
  • 2015/15: Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan
  • 2018: Game of Love Starlife

The 33-year-old Zain was born in New Delhi. He attended Amity International Business School, after which he got a job in the private sector.

4. Reema Lagoo as Dayavanti Mehta

my identity cast
Reema Lagoo plays the role of Dayavanti Mehta. Photo: @youme.cinema
Source: Instagram

The famous Reema began her career journey at Marathi theatre, later making her way into other Hindi acting gigs. Her motherly roles from the 1990s and the begging of the 20th century are timeless. In Naamkarann 2016/17, she plays the role of Dayavanti Mehta. She also acted in:

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  • 2013: Tuza Maza Jamena
  • 2012: Lakhon Mein Ek

Reema was born in Nayan Bhadbhade, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on 21st June 1958. She first became a household name in the 1990s and produced several films and television content before her demise on 18th May 2017.

5. Ragini Shah as Dayavanti Mehta

my identity cast
Ragini Shah plays the role of Dayavanti Mehta. Photo: @telenovely.telenovelas
Source: Instagram

After the passing away of Reema Lagoo, Ragini stepped in and became Dayavanti Mehta. Born on 16 October 1958 in Bombay, India, Ragini has been on the screens since 1970. She is a veteran of Gujarati theatre. Her other TV roles were in such movies:

  • 2013 to 2014: Saraswatichandra
  • 2011 to 216: Diya Aur Baati Hum
  • 2009: Harun Arun

6. Barkha Sengupta as Ayesha Mehta

my identity cast
Barkha Sengupta plays the role Ayesha Meht. Photo: @barkhasengupta
Source: Instagram

She portrays Ayesha Mehta, the first wife to Ashish. She suffers rejection in the family of Ashish because of her unwelcome religious beliefs. She even dies in the hands of her mother-in-law. Barkha has previously starred in other movies, including:

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  • 2019: Paramavatar Shri Krishna
  • 2019: Chandragupta Maurya
  • 2018: Kaal Bhairav Rahasya Season 2

The 40-year-old actress works for Indian-based films and television programs. Born in Hisar, Haryana, India, Barkha and her colleague actor Indraneil Sengupta tied the knot in 2007.

7. Viraf Patel as Ashish Mehta

My Identity Starlife cast
Viraf Patel plays the role of Ashish Mehta. Photo: @virafpp
Source: Instagram

Viraf plays the role of Ashish Mehta in Naamkarann. He has also appeared in:

  • 2010: Mahi Way
  • 2019: The Verdict - State vs Nanavati

Born on 12th June 1980 in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Viraf is a model who was crowned The Grasim Mr India in 2005. Between 1999 and 2004, he was a sailor in the merchant navy.

My Identity Starlife supporting cast

Other talented cast members making the film interesting include:

  • Aayesha Vindhara: Young Mishti
  • Anaya Soni: Hetal Mehta
  • Gautam Vig: Ali
  • Gulfam Khan: Fatima Banu
  • Jahaan Arora: Dakhal Dayal
  • Kabir Shah: Mowgli Khanna
  • Karam Rajpal: Vidyut
  • Karan Jagdish Singh: Avni's Lawyer
  • Kunwar Amarjeet Singh: Aladdin aka Kabir
  • Manini Mishra: Ragini Pandit
  • Nalini Negi: Riya Mehta
  • Neelam Sivia: Diksha
  • Neelu Kohli: Harleen Khanna
  • Pak Dey: Young Riya
  • Payal Bhojwani: Mishti aka Kapoor
  • Poonam Preet: Juhi
  • Prakriti Nautiyal: Sitara
  • Priya Tandon: Monica
  • Puru Chibber: Ketan Mehta
  • Rajesh Singh: Tiku
  • Sana Amin: Sheikh: Mitali Sharma
  • Sayantani Ghosh: Neela Parikh
  • Shruti Ulfat: Shweta Khanna
  • Shubh Kalra: Young Ali
  • Shushant Mohindru: Aman Mehta
  • Soni Singh: Sunehri
  • Vivek Madan: Hansmukh

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My Identity Starlife cast
You can read My Identity Starlife teasers on Briefly. Photo: @virafpp
Source: Instagram

My Identity Starlife teasers

My Identity Starlife teasers will give you a clue of what will happen in the next episodes. Going by the summary of the full story above, My Identity Starlife is a must-watch Bollywood series for telenovela lovers. Here are the latest My Identity Starlife teasers on Briefly:

The soapie ranks high for its perfect portrayal of characters through experienced cast members in addition to the interesting twists and turns of events in the plot. Make sure you watch on weekdays at 9 p.m on StarLife (channel 550).

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Source: Briefly News

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