Woman Gets Shot Down by Date After Telling Him How She Feels, Rejects Her and Says He’s Found Someone Else

Woman Gets Shot Down by Date After Telling Him How She Feels, Rejects Her and Says He’s Found Someone Else

  • A Twitter post revealing how a smitten woman was harshly rejected by her love interest has been doing the rounds online
  • The post features a screenshot of a conversation between the woman and the man, in which he tells her she's one of a few other women he's dating
  • He goes on to tell her that she doesn’t meet his requirements and says he’s found the right person in someone else, before ending the conversation

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A woman was dealt a hard blow after going on a date with a man she was really into.

A tweet shared by @smalzin10 shows a screenshot of a text conversation in which the woman thanks the guy for lunch and tells him just how much she loves him.

Woman, Shot Down, Date
A woman's love interest told her that she doesn't meet his requirements. Image: Stock Image/GettyImages
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The man, who evidently didn’t feel the same way, wrote:

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“Hey there Anitha, I was on a mission neh, looking for the right person, I had 3 other girls that I went on a date with. Truth is, you don’t meet the requirements of a person I want to be with, sorry mtshana uyeva… I’ve found the right person from the other 3 girls. Bye.

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@smalzin10 captioned the post:

“I loooove the honesty.”

Rejection in a relationship is never easy and this gent laid it on thick. One can only imagine what must have gone through the poor woman’s mind when she realised the man was not interested in pursuing a relationship with her.

Many South African online users found the post awkward yet funny as they responded with many witty remarks.

@Rev_Mente said:

“At least Anitha uhluthi.”

@MasefelaE wrote:

“Lesson 1: never tell a boy you love him before he tells you. Shame man.”

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@Mpumiln commented:

“Manje yena sekaku level ka “babe” eisaan.”

@Sho_Afrika remarked:

“1 date and she's already calling him "Babe" and "I love you".”

@Muhle268832151 replied:

“Just when I thought ghosting was bad.”

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Source: Briefly News

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