Woman Meets Intentional Man, Becomes Wife and a Mom-to-Be Within a Year: "God Did"

Woman Meets Intentional Man, Becomes Wife and a Mom-to-Be Within a Year: "God Did"

  • A woman shared her love story on TikTok, meeting her "dream man" in 2023, who married her and made her a mom-to-be
  • The viral and heartwarming post also reveals that the couple enjoys going to church together
  • Her story resonated with many viewers who shared their own relationship experiences and well-wishes
Woman shares love story
A woman shared about meeting her ideal partner in 2023 who swept her off her feet. Image: @britt.fayee
Source: TikTok

Falling in love is both a blessing and a beautiful thing - especially with the right person.

Woman meets her dream man

One lucky lady knows this very well. @britt.fayee shared a video, letting netizens into her inspiring love story.

According to @britt.fayee's post, she met an intentional man in 2023, who not only swept her off her feet but also made her a wife and a glowing mom-to-be.

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The loved-up woman also shares that she and her husband have a shared love for Christ as they enjoy attending church together.

“God did,” @britt.fayeecaptioned the post.

Netizens show woman's journey love

Many netizens reacted to @britt.fayee's post with positive comments and their own relationship testimonies.

lovelyyy_lizzyyyy commented:

"Met my husband on tagged February of 2023 got engaged April got married January of 2024 relationships like these are beautiful especially when you put God in the center of it all ."

lesa wrote:

"2023 as in like last year? Wow ."

Sherrie Tripple Beth commented:

"Where did you find him i want to utilize my January well."

Biscoco said:

Have always prayed for a sweet and God-fearing man in my whole life. .I pray God send him to me soonest."

@beautyhubacademy responded:

"Met mine last year Mar, and we are getting married Marchch before our 1 year anniversary ❤️."

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Taelynn replied:

"Off topic but you are soooo pretty❤️."


"My story will end up like this when I meet the right one ."

Faith replied:

"I met mine on Facebook dating on July 4th, got engaged in December getting married in June 2024 after graduation! God did it!"

American woman falls in love with delivery man

In another article, Brielfy News reported that an American woman's story about falling for her delivery driver went viral, but some expressed concerns about safety and potential risks.

Online dating and social media have made for some of the sweetest love stories, but it turns out that that is not the only form of technology bringing people together.

Twitter user @traciafanclub shared the cute story of how she and her man of four years met. Sis ordered some sushi and had a doordash man deliver it, not knowing she was about to meet her soul mate.

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