18-Year-Old Woman Who Attracted 2 Wealthy Suitors Married in Glamorous Ceremony

18-Year-Old Woman Who Attracted 2 Wealthy Suitors Married in Glamorous Ceremony

  • A week after Athiak Dau's parents chose her suitor, the young woman was married off in a colourful traditional wedding
  • The 18-year-old took the internet by storm for attracting the attention of two wealthy men
  • The first suitor offered 105 cows and R367k, while his competitor gave 350 cows, a Toyota V6, and a house

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The family of Athiak Dau recently chose to give their daughter to Chol Marol instead of Marial Garang Jiel for marriage.

Collage of Athiak Dau before and during the traditional wedding.
After the traditional wedding ceremony, Athiak Dau is officially Chol's wife. Photos: Hot in Juba/Twic Media.
Source: UGC

The decision ended a month-long competition between the two wealthy suitors who were seeking her hand in marriage.

Athiak's traditional wedding

In the wake of the decision, a glamorous traditional wedding was held to give away the young woman to her now-husband.

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The 18-year-old, dressed in a flowing red dress and holding a flywhisk in her right hand, was escorted to her man.

A video shared by Twic Media Reports captured the events that brought forth the newest bride in town.

"A newly wed bride, Athiak Dau Riak is very tall, beautiful and humble," read the caption.

See the video below:

What were the suitors offering in dowry?

Athiak became the centre of attention after the wealthy suitors competed for her in a dowry showdown. Marial Garang Jiel had pledged 105 cows and 2,000 dollars (R366k) to secure her hand in marriage.

Chol took time to reveal the dowry he was offering, but he was rumoured to pay 350 cows and a Toyota V6.

Apart from the above, he would also build a standalone four-bedroom house for Athiak's family.

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Social media reactions

Netizens took to the comments and added their opinion.

Zubeda Shaban asked:

"What stops her from smiling? Does it mean she is not happy about her marriage?"

Eunice Gumbo complimented:

"Congratulations to you and your beautiful marriage. May the good lord continue to protect and guide you in all your endeavours."

Aisha Kaylow reacted:

"This girl doesn't look happy at all. It looks like she's been forced to smile."

Diana Cheruto Boyels said:

"Waa! She never smiles, why?? Or it is taboo in South Sudan to smile as a bride?"

18-year-old woman attracts 2 wealthy suitors seeking to pay over 100 cows, R364k in dowry

Briefly News previously reported that as single women struggle to get marriage partners, an 18-year-old named Athiak Dau is spoilt for choice on who to accept. One suitor has already offered 105 cows and R364,708 to secure her hand in marriage.

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His competitor is yet to table an offer but is rumoured to be planning to give 350 cows, a Toyota V6, and a four-bedroom house to Athiak's family.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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