TikTok Video Captures Pretoria Woman Making 35 Kotas for One Order, Mzansi Impressed: “Lovely”

TikTok Video Captures Pretoria Woman Making 35 Kotas for One Order, Mzansi Impressed: “Lovely”

  • A Pretoria woman impressed South Africans after she made 35 kotas for one order
  • She and her partner were captured in a TikTok video busy attending to the business
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many applauding the lady on her skills and encouraging her to soar higher
A TikTok video captured a Pretoria woman who showed off her kota-making skills after making 35 for one order.
A Pretoria woman made 35 kotas for one order. Images: @pappa_gs_kota_kings/ TikTok, @AJ Paulsen/ Getty Images
Source: UGC

A TikTok video of a woman who made 35 kotas for one order has impressed South Africans.

@pappa_gs_kota_kings uploaded the moment. In the clip, the lady and her partner are seen being very busy making the kotas, which have potato chips and polony, to name just two things.

Kota is one of those sandwiches that has made a name for itself in Mzansi. It is known to be sold a lot in the townships along with magwenyas.

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Woman makes 35 kotas for one order

Watch the TikTok video below:

TikTokkers impressed by the lady's Kota skills

The video garnered over 100k views, with many online users applauding the woman for her hustle and encouraging her to work even harder because the kota business is unlikely to fail, given that it is still in demand.

@climaxzn complimented:

"Love the cleanliness.❤ Are you guys on Uber Eats?"

@user2058190851973 encouraged:

"Don't ever give up on this business. You guys have good skills. add a little of lettuce or a little of bacon or mince, something to top it up a bit."

@Mashabs wished well:

"Good business indeed, your place is neat and clean, just cover your head when preparing the meals, best wishes."

@Tween Seems said they want a taste:

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"I must come to try them."

@its a New Day Asibon stanned:

"You killing it, girl. Lovely."

Woman runs successful kota business after retrenchment

In another story, Briefly News reported about a KZN woman who built a thriving kota business after being retrenched from a corporate job.

The office girl turned kasi cuisine hustler shared her story on the Black Capitalist Facebook page, where she opened up about being retrenched from her job of seven years, forcing her into unemployment. Today, she has a mobile kitchen, caters for events and a sit-down outlet she calls her own. Netizens are inspired.

Source: Briefly News

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