Alick Macheso age, family, houses and cars, songs, properties, worth

Alick Macheso age, family, houses and cars, songs, properties, worth

Alick Macheso is among the best old school musicians in Zimbabwe. He sings in five languages, Sena, Chichewa, Lingala, Shona, and Venda. In the 1990s to 2000s, Zimbabwe's media alleged that Tongai Moyo was Macheso's biggest rivals. The musician denied being Tongai's enemy and calling him a copycat. The Pakutema Munda hit-maker rose above a messy divorce that ruined his reputation.

Alick Macheso
Alick. Photo: @Alick Macheso
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What is Alick Macheso worth? His worth ranges from one to five million USD. Alick Macheso houses and cars include a Honda CRV, a BMW X, a Toyota Hiace and mansions in Waterfalls and Chitungwiza. In 2013, the musician returned to his Waterfalls home from a UK tour only to find burglars had vandalized his BMW X, yet seventeen trained dogs were guarding the property.

Alick Macheso profile summary

  • Full name: Alick Silva Macheso
  • Nick names: Razorwire, Baba Shero Aleck, Extrabasso, Chikopokopo, and Cheso-Power
  • Date of birth: 10th June 1968
  • Age: 52 years
  • Career: Musician
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean
  • Net worth: $1 million - $5 million

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Alick Macheso biography

How old is Macheso? Alick Macheso age is 52 years as of May 2021, for he was born on 10th June 1968. Hudson Chisale and Emilia Silva moved from Malawi to Mozambique to do farming. Emilia's parents prevented her from marrying Hudson because they degraded his music career. She married a man in Shamva, Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe, where she gave birth and raised her son.

Alick Macheso
Alick in deep thoughts. Photo: @WellenceMujuru
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Alick Silva Macheso grew up on Hereford Farm and attended Enterprise Primary School in Shamva during the colonial period. He has five half-siblings named Mike, Harrison, Partson, and Jones and Hilda. His uncles taught him how to play the two-string banjo. Silva did many music performances in Shamva, thus became popular in the region by the time he was a teenager.

Alick Macheso's family

He has five children with his first wife, Nyadzisai Macheso, and two kids with his second wife, Tafadzwa Mapako. Silva divorced Tafadzwa in 2014. In 2013, Tafi Phiri from Chipinge claimed to be the artist's father but never did a DNA test. Moreover, he left Chipinge after his marriage collapsed.

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Macheso's divorce scandal

Tafadzwa's marriage to the musician was her third failed marriage. She demanded $7,130 monthly to cater for her children, Maneesha and Alick Junior, but the court sliced the divorce settlement to $1,030 per month.

He denied Tafadwa's accusations that he would ejaculate into a child's mouth to cure nhova, a child's fontanelle. In this traditional practice, a father slides his manhood all over the child's face, ears, and head.

Tafadzwa's second claim was that her husband's small manhood did not satisfy her. Therefore, she refused to get intimate with him after giving birth to their second child. Silva demanded a DNA test on Tafadwa's children, and it proved he was their father.

Alick Macheso
The youthful Alick playing the guitar. Photo: @KimChikanga
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Alick Macheso's career

Attaining independence in 1980 gave native Zimbabweans, including Alick, better income-generating opportunities. At the age of 15, he left Shamva for Harare, where he joined the Shepherd Chinyani's Vhuka Boys band.

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Alick Macheso albums and songs

The solo artist released a debut album named Magariro in 1998, but it performed poorly on the market. In 1999, his second album, Vakiridzo, received average recognition; hence Silva recorded a third album named Simbaradzo in 2000. Today, Magariro is like a national anthem in Zimbabwe. The most famous song on the album is Pakutema Munda.

In 1997, Silva joined Nicholas Zakaria's Vhuka band. He later formed the Khiama Boys music band and dropped it to establish an orchestra, Mberikwazvo, with Nicholas's younger brother called Zakaria Zakaria, aka Zaka Zaka. Is Zaka Zaka back to Macheso? Yes, he returned to the team last year.

Simbaradzo and Zvakanaka Zvakadara became popular in the early 2000s. The artist recorded these songs with the Bhundu Boys group. People also loved his songs Mundikumbuke and Amai VaRubhi.

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Who is the best Sungura dancer in Simbabwe? He initiated the Zora Butter dance move in 2011, and it is now popularly known as Macheso's dance style. His latest album is the 2020 Band reVanhu, and Zuro Ndizuro Alick Macheso is one of the trending 2020 singles from the artist.

Alick Macheso
Alick sitting on a couch. Photo: @Alick Macheso
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Where can I download Alick Macheso songs? Alick Macheso mp3 download sites include Hungama and MP3 Juices.Red. The Alick Macheso 2020 songs download process is free on these music platforms.

Nicholas Zakaria and Alick Macheso fallout

Both musicians denied having a strained relationship. Rumours had it that Zakaria questioned Macheso's morals when he married a second wife. The families shared Chitungwiza's humble neighbourhood before Alick moved his family to Waterfalls. They put aside their differences. The Zakarias went to the Machesos home to attend his daughter's birthday party after not visiting each other for years.

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Alick Macheso's awards and charity work

The celebrity's humanitarian character is praiseworthy because he built two classrooms and sponsored 105 students at his former primary school. Red Cross made him its Zimbabwe Ambassador in 2013 because his annual Chitungwiza General Hospital Charity show helped many sick people. He has won these awards as a musician:

  • Best Song of the Year
  • Best Live Performer (ZIMA)
  • Best Sungura Artiste (ZIMA)

Alick Macheso is an ethical artist, unlike many musicians today who tarnish each other's name for fame. More artists should emulate him because he respects his competitors and never supports toxic rivalry.

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