Stacy Valentine: age, D.O.B, measurements, career, profiles, net worth

Stacy Valentine: age, D.O.B, measurements, career, profiles, net worth

Stacy Valentine is an American model and former adult film actress. She ventured into the industry in 1996, and by 2000, she had retired. Unlike most actresses, she had a goal, and after achieving it, she felt the need to leave. Her biography unpacks some of the unknown facts about her life.

Stacy Valentine: age, D.O.B, measurements, career, profiles, net worth
Stacy Valentine: age, D.O.B, measurements, career, profiles, net worth. Photo: @algreenmyspace
Source: Instagram

Stacy Valentine is famous for being bold and living her life unapologetically. She was adopted to a family that loved her and encouraged her to pursue what made her happy. During her early years, she dreamt of being a housewife. Her marriage led her to the decision to venture into the film industry. Check out these details to find out how and why.

Stacy Valentine's profile summary

  • Full name: Stacy Baker
  • Stacy Valentine's other names: Stacey, Stacey Valentin, Staci Valentine, Stacey Valentine
  • Stage name: Valentine
  • Date of birth: 9th August 1970
  • Age: 51
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Place of birth: Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: American
  • Height in cm: 163 cm
  • Height in feet: 5 ft 4 in
  • Hair colour: Platinum
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Occupation: Model and actress
  • Marital status: Separated
  • Twitter: @Stacy_Valentine
  • Website:

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Stacy Valentine's biography

Stacy got married at an early age, and her husband supported her modelling career. However, over the years, she felt the need to do more. Therefore, when an opportunity arose, she relocated to Mexico and started shooting adult videos.

During the first year of her career, she shot more than 10 Stacy Valentine's videos. A year later, she had secured her first award.

Stacy Valentine's D.O.B

Stacy Baker's foster parents adopted her in Tusla, Oklahoma, USA. Even though there are no details of her biological parents, she is believed to have been born on 9th August 1970.

Stacy Valentine's age

How old is Stacy Valentine? She was born on 9th August 1970 in Oklahoma. She turned 51 years old in 2021.

Stacy Valentine's career

Baker was married at a young age, and when her marriage failed, she found solace in modelling. Luckily, she landed the opportunity to pose for Gallery Magazine's Girl Next Door photo contest. As fate would have it, Baker won the competition and parlayed into a feature in Hustler Magazine. During the Hustler in Mexico shoot, she agreed to pose for a boy-girl layout for Hustler's magazine.

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Stacy Valentine's movies

Stacy Valentine
Stacy Valentine during the early years of her career. Photo: @lipstickcity2000
Source: Instagram

After being away for one week, Baker returned home, packed her belongings and left her husband to pursue her career as an adult actress in Los Angeles. She took up her first role in an adult film on 14th February 1996; hence, the name Valentine.

This list is an overview of Stacy Valentine's movies and videos,

  • Video Virgins 29 in 1996
  • Up Close & Personal 3 in 1996
  • Playtime in 1996
  • Pick-Up Lines 6 in 1996
  • Nikki Tyler, P.I. in 1996
  • Hell Hole in 1996
  • Nasty Nymphos 13 in 1996
  • Girts At Work in 1996
  • Indecent Exposures in 1996
  • Expose Me Again in 1996
  • Dominant Jean in 1996
  • Executions on Butt Row in 1996
  • Director's Wet Dreams in 1996
  • Deadly Sin in 1996
  • Bikini Beach 5 in 1997
  • Misty Cam's Birthday Party in 1997
  • L.A. Lust in 1997
  • Hillbilly Honeys in 1997
  • In Cold Sweat in 1997
  • First Time Ever 3: Suddenly Stacy in 1997
  • Eternal Lust 2 in 1997
  • Cafe Flesh 2 in 1997
  • Red Vibe Diaries: Dark Desires in 1998
  • Satyr in 1998
  • Forever Night in 1998
  • Torn in 1999
  • Still Insatiable in 1999
  • Wildflower in 1999
  • Victoria Falls in 1999
  • Magnum Love in 1999
  • Diva Girls in 1999
  • Chasing Stacy in 1999
  • African Heat in 2000
  • Cold Feet in 2000
  • Red Vibe Diaries 3: The Garden of Transgression in 2002
  • Big Tops 3 in 2001

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By 2000, Valentine had established she did not want to be in the adult for too long. Her goal was to earn awards and become a contract girl. By 2000, she had achieved that and more. Therefore, she planned her exit, and by 2001, she was no longer active in the adult film industry.

Baker relocated to Carolina and switched careers, and worked as a model recruiter for Penthouse Magazine. By 2015, she was still working for Penthouse as the West Coast Creative Director.

Stacy Valentine's measurements

Baker is famous for her perfectly shaped body and full lips. She is speculated to have had liposuction, breast implants and fat-injected lips. Stacy Valentine's height is 5 inches and 4 feet.

Stacy Valentine's net worth

Baker was in the adult film industry for four years, and by then, she had cemented her name and bagged a couple of awards. By 2000, she was sure about retiring and pursuing a different course. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million.

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Where is Stacy Valentine now? She is still active in the adult film industry. However, she is a director and has not featured in the films for more than a decade. Nonetheless, these details summarize her achievements as an adult actress.

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