Rockwell Lloyd: Little known facts about Lucy Liu's son

Rockwell Lloyd: Little known facts about Lucy Liu's son

Lucy Liu is an Asian-American actress best known for her role as Joan Watson in Elementary (2012 to 2019) and as Alex Munday in Charlie's Angels (2000). She is one of the most successful Asian celebrities in Hollywood with several awards, including a star on the Hollywood Wall of Fame. Lucy Liu's life away from the limelight is also fascinating, and she has an adorable son called Rockwell Lloyd. This article looks at the lesser-known facts regarding Lucy Liu's son.

Lucy Liu and Rockwell Lloyd are a happy family
Who is Lucy Liu's son? Photo: @MaguyTran
Source: Twitter

The Elementary actress has been in Hollywood since the 1990s and has amassed a huge following of fans who have an opinion about her personal life. Not everybody was happy with how she chose to become a mother, but she does not regret her choices.

Fascinating facts about Lucy Liu's son

Motherhood is a fulfilling journey that many women look forward to experience. The Why Women Kill actress has proven that she is not only a great actor but also an awesome mom. How well do you know her only son? Here is all to know about him.

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Rockwell Lloyd
Rockwell Lloyd is Lucy Liu's biological child born via a gestational surrogate. Photo: @lucyliu
Source: Instagram

1. Rockwell Lloyd's age

Lucy Liu's son was welcomed to the world on 27th August 2015, and he is six years old in 2021. Is Lucy Liu's son a biological son? The boy was carried by a gestational carrier, but he is the Elementary star's biological son.

2. Surrogacy was the right option for Lucy Liu

During an interview with PEOPLE, the actress revealed that she chose gestational surrogacy because of her busy work schedule. She believes that you do not need a traditional family to love and be happy. She is doing well as a single mom to her only son.

3. Is Lucy Liu's son named after Rockwell?

Several celebrities bear the name Rockwell, but she had a closer connection with Sam Rockwell, one of Charlie's Angels (2000) co-stars. It is not clear if Lucy Liu named her son after the actor. During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, she revealed that she will not give her son a nickname but will let his friends decide what to call him when he is older.

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4. Who is Rockwell Lloyd's father?

The Charlie's Angels actress has dated several high-profile men, but none made it to the isle. This did not deter her dream of becoming a biological mother one day. She, therefore, chose to walk the surrogacy road and got her son without a boyfriend or a husband to bear the title of Rockwell Lloyd Liu's father. She is playing her role well as both a father and mother to Rockwell Lloyd.

Lucy Liu and Rockwell Lloyd
The Charlie's Angels actress is a proud single mom. Photo: @lucyliu
Source: Instagram

Actress Lucy Liu is an independent woman who does not believe in never. She is one of the few Asian-Americans that have experienced a steady rise in Hollywood for about 30 years. Her son Rockwell Lloyd is indeed lucky to have such a hardworking and loving mother.

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