Rosemarie Fritzl: age, daughter, parents, sister, interview, did she know?

Rosemarie Fritzl: age, daughter, parents, sister, interview, did she know?

Rosemarie Fritzl was passively involved in one of the world's most significant crimes against a family member. She did not know that the crime was going on but was related to the victim and the perpetrator. The man she married and lived with had kidnapped one of their female children, Elizabeth Fritzl, in a basement below their apartment and kept her in the cellar for 24 years.

Rosemarie Fritzl
Rosemarie's sister, Christine R (L), arrives at the Sankt Poelten courthouse before the opening of the trial of Josef. Photo: SAMUEL KUBANI/AFP
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Rosemarie Fritzl is best known for being the mother of the girl kidnapped and sexually abused by her father. She believed her husband's story that their daughter had run away to join a religious cult. Years later, her husband, Josef, brought three kids home and claimed that they were Elizabeth's. Thus, she was deceived into raising her grandchildren, who her husband indeed fathered.

Profile summary and bio

  • Full name: Rosemarie Fritzl
  • Date of birth: 23rd of September, 1939
  • Age: 82 years old
  • Birthplace: Austria
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Current residence: Linz, Austria
  • Religion: Christian
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Siblings: Christine Renner
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Previous dating: Josef Fritzl (1956 to 2012)
  • Children: Seven children, including Harald, Rosemarie Jr., and Elisabeth
  • Grandchildren: Kerstin, Lisa, Monika, Alexander, Michael, Felix, and Stefan Fritzl

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Background information

Rosemarie Fritzl, now known by another name, was born on the 23rd of September, 1939. So, how old is she? Rosemarie Fritzl's age is currently 82 years. Unfortunately, there is no information about Rosemarie Fritzl's father and mother.

However, she has a sister, Christine Renner, who stood firmly by her during and after the perplexing experience of the revelation of Josef's evil actions.

Family controversies

Rosemarie was 17 years old when she married Josef Fritzl in 1956. She gave birth to seven children (two boys and five girls), and the family lived in a house in Amstetten, which her husband owned.

Things seemed to be going smoothly for the family until the disappearance of Rosemarie's 18-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, in 1984. For the next 24 years, she thought her daughter was with a religious sect when, indeed, she was being held captive in a dark room below her.

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Horrific crime against Elizabeth Fritzl

Elizabeth was born on the 6th of April, 1966. Who is Elisabeth Fritzl's mother? Rosemarie was her mother, while Josef Fritzl was her father. Did Elisabeth Fritzl have a sister? The victim had four sisters.

However, reports show that Rosemarie Fritzl's daughter, Elizabeth, was treated worse than her siblings by their father. She was her father's captive and sex slave for almost 25 years in a basement just below the giggles and laughter of her siblings.

Rosemarie Fritzl
Elizabeth fell victim to rape from her father. Photo: @crimebarpodcast
Source: Getty Images

So, how did it happen? On the 28th of August, 1984, Josef lured Elisabeth into the basement that he had converted into a sort of prison. It was the last day the girl would see the sky for another 24 years.

Her father handcuffed her to a metal pole and kept her in total darkness, returning only to bring her food or rape her. In the process, she bore seven children for him below the house where she grew up. However, one of the children, Michael, died a few days after birth, and Josef burned the body in the basement's incinerator.

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Did Josef Fritzl's wife know?

Considering all that befell the innocent Elisabeth, "Rosemarie Fritzl, did she know?" will possibly be one of the questions anyone will ask. Josef used Elisabeth's attempts to run away from home in the past to cover his crime.

More so, he convinced his wife and the Austrian authorities that the girl had joined a religious cult. Josef also forced the girl to write letters asking to be left alone unless she would leave the country for good.

Rosemarie Fritzl's interview

Rosemarie granted her first public interview in 2012, four years after her husband's crimes were made public. She appeared distraught and depressed while claiming that her life was directionless. In her words, she said:

I don't know where I'm heading now. My life has already been ruined enough. I don't have any money. My pride is all I have left, that and my family. All I want is to keep my family.

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Rosemarie had a turbulent relationship with Elisabeth, who could not believe that her mother bought her father's story about her disappearance. Elisabeth thinks her mother did not try enough to look for her and that her kids refer to Rosemarie as a mother instead of grandmother.

Consequently, she sent her mother out of the special shelter provided for the family by the psychiatric clinic at some point. However, according to some reports, their relationship has significantly improved, and Elisabeth's kids occasionally visit their grandma.

What happened to Rosemarie Fritzl?

Rosemarie was also a victim of emotional abuse during the marriage. Based on reports, the life of Rosemarie Fritzl now, according to Christine, is a lot worse than when she was living with Josef. In her words, Christine said:

My sister Rosemarie has really been destroyed by this whole business. She's had a terrible life and I never thought I would say it but I think her life is even worse now than it was when she was with him.

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She is divorced and lives alone in a flat in Linz, Austria.

Almost anyone will cast an accusing finger on Rosemarie Fritzl for her insensitivity throughout the period her daughter was imprisoned by the man who claimed to love her. Nevertheless, the memory of the pain Josef caused will linger in the minds of the mother and her daughter.

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