30 best kitchen designs in South Africa 2021 (photo gallery)

30 best kitchen designs in South Africa 2021 (photo gallery)

Styling your kitchen in a modern way is the thing many people care about nowadays, and it is here to stay. Everyone redoing their home cooking area is going towards the route of modern, in-built, contemporary, functional kitchens, and we are here to give that to you. Here are 30 ideas that cover a vast scale of rustic, industrial, and colourful kitchens. Read on to find out about your perfect kitchen design ideas and what would suit your taste.

Kitchen Designs In South Africa

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'How do I make my kitchen look high end? ' or 'What is the perfect kitchen layout?'. These are questions that run through your mind when you want to renovate your cooking area. Did you know that if you are looking to revamp your house that the kitchen is the best place to start?

Top 30 kitchen designs in South Africa

In this article, we show you easy design ideas that you can implement in your home as well as renovating tips.

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1. Washed in white

built in kitchen designs

Image: instagram.com, @regencydesignandbuild
Source: Instagram

If you are a fan of airy, fresh cooking areas, then white is the colour for you. The crisp white in this kitchen topped off with the black accents on the windows gives the room a modern and contemporary finish. Doing this ultimately provides a soft, pretty and functional style.

2. Beautiful accessories

Modern Kitchen

Image: instagram.com, @1068design
Source: Instagram

Adding beautiful accessories and chandeliers elevates a room and makes it look more modern. Large windows are also a bonus because they let in a lot of light.

3. Total white

Kitchen plans South Africa

Image: instagram.com, @thekitchenplacecheshire
Source: Instagram

Yet another lovely white idea, if all else fails, you can never go wrong with white.

4. Classic design

Kitchen Designs In South Africa

Image: twitter.com, @crossdim.ca
Source: Twitter

You can never go wrong with this modern look in your cooking area, which comes with plenty of storage space.

5. Modern kitchen

Kitchen cupboards ideas

Image: twitter.com, @Matthew Marsden
Source: Twitter

This is the perfect idea for a modern kitchen. The island unit at the centre adds some essential elements to the room. It adds more storage at the base, increases worktop space, and adds additional seating space. It is perfect for entertaining.

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6. Quirky and fun

Kitchen designs for small houses

Image: instagram.com, @interiorsinsideout
Source: Instagram

White kitchens are the go-to colour when recreating a modern look. However, it is encouraged to splash in some other fun colours to make your cooking area character-filled. For example, in the inspiration picture below, the fridge and the chandelier are both pink, and the added art on the walls accentuates the entire look.

7. Blue design

Kitchen designs photos

Image: instagram.com, @regencydesignandbuild
Source: Instagram

This blue room design also has its elements of quirkiness. The designer played with various shades of blue, and wrapped up the entire design with those beautiful wooden floors and white countertops.

8. Fun and playful

Modern kitchen designs

Image: twitter.com, @ONLINEGLASS1
Source: Twitter

Why not get fun and playful with this lime green themed kitchen? The softer shades of green make the atmosphere calming, which is hitting two birds with one stone because cooking is also relaxing.

9. Outburst of colour

Kitchen Designs In South Africa

Image: twitter.com, @bloorandco
Source: Twitter

This outburst of colour is very attractive and playful, especially if you are a fan of bright, earthy tones. The wooden bars, table set, cupboards, and accessories also bring in more creativity to make the kitchen more homely.

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10. Metallics with white

Kitchen Designs for small houses

Image: instgram.com, @amazingspacesllc
Source: Instagram

For those who love playing metallics with white, this is the best option for you. It utilizes little space beautifully while creating a bold statement.

11. Elegance and class

Kitchen cabinets South Africa

Image: instagram.com, @ips_pronorm
Source: Instagram

This elegant, stylish, and classy design is made for people who are drawn to darker shades. This modern kitchen has an official look that was brought about by the basalt grey colour, which is on all the wooden cupboards. It also offers a lot of essential storage space in the cooking area.

12. Darker form of elegance

Kitchen Designs In South Africa

Image: twitter.com, @USADistributor
Source: Twitter

Darker wood does a lot to elevate the elegance of a space. The design is very catchy as well because of the marble worktops and fancy chandeliers. This is a perfect blueprint if you are looking for a darker, chilled form of elegance.

13. Modern meets traditional

Modern kitchen designs

Image: instagram.com, @ivocabinets
Source: Instagram

In this design plan, the designer matched modern aspects of the room with the tried and tested rustic traditional, and they worked beautifully. This is the option for those not willing to let go of the past but not scared to experiment with the future.

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14. Fully traditional

Kitchen cabinets South Africa

Image: twitter.com, @JHicks_HomePro
Source: Twitter

This is mainly a conventional design plan which makes use of the tried and tested methods of kitchen plans. The dark wood countertops and cupboards, as well as the wooden bars on the ceiling, give this room a comfortable, inviting, and homely feel.

15. Modern Industrial

Kitchen designs South Africa prices

Image: instagram.com, @villa_lena
Source: Instagram

This is one of the more modern kitchen ideas and has stayed true to the industrial theme. When going for an industrial look, the chandeliers, wires and lamps have a significant role to play as well as the darker shades of colour. The no-handle kitchen built-in cupboards also make this space look less cluttered and much more functional.

16. Industrial-themed house

Kitchen plans

Image: twitter.com, @RayMunnKitchens
Source: Twitter

This industrial-themed house fits perfectly with the cooking section. The dark colours used and the wood, as well as the high windows, make this look ultra-chic and very modern. The spatial planning here is impeccable, and a little goes a long way.

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17. Practical cooking area

Small kitchen designs South Africa

Image: instagram.com, @dekorasyonevimde
Source: Instagram

For houses which have less space to work around, its advisable to include kitchen cupboard ideas like the one below. This ensures much less clutter. It is also very practical and tends to be more traditional, but the swanky cabinets and accessories give it that modern touch.

18. Flashy and fancy

Kitchen Design

Image: instagram.com, @ultimahomesregina
Source: Instagram

Being over the top can easily mean that it is hard to get what you want. This room, however, caters to those with expensive tastes who love large crystal chandeliers and glass surfaces. The white and reflective cupboards bounce light around the room, making it look more substantial and more welcoming.

19. Natural tones

Kitchen Designs In South Africa

Image: twitter.com, @aaadistributor
Source: Twitter

You cannot go wrong with natural tones and marble countertops. This soft, pretty and functional design idea is a splendid pick. The sleek bar chairs are also really fresh and modern. The added counter space makes this kitchen ideal for bakers.

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20. Flashy and fancy design

Open plan kitchen designs

Image: twitter.com, @Concept Kitchens
Source: Twitter

This is yet another flashy and fancy idea. It is efficient, but the kitchen designs South Africa prices are probably high. If you are looking for classy, flashy but also practical, this is the ideal one for you.

21. Small kitchen designs

Kitchen Designs In South Africa

Image: instagram.com, @renonation
Source: Instagram

Just because the room is small, it does not mean that it should be cluttered and disorganized. The small kitchen designs in South Africa would incorporate this idea well. More storage space results in less clutter and brighter colours elevate the room. The size can be described as quaint but lovely. Small compact rooms can look bigger with bolder designs.

22. Smart solution

Kitchen Designs In South Africa

Image: twitter.com, @Vigo Industries
Source: Twitter

A small space can be fitted with more modest yet more effective appliances to save on space. The matte black pull-down spray faucet releases more pressure due to the presence of only one sink, making cleaning dishes more effective.

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23. Simple and effective

Modern Kitchen ideas

Image: instagram.com, @sk_home_designs
Source: Instagram

You do not have to be excessive or exaggerated to upgrade your cooking area. The design below is simple and easy to execute. It will still leave your room looking fresh, updated, and modern.

24. Marble is the new wood

Modern kitchen designs

Image: instagram.com, @interiordesignelements
Source: Instagram

Wood is lovely, and we can see bits of it in this room while marble, however, is more modern and chic. The design below shows you how to bring in marble on the countertops and the floor like a pro to improve the ambiance.

25. Industrial touch

Kitchen cupboard ideas

Image: twitter.com, @pj_heglar
Source: Twitter

Why use tiles with backsplashes when you can get it all with marble countertops and industrial lighting over the floating bar?

26. Hint of wood

Kitchen ideas South Africa

Image: twitter.com, @Keystone Millworks
Source: Twitter

With the same concept here, the marble with a hint of wood does wonders for an open plan kitchen. The beautiful colours are strikingly simple and effective.

27. Natural tones

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small kitchen designs in south Africa

Image: instagram.com, @paintlineco
Source: Instagram

This design idea utilizes soft natural tones to bring organics into the home. The wooden floors, table, and floating display unit bring in tons of creativity and make this room look unique. The plants also bring the outside in.

28. Go big or go home

Modern kitchen ideas

Image: instagram.com, @kesselerkitchens
Source: Instagram

It can be relatively harder to plan and style a larger cooking area, but the open plan kitchen style below shows you just how to do it. The bold colours and natural fabrics used make the cooking area homely and very inviting. The printed glass over the cooker is also a convenient option because it is much easier to clean.

29. Shaker style kitchen

Kitchen designs south Africa

Image: twitter.com, @Levant Kitchen
Source: Twitter

This shaker style kitchen that uses a deep shade of blue with other warmer tones makes use of all the space in a large room.

30. Long narrow space

Kitchen cupboards ideas

Image: twitter.com, @The Cabinet Company
Source: Twitter

Long corridors for kitchens can also be transformed into a work of beauty.

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Renovating your kitchen can give you renewed energy because they are the hearts of the household. Getting a good design that is fit for you can be slightly tricky, but we have covered several kitchen designs photos in this article so that you can find what is perfect for you.

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