Latest toll fees for South Africa in 2024 (effective 1 January 2023)

Latest toll fees for South Africa in 2024 (effective 1 January 2023)

Did you know that there are some roads in South Africa that you cannot access without paying toll fees? Controlled-access highways require citizens to pay a certain amount of money to use them. The collected monies are used to maintain the road and recover the construction costs. Find out the updated toll fees for South Africa in 2024.

toll fees for South Africa
Toll fees for South Africa. Photo:, @hikaique
Source: UGC


Toll fees are paid in many countries, not South Africa alone. Over the years, the amount of money charged has been revised. The modes of payment have also been revised from cash only to other advanced methods.

Latest toll fees for South Africa in 2024

Toll fees in South Africa were reviewed and implemented on March 1, 2022. The sum was raised to cover the costs of repairing and maintaining various roads. There is no set rate for various roads. Instead, different types of roads have different tolls.

It is important to note that the fees charged also vary depending on the class of vehicle you are using. The different classes are listed below.

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  • Class 1: All light vehicles, for example, saloons, hatchbacks, and motorbikes
  • Class 2: Heavy vehicles with two axles
  • Class 3: Heavy vehicles with three or four axles
  • Class 4: Heavy vehicles with five or more axles

Toll fees for N1

N1 refers to the national route in South Africa. It runs from Cape Town through Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Polokwane to Beit Bridge.

Toll plazaClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Huguenot - MainlineR44.50R123.00R193.00R313.00
Vaal - MainlineR74.50R140.00R169.00R225.00
Grasmere - Mainline - Ramp(N) - Ramp(S)R22.50R11.50 R11.50R67.00R33.00R33.00R78.00R39.00R39.00R103.00R51.00R51.00
Verkeerdevlei - MainlineR64.00R128.00R193.00R271.00
Stormvoel - RampR10.50R26.00R30.00R36.00
Zambesi - RampR12.50R31.00R36.00R43.00
Pumulani - MainlineR13.50 R34.00R39.00R47.00
Wallmansthal - RampR6.20R15.50R18.50R21.50
Murrayhill - RampR12.50R31.00R37.00R43.00
Hammanskraal - RampR29.00R99.00R107.00 R124.00
Carousel - MainlineR62.00R167.00R184.00R213.00
Maubane - RampR27.00R72.00R80.00R92.00
Kranskop - Mainline - RampR50.50R14.00R128.00R37.00 R171.00R44.00R210.00R66.00
NYL - Mainline - RampR65.00R20.00R122.00R37.00R147.00R44.00R197.00R57.00
Sebetiela - RampR20.00R37.00R47.00R63.00
Capricorn - MainlineR52.00R143.00R167.00R209.00

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Toll fees for R30/R730/R34

The R30/R730/R34 route is an alternative to the N1 route.

Toll PlazaClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Brandfort - MainlineR51.00R102.00R154.00R216.00

Toll fees for N2

Below are the charges you will pay for the N2 roads.

Toll plazaClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Tsitsikamma - Mainline/RampR59.50R150.00R358.00R505.00
Izotsha - RampR10.50R19.00R25.00R44.00
Oribi - Mainline - Ramp (S) - Ramp (N)R33.50R15.50R18.00R59.00 R28.00R31.00R82.00 R38.00R44.00R133.00R60.00R82.00
Umtentiweni - RampR14.00R25.00R35.00R57.00
Othongathi - Mainline - Ramp (N) - Ramp (S)R13.00R6.00R6.00R27.00R14.00R14.00R35.00R18.00 R18.00R50.00R25.00R25.00
King Shaka Airport - RampR7.00R14.00R21.00R28.00
Mvoti - MainlineR15.50R42.00R57.00R85.00
Mandini - RampR8.50R16.00R19.00R25.00
Dokodweni - RampR22.00R44.00R50.00R69.00
Mtunzini - Mainline - Ramp (S) - Ramp (N)R52.00R43.50R9.50R100.00R81.00R19.00R119.00R97.00R22.00R177.00R140.00R37.00

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Toll fees for N3

Johannesburg to Durban toll fees
Johannesburg to Durban toll fees. Photo:, @sururiballidagdirector
Source: UGC

What is the applicable Johannesburg to Durban toll fees? The N3 highway connects Johannesburg and Durban. This is a popular route for most South Africans. Check out these toll fees to Durban if you intend to use the route.

Toll plazaClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Mariannhill - MainlineR13.50R24.00R30.00R47.00
Mooi - Mainline - Ramp (S) - Ramp (N)R58.00R40.00R17.00R141.00R98.00R42.00R197.00R138.00R59.00R267.00R187.00R80.00
Treverton - RampR17.00R42.00R59.00R80.00
Bergville - RampR25.00R29.00R53.00R82.00
Tugela - MainlineR82.00R136.00R214.00R296.00
Tugela East - Ramp (E)R51.00R84.00R125.00R174.00
Wilge - MainlineR77.00R133.00R177.00R251.00
De Hoek - MainlineR56.00R86.00R132.00R189.00

N4 toll fees

To use the N4 highway, you will be required to pay the amounts listed below.

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Toll plazaClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Pelindaba - MainlineR6.50R12.00R18.00R22.00
Quagga - MainlineR5.00R9.50R13.00 R18.00
Swartruggens - MainlineR85.00R212.00R258.00R303.00
Kroondal - RampR16.50 R40.00R45.00 R53.00
Marikana - MainlineR25.00R60.00 R67.00R79.00
Buffelspoort - RampR16.50R40.00R45.00R53.00
Brits - MainlineR16.50R58.00R63.00R74.00
K99 - RampR16.50 R41.00R48.00R58.00
Doornpoort - MainlineR16.50 R41.00R48.00R58.00
Donkerhoek West - RampR14.00 R20.00R29.00R55.00
Cullinan - RampR18.00 R29.00R42.00R71.00
Diamond Hill - MainlineR42.00 R58.00R110.00R182.00
Valtaki East - RampR32.00 R46.00R67.00 R151.00
Ekandustria East - RampR26.00 R39.00 R54.00R108.00
Middelburg - MainlineR70.00 R151.00 R229.00R301.00
Machadodorp - MainlineR104.00 R289.00 R421.00 R601.00
Nkomazi - MainlineR79.00 R160.00 R232.00R334.00

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N17 toll fees

N17 highways in South Africa attract the following charges:

Toll plazaClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Gosforth - Mainline - Ramp (E) - Ramp (W)R14.00 R6.00 R7.50 R37.00R23.00R16.00 R41.00R25.00R21.00 R57.00R35.00R27.00
Dalpark - MainlineR13.00 R27.00 R35.00R47.00
Denne - RampR11.00 R22.00 R29.00R38.00
Leandra - Mainline - RampR41.00 R24.50 R104.00 R63.00 R155.00R93.00 R206.00R124.00
Trichardt - MainlineR20.50 R52.00R79.00R104.00
Ermelo - MainlineR37.00 R93.00R139.00R185.00

Note: The relevant authorities offer discounts to frequent road users and locals who qualify. Discounts are offered at specific toll plazas. To get these discounts, you must make applications at the relevant offices.

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Gauteng rates

toll gate fees
Toll gate fees. Photo:, @janbouken
Source: UGC

Gauteng e-road-compliant users have separate toll fees. Monthly caps are allowed per vehicle on the condition that payments are made within the given grace period. These caps are listed below.

Vehicle classVehicle typeVehicle class adjusted monthly cap
Class A1 MotorcyclesR167.00
Class A2 Light vehiclesR300.00
Class B Medium vehiclesR1,169.00
Class C Heavy vehiclesR3,873.00

N1 roads in Gauteng

Using the national route in Gauteng will cost you the amount listed below.

Gantry numberGantry nameClass A1Class A2Class BClass C
1Barbet - N1-21R2.50 R4.17R10.41R20.83
2Mossie - N1-21R2.50 R4.17R10.41R20.83
3Indlazi - N1-21R2.42 R4.04R10.10R20.20
4Pikoko - N1-21R2.42 R4.04R10.10R20.20
5Ivusi - N1-21R2.30R3.83 R9.58 R19.16
6Flamingo - N1-21R2.30R3.83 R9.58 R19.16
7Ihobe - N1-21R2.80R4.67R11.66R23.33
8Sunbird - N1-21R2.80R4.67R11.66R23.33
9Tarentaal - N1-20R2.15 R3.58R8.96R17.91
10Blouvalk - N1-20R2.15 R3.58R8.96R17.91
11Owl - N1-20R2.67 R4.45 R11.13R22.26
12Pelican - N1-20R2.67 R4.45 R11.13R22.26
13King Fisher - N1-20R2.37 R3.96R9.89 R19.79
14Ukhozi - N1-20R2.37 R3.96R9.89 R19.79
15Fiscal - N1-20R2.10 R3.50 R8.75R17.50
16Stork - N1-20R2.10 R3.50 R8.75R17.50
17Ilowe - N1-20R0.50R0.83R2.08R4.17

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N3 roads in Gauteng

If you plan to use N3 roads in Gauteng, check out how much you will pay at the toll gates.

Gantry numberGantry nameClass A1Class A2Class BClass C
18Leeba - N3-12R1.80R3.00R7.50R15.00
19Ibis - N3-12R1.80R3.00R7.50R15.00
20Kiewiet - N3-12R1.92R3.21R8.02R16.04
21Kwikkie - N3-12R1.92R3.21R8.02R16.04
22Starling - N3-12R2.05R3.42R8.54R17.08
23Rooivink - N3-12R2.05R3.42R8.54R17.08
24Mpshe - N3-12R1.65 R2.75R6.87R13.75
25Oxpecker - N3-12R1.65 R2.75R6.87R13.75

N12 roads in Gauteng

The table below shows how much SANRAL will require you to pay to access N12 highways in Gauteng.

Gantry numberGantry nameClass A1Class A2Class CClass B
28Phakwe - N12-18 R1.85 R3.08R7.71R15.41
29Thaha - N12-18 R2.62 R4.37R10.93R21.87
30Lenong - N12-18 R2.80R4.67 R11.66 R23.33
31Lekgwaba - N12-18 R2.02R3.37 R8.44 R16.87
32Loerie - N12-19 R2.75R4.58 R11.46 R22.91
33Gull - N12-19 R2.75R4.58 R11.46R22.91
34Ilanda - N12-19 R2.02 R3.37 R8.44R16.87
35Bee-eater - N12-19R2.02 R3.37 R8.44R16.87

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R21 roads in Gauteng

Routes starting with the letter R in South Africa are provincial routes. Below are the provincial routes in Gauteng and how much it will cost you to use them.

Gantry numberGantry nameClass A1Class A2Class BClass C
37Hadeda - R21-1 R2.02 R3.37R8.44R16.87
38NTSU - R21-1R2.02 R3.37R8.44R16.87
39Heron - R21-1 R2.47 R4.12 R10.30R20.60
40Bluecrane - R21-1R2.47 R4.12 R10.30R20.60
41Swael - R21-2 R3.50 R5.83R14.58R29.16
42Letata - R21-2R3.50 R5.83R14.58R29.16
43Swan - R21-2 R2.87 R4.79R11.98 R23.95
44Weaver - R21-2R2.87 R4.79R11.98 R23.95
45Hornbill - R21-2 R1.52 R2.54R6.35R12.71

N12 roads in Gauteng

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Below is one provincial route in Gauteng and how much it will cost you to use.

Gantry numberGantry nameClass A1Class A2Class BClass C
47Ugaga- R21-19 R2.30 R3.83R9.58R19.16

How to calculate toll fees for trip

N4 toll fees
N4 toll fees. Photo:, @leylahelvaci
Source: UGC

All South Africans using road transport, especially private means, should determine the expected toll fees before beginning their journey to avoid inconveniences. Fortunately, a toll fee calculator in South Africa was launched in 2014.

The calculator has a Google Maps interface to make accurate calculations. To use the toll fees calculator, you need to enter the few details listed below.

  • The vehicle type
  • The departure location
  • The arrival location

Once you enter the above details, click "calculate" to generate the amount you will pay.

What are the toll fees from Polokwane to Pretoria?

Below is a table with the mainline N1 North toll fees connecting from Polokwane to Pretoria.

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Toll plazaClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4

How do you pay tolls in South Africa?

The acceptable modes of payment are:

  • Cash in South African tender.
  • Mastercard or visa credit cards issued by South African banks.
  • Fleet cards issued by South African Fleet Card Issuers.
  • Garage cards or petrol cards issued by South African banks.

NB: Debit cards are neither accepted nor Diners Club nor American Express.

Where do I pay my toll fees?

You pay the amount at the set tolling points. If you use the cash payment method, you must stop along an open road or highway to pay the fee at a Toll Plaza at certain locations en route to your destination.

How do I pay toll gates in South Africa? If you are using the electronic collection method (card payment), you will slow down to swipe your card at the toll booms. When the transponder is picked up by the technology mounted on the toll booth, the boom will open to allow your car to pass.

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How do you pay toll fees online?

It is crucial to note that at the moment, the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) does not accept online payments.

How much are tolls in South Africa?

The toll gate fees vary depending on the location and type of vehicle you are using. Therefore, checking the new rates before leaving for your destination for proper budgeting is advisable.

Toll fees for South African routes vary depending on your destination. To use these roads, you must pay a toll fee at a specific toll gate. The money collected is used to maintain the roads and recoup the costs of construction.

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