What happened to Victoria Digiorgio, John Gotti's wife?

What happened to Victoria Digiorgio, John Gotti's wife?

Victoria Digiorgio is no new name to the world. She rose to fame in her teenage years when she got married to John Gotti. The Gambinos were New York's most threatening crime family. Her late husband was the leader of his family's crime ring. You will be surprised by how she endured so much pain in her marriage.

Victoria Digiorgio
Victoria Digiorgio. Photo: Spaqx
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The lady married John despite knowing that he was a crime boss. Although she never supported his lifestyle, she did not report him to the police. They dated for four years before tying the knot. They raised their children in a trio-level house in Queens, New York, even though Gotti's criminal career earned him a lot of money. Ironically, the couple's lousy reputation did not hinder them from instilling discipline and traditional values in their children.

Victoria Digiorgio profile summary

  • Name: Victoria DiGiorgio Gotti
  • Date of birth: December 5, 1942
  • Age: 78
  • Nationality: American
  • Career: Businesswoman

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Victoria Digiorgio biography

Victoria DiGiorgio Gotti was born on December 5, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She has Italian ancestry because her father is Italian, while her mother has a Russian and Italian background. Her parents were US immigrants. They settled down in New York City and divorced when she was two years old.

Victoria Digiorgio
Gotti's daughter, Victoria, was named after her mother. Photo: Rickagain
Source: Twitter

What happened to Gotti's wife?

The couple met in a bar. They had their daughter, Angel, in 1961. The lady named her second daughter Victoria, and she is a Hollywood star. Digiorgio lost her 12-year-old son, Frank, in March 1980. Her drunk neighbour, John Favara, ran over the boy with his car on the street while he was riding a mini-bike.

John Gotti wife got so depressed because of Frank's death that she was bed-ridden for a year. She has at least two great-grandchildren. Favara disappeared on July 28, 1980, after Frank's death, and it is believed that Mr Gotti helped him escape. However, Frank's siblings defended their father. Victoria Digiorgio children are five, and she has more than two grandchildren.

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John Gotti death

John Gotti's reign ended in 1990, for he was arrested and sentenced in 1992. Victoria was devastated to learn that he introduced their son, John Jr, into crime life in 1988 without her knowledge. The son stepped into his father's shoes when he went to jail.

John Jr. was arrested in 1998 for gambling and extortion but released in 2009, thanks to his mother's efforts to get him out of jail. He was later arrested in 2013 for not cooperating with the police.

Victoria Digiorgio
John Jr. served as the acting boss of the Gambino family when his father was in prison. Photo: TheMobMuseum
Source: Twitter

John Jr. met the cops while driving to Long Island Hospital for medical attention. Strangers stabbed him at the CVS Pharmacy parking lot because he tried to stop them from fighting. He was released from police custody the next day. His father died of cancer on June 10, 2020, while serving a life sentence.

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Gotti was the fifth child out of thirteen children in his Italian-American family. Poverty led him into crime at the age of 14 years. He dropped out of high school at 16 years of age to focus on his illegal lifestyle. Years after Gotti's death, his family (from grandsons to ex-sons-in-law) are alleged to be the most dangerous criminals.

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Where is Victoria DiGiorgio now?

She is a successful entrepreneur and owner of several lucrative businesses today. The beauty keeps her life away from the limelight to focus on her family. Victoria Digiorgio net worth is estimated to be about $2 million.

Her net worth is a combination of assets she inherited from John, the $1 million inheritance from her mother, and the wealth she has built from her businesses. Is Victoria Digiorgio still alive? Victoria encountered severe health complications in the past. She suffered a heart attack before 2013 and a stroke in 2013. However, there is no death record to prove that she is dead.

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Victoria Gotti did not work while her late husband was alive. Gotti would offer her $50 to bet on horses, but she would ask for $20 because she was a diligent housewife. She spent most of her time watching horse races.

Who is Victoria Gotti married to? She did not remarry after her husband's death.

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Victoria Digiorgio
An image of John Gotti and two men behind him. Photo: storiesflowcom
Source: Twitter

Victoria Digiorgio encountered so much pain and happiness in her life. The joy of being a wealthy man's wife turned into sorrow because her children got involved in their father's business. In the end, she found peace after losing her son and husband to crime.

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