Skeem Saam June 2022 Teasers: Pretty Apologises to Spiteful Ex, Lehasa and Khwezikazi’s Love Gets Tested

Skeem Saam June 2022 Teasers: Pretty Apologises to Spiteful Ex, Lehasa and Khwezikazi’s Love Gets Tested

The drama on Skeem Saam always offers variety, and this month will not disappoint. Will characters be able to handle betrayal, love triangles and heartbreak? Lehasa Maphosa and Khwezikazi's relationship is growing, but there is an unexpected interference. Meanwhile, Pax and his friends are worried about their recent mischief. Celia deals with her worst nightmare as a mother. Keep reading the Skeem Saam teasers on how the drama unfolds in June episodes.

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'Skeem Saam', June 2022 Teasers, Pax and friends, The Principal, Turf High school, Meneer Manaka, Pax, Lewatle and Mahlatse, prank
The month's 'Skeem Saam' episodes promise nothing but drama and action as Pax, Lewatle and Mahlatse continue to navigate their world. Image: Facebook/Official Skeem Saam
Source: Facebook

There is still havoc at Turf High school, and the principal is determined to get to the bottom of it. On the other hand, Eunice had ended up losing everything which gave Chef Kgosi the opportunity to take over her life. Will Eunice now gain the strength to not put up with anyone's trickery and stand on her own?

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Skeem Saam June 2022 teasers

In previous episodes, Lehasa was more concerned with finding his money and surviving his case. Now, Lehasa's energy will have to be more focused on his romantic life.

The Principal continues to face the students and has now learnt some hard lessons, while Pax can only hope for the best about his secret. Celia on the other hand, faces the hardest challenge any mother can ever have with her child.

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'Skeem Saam', June 2022 Teasers, Lehasa and Khwezikhazi, Principal, Pretty, love triangle, lobola negotiations, Eunice, Manaka, Celia, Alfred, Chef Kgosi
This month on 'Skeem Saam', Prety and Khwezikazi meet again, what will Lehasa do this time? Image: Twitter/@skeemsaam3/Instagram/@cedric_a_fourie
Source: UGC

1 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 238

The principal is disheartened about not making any progress and seriously thinks about giving up. Will Pax, Lewatle and Mahlatse face the consequences of their actions? Eunice finally gets a grip and admits she needs help.

2 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 239

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The principal's plans to give up are ruined by Mr Desando. Mrs Kgomo learns that her son is not innocent. Lehasa's big display of affection does not work out well for him.

3 June 2022, Friday: Episode 240

The principal learns a hard lesson, meanwhile, Koloi finds out that he still owes mon y. Khwezikazi realises she is not ready for her mother's questions but finds her uncle easier to answer.

6 June 2022, Monday: Episode 241

Celia is terrified when her child goes missing, and she does all she can. A fed-up Pretty is forced to apologise to her bitter ex. GEPF is calling Charles' name as he thinks of becoming a member.

7 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 242

Lehasa and Khwezi seem to be making progress as they decide on a lobola negotiations. Mahlatse betrays his parents while Pax admits everything to his parents.

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8 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 243

The principal makes a decision with severe results as a last resort. Lehasa makes his own decision to rectify Khwezi's wrongdoings. Pax counts his chickens before they hatch as he gets excited for Johannesburg.

9 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 244

Lehasa does the unexpected as he pays attention to his ex-lover. Celia and Babeile I are left speechless after Alfred defends his sworn enemy. Meanwhile, time is running out for Pax.

'Skeem Saam', June 2022 Teasers, Lehasa and Khwezikazi, Principal, Pretty, love triangle, lobola negotiation
Coming soon on 'Skeem Saam', Lehasa and Khwezikhazi's love will be put to the test, will the couple survive or crumble? Image: Giphy/modified by author
Source: UGC

10 June 2022, Friday: Episode 245

Things look bleak for Pax and his friends when Kwaito shares some crucial details. The principal is determined to find the people behind the pranks.

13 June 2022, Monday: Episode 246

The Principal orders lie detector tests for the grade 8s. Meanwhile, two exes who hated each other kissed and made up.

14 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 247

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The principal wants to have the lie detectors before there are any bad results for her. Former lovers make plans to continue their forbidden romance. Eunice tries to move on, but chef Kgosi makes attempts to weasel back into her life.

15 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 248

Mr Desando rocks the boat by going against a Turf High long time employee. Lehasa appears to be drunk in love as he decides to forgive the crime of someone he hates.

16 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 249

The Kgomo house is in shambles after the principal accuses Mr Kgomo of setting the trap. Will Mahlatse finally own up to Alfred about their tricks? Khwezikazi's eavesdropping lets her know that someone is set to ruin her upcoming marriage.

17 June 2022, Friday: Episode 250

Alfred annoys Celia when he reveals too much during a hospital visit. Pretty gets candid with Lehasa about his planned marriage with Khwezi. Meanwhile, Grade 8s breathe a sigh of relief when Manaka lifts their suspension.

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20 June 2022, Monday: episode 251

Alfred does not want to accept the real situation. Pretty breaks up with the love of her life after being given no choice.

21 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 252

Celia is stuck between a rock and a hard place, thanks to Mr Kgomo. While Pretty and Lehasa's affair flourishes, it is clear Khwezikazi is going through some challenges.

22 June 2022, Wednesday episode 253

Mr Kgomo does not make things easier for Celia. Pretty looks forward to a weekend away with her forbidden lover. Kwaito's confrontation with the principal goes haywire.

23 June 2022, Thursday: episode 254

Celia is left devastated after social workers pay her and Alfred a visit. Lehasa cannot decide between his two relationships as he remains in a love triangle. The Magongwa house is in chaos after a terrifying incident

24 June 2022, Friday: Episode 255

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Pretty and Lehasa get interrupted during their romantic moment. Celia blames Mr Kgomo for the situation with Alfred.

27 June 2022, Monday: Episode 256

Khwezikazi is a woman scorned as she goes wild after finding out about Lehasa. Meanwhile, the Seakamelas also hear some bad news.

28 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 257

Pretty leaves the Seakamelas surprised with a refusal to visit them. Lehasa's recent actions become known to the media and leaves Khwezi to weather the storm.

29 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 258

Khwezikazi vents to Phomolo who doesn't believe her side of things. Lehasa's mouth betrays him in his sleep when he says a name that causes havoc.

30 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 259

Pretty's devotion to Lehasa results in her getting kicked out and left without a home. Will Lehasa return the favour when it is time for him to face the music?

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What happens to the cast on this month's Skeem Saam

Skeem Saam proves it's a soapie about how men are made and their journey to manhood. Now, the men in the series must simply share the truth even though it may cause damage, will Lehasa, Pax and his friends be able to stand in their truth? How will these men and boys deal with the consequences of their actions?

Lehasa Maphosa

Lehasa Maphosa gets himself into hot water with Khwezikazi, who is meant to be his future wife. While she focuses on her family, Lehasa finds himself tempted by an unexpected character.

Lehasa later makes the decision to risk it all putting Khwezi through the ultimate test.

Pax and Turfloop Highschool Grade 8 students find an unlikely hero

The students are always at odds with the school staff, especially the principal, who is pulling out all stops in the upcoming episodes. Pax and his friends' mischief must come to an end but one of them must speak the truth. Pax does some growing up.

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'Skeem Saam', mischief, Turf Highschool, June 2022, Pax, young boys, Letswale, Mahlatse, innocent boys, mischivieous, grades 8s 'Skeem Saam'
The young boys on 'Skeem Saam' get into more trouble this June, will Pax and his friends tell the truth or continue to deceive. Image: Giphy/modified by author
Source: UGC

The above Skeem Saam teasers are guaranteed to provide ample entertainment for June. Will Lehasa and Khwezi weather the storm? Can the Principal and the grade 8s ever live in harmony? Make sure to watch up on SABC 1 Monday to Friday at 6:30pm or catch up online.

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