20 Best second-hand clothing shops in South Africa in 2024

20 Best second-hand clothing shops in South Africa in 2024

Second-hand clothing shops are quite common in most African countries, and South Africa is no exception. Besides being incredibly trendy and classy, they are also quite affordable. This explains the rising popularity of second-hand clothes shops, also popularly known as thrift shops.

second-hand clothes in South Africa
Second-hand clothes in South Africa. Photo: pixabay.com, @islandworks
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Which is the best-selling site for second-hand clothes? Currently, there are many options to choose from. The majority of them are based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Pretoria. However, some also do online deliveries at reasonable costs.

Top South African second-hand clothing stores in 2024

Second-hand stores are perfect for people looking to experience new and vintage fashion trends. Old does not necessarily have to be out of fashion. Check out the following stores for more shopping ideas:

1. Encore Clothing

Encore Clothing is one of the biggest second-hand stores in South Africa. The Cape Town-based store deals in second-hand outfits for women and children. It is a perfect destination for someone looking to spend less while at the same time elevating their class. Interestingly, they deliver across the country.

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2. Glitterati Vintage

Have you been wondering where to sell second-hand clothes in Mzansi? You may want to start by checking out Glitterati Vintage. It is among the leading South African thrift and consignment stores selling high-quality women's and men's wear. The shop is located at 127 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre, Western Cape, 800, South Africa.

3. Help the Rural Child

thrift stores in Cape Town
Second-hand clothes in South Africa. Photo: pexels.com, @Markus Winkler
Source: UGC

Help The Rural Child is another store that stocks and sells affordable second-hand clothing in Cape Town. It has nine branches, all based in Cape Town. Proceedings from the shops directly go to the Goedgedacht Trust. It is a charity organization that supports rural children. They also deal in books and other valuables.

4. Bounty Hunters Charity Shop

Bounty Hunters Charity Shop is a perfect destination for the discerning vintage shopper. It has a massive collection of peculiar items, including vintage clothes, handbags, capes, hats, and clogs. This is inarguably the top 2nd-hand clothing store in Johannesburg.

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5. Cry Baby.Thrift

If you are looking for a place to buy second-hand clothes online in South Africa, look no further than Cry Baby.Thrift. The store is run by a fashion enthusiast and lover of local brands named Gabrielle C. Onay.

The main shop is in Jozi, but all are welcome to make online orders. Majorly, it deals in second-hand baby clothes. They also sell women and menswear at affordable prices.

6. Vintro Clothing

Vintro Clothing caters to all your in-store shopping when it comes to retro and vintage fashion. The Pretoria-based shop deals in knitwear, jackets/coats, trousers/jeans, dresses, shirts/tops, shorts, skirts, and accessories.

Cassandra Botha founded the shop in 2012. She uses her fashion designing skills to redesign or renew outfits, giving them a second life.

7. Never New

Never New is another biggest second hand-clothing online store in South Africa. The shops are at 15b Lower Main and around the corner at 3 Norfolk Rd. Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa. Some of the items you can buy at the shop include vintage blouses, dresses, jackets, and accessories. You can contact them for more information about the prices of its items on Facebook or Instagram.

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8. Yaga

Yaga clothing is another leading one-stop shop for second-hand clothes in South Africa. The shop has gradually become one of the best online clothing stores in the country for men's and women's clothing needs. The store has items from some top world-class brands such as Zera, Nike, Adidas, Levi's, Bershka, Foschini and others.

9. Thrift Happens

2nd-hand clothing store in Johannesburg
Second-hand clothes in South Africa. Photo: pixabay.com, @jarmoluk
Source: UGC

Which is the best-selling site for second-hand clothes? Thrift Happens is one of them. The store is widely recognized for high-quality pre-owned clothing items. One can find its unique and trendy pieces online or at the shop in Johannesburg. Overall, they specialize in selling clothes, genuine leather suede bags, shoes, jewellery, and accessories.

10. Dreamland Vintage

Dreamland Vintage has a lovely collection of curated vintage outfits for ladies, making it one of the most popular thrift stores in Cape Town. For those people who love the 80s and 90s costumes, you may find this place worthwhile to visit. They do not have a website, but you can check out their collection on either Facebook or Instagram.

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11. Chic Mamas Do Care

Chic Mamas Do Care is kind of a non-profit organization. It has branches in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. They sell recycled clothes and use the proceeds to fund education for struggling kids in society. Usually, it deals in vintage dresses, blouses, footwear, and other accessories.

12. Second-hand Rose

Second-hand Rose is a ladies-only shop dealing in modern and vintage dresses, sweaters, jeans, sweaters, footwear, earrings, pouches, and other accessories. The shop has been in existence since 1972, making it one of the oldest thrift stores in South Africa.

13. Second Time Around

Look no further if you need second-hand clothing in Cape Town because Second Time Around is here for you. The store boasts a massive collection of a wide range of clothing to suit your fashion needs. Interestingly, a piece of a dress can go at as little as R150. The shop is based at Long Street Cape Town and has been around for over 45 years.

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14. HospiceWits

HospiceWits is ideal for people looking for second-hand clothing in Johannesburg. It is also a charity cause meant to help the underprivileged live sustainable lives. Thus, you can also donate the clothes you do not use.

15. Babette Clothing

where can I sell used clothes for cash in South Africa
Second-hand clothes in South Africa. Photo: pixabay.com, @rose_mcavoy
Source: UGC

Babette Clothing is an online and offline boutique. It is based in Cape Town and is fully packed with various unique fashion outfits, handbags, and shoes. Some are locally sourced to give customers the taste that they deserve. For more information, visit its Instagram page to see the products available.

16. Afraid Of Mice

Buying used clothes is a great way of recycling and safeguarding the environment. Primarily, their mission is to give you the clothes you wish your mother had kept for you. Afraid Of Mice has been vintage lovers’ delight since 2011. They deal in bags, dresses, scarves, tops, jackets, bottoms, and denim rails.

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17. Street Thriftwear

Street Thriftwear is an online second-hand apparel and clothing line. However, they also have a physical shop at Hatfield, Pretoria. You can scroll down its Instagram page for unique and trendy clothes, starting from denim coats/skirts/shorts, hats, shirts, blouses, trousers, hoods and many more.

18. Love It Again

Love It Again is another biggest online pre-loved marketplace. Volunteers run it because it is a non-profit organization like other charity ventures. Primarily, most of its activities are done online on its official website. It stocks clothing materials for women, men, and the youth.

19. Maven Collection

where can I sell used clothes for cash in South Africa? The answer is Maven Collection. The outlet searches the country for incredible designer, vintage and high street clothes that are no longer being worn. The shop selects the best of second-hand apparel and carefully curate their collections of women, men and kids' clothes, footwear and other accessories.

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20. VintiQueen Vintage Store

VintiQueen Vintage Store is a South African vintage shopping retail shop. It is among the most followed on Instagram at the moment. Interestingly, they have more than 6k clothing pieces for men and women. In particular, they deal in leather shoes, hats, men's vintage wear, and dresses. How about you scroll down their Instagram page to choose what you love the most?

Second-hand clothing has changed how people’s dress and view fashion nowadays. With the old fashion trends re-emerging, thrift stores are perfect for fashion lovers. Importantly, their items are price friendly and worth every coin you may want to spend in 202

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