First date outfit ideas and tips: The essential women's guide

First date outfit ideas and tips: The essential women's guide

First dates are all about making good impressions, which is a nerve-wracking decision to make. The right attire sets the tone for a memorable outing. Below is a curated selection of first-date outfit ideas that will help boost your confidence.

First date outfit ideas
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First-date fashion should strike a balance between comfort and charm to bring out your best self. Choose an attire that does not take the focus from you. Accessorizing is also crucial to elevate your overall appearance.

First-date outfit ideas

What you wear depends on where you are going for your date, but it has to be something you are comfortable wearing. Consider the following outfit ideas for different occasions. 

Bar date outfit ideas

Bar and drink dates require a laid-back vibe that is also effortlessly stylish. Ensure the attire you choose will make you feel relaxed and enjoy the outing.

1. Jeans with a matching blouse layered with a leather jacket

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Ensemble ideas for ladies
Jeans layered with a leather jacket. Photo: @amazon/@ladyofstyle/@nakdfashion on Pinterest (modified by author)
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A jeans and blouse or turtleneck combo with a leather jacket is a simple but chic attire choice. Dress it up with a pair of matching heels or boots. You can also opt to dress it down with a pair of sneakers.

2. High-waist skinny jeans with an off-the-shoulder top

Bar date outfits
Skinny jeans with an off-the-shoulder top. Photo: @gabrielag0236 on Pinterest (modified by author)
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High-waist skinny jeans flatter your figure by accentuating your curves. The off-the-shoulder top makes it more elegant. The outfit can be worn during the daytime or in the evenings at the bar.

3. Midi skirt with a loosely tucked cosy sweater

Bar date attire ideas
Midi skirt with a loosely tucked cosy sweater. Photo: @juliamarieb/@rosamondauer/@shopltk
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A midi-skirt and loosely tucked sweater top combination exudes comfort. It is a go-to choice if you are looking for a modest look. You can pair it with boots, sneakers, or comfortable heels.

Casual coffee date outfit

If you are going for a coffee meet-up, smart casual is the way to go. For a confident and personalized look, try the following attire ideas;

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4. Dress and cardigan

Coffee date outfit ideas
Above-knee dress with a cardigan. Photo: @stephanieziajka/@lifewithma on Pinterest (modified by author)
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A cardigan is known for its cosy comfort that adds a layer of warmth to the ensemble. Its combination with your favourite dress creates a flattering silhouette with timeless elegance. You can enhance the look with matching boots or flat shoes with minimal jewellery.

5. Joggers with a matching top

Casual coffee date outfit ideas
Joggers with a matching top. Photo: @blushingrosestyle/@lovemyfashions/@fatface (modified by author)
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Joggers are perfect for a relaxed coffee date outing with your partner. The top you choose should complement the joggers; it can be a crop top, T-shirt, or silk blouse. Pair with sneakers for a sporty look or sandals if you are looking for something more laid-back.

6. Boho chic

Casual coffee outing attire
Boho chic. Photo: @zicopop/@sandyshepherd10 on Pinterest (modified by author)
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Boho chic is associated with a free-spirited mood that is also stylish. The attire's relaxed fit and eye-catching details are sure to boost your confidence on that first date at the coffee shop.

7. Leggings with chic blazer

Casual first date outfit ideas
Leggings with a chic blazer. Photo: @anyaclo/@gianakboyle/@merricksart on Pinterest (modified by author)
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Leggings paired with a chic blazer are a perfect blend of comfort and style. The leggings have a casual vibe that goes well with the formal look of a blazer. Wear a simple top underneath, then pair it with sneakers, low heels, or flats.

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8. Denim on denim ensemble

Casual first date outfit
Denim on denim ensemble. Photo: @daianecesar/@cintia_harumii/@chictalkch on Pinterest (modified by author)
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Denim on denim is a timeless fashion trend perfect for a first date. To balance the look you can mix dark and light washes to create a visual contrast. Accessorize with boots, heels, or sneakers, then add a belt with contrasting colours like brown or black.

Outdoor date outfit

If your first date is at outdoor venues like the beach, amusement park, or hiking, it is crucial to wear an attire that is appropriate for the planned activities. Try any of these ideas; 

9. Denim shorts with a tee and sneakers

Outdoor date attire ideas
Denim shorts with a tee and sneakers. Photo: @meagansmoda/@honeywerehome/@p33610036 on Pinterest (modified by author)
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Denim shorts give you a casual, cool appearance with a street-style vibe that is ideal for outdoor dates. Choose a matching T-shirt and a pair of sneakers to ensure you have a put-together look.

10. Capri pants with a matching top

Outdoor attire ideas
Capri pants with a matching top. Photo: @pkollev/@lascanausa on Pinterest (modified by author)
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Capri pants are a summer staple that you should consider wearing if your date is outdoors on a hot day. Pair with sandals or flat shoes for a cool but effortlessly chic appearance.

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11. Floral flare dress

Outdoor attire ideas
Floral flare dress. Photo: @hussainahemdr/@kathyridley0305/@johnstonmurphy on Pinterest (modified by author)
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A floral flair dress with breathable fabric is ideal if you have a picnic or a beach outing on your first date. The ensemble can be worn by ladies of all body shapes as it flatters every figure.  

Fancy date night dinner outfit

Dinner dates require more dressing up than daytime dates. Consider the following ideas for a polished and elegant look. If you are going to a venue with a dress code, ensure you choose a style that suits you.

12. Well-fitted black dress with statement jewellery and heels

Dinner ensemble ideas
Chic black dress. Photo: @www11221/@mrsel11/@clubllondon on Pinterest (modified by authors)
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A well-fitting black dress is a timeless fashion piece that should always be in your wardrobe. Pairing the ensemble with statement jewellery and heels adds a touch of glamour for a classy first date night dinner.

13. Wrap dress

Dinner outfit ideas for ladies
Elegant wrap dress. Photo: @znigalarios/@tobi/@selfieleslie on Pinterest (modified by author)
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A wrap dress creates a flattering silhouette that enhances every body type. Its simple yet sophisticated elegance gives you a confident look. Pair with heels and a matching clutch bag.

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14. Chic jumpsuit

Dinner date outfit ideas
Chic jumpsuit. Photo: @prolyfstyles/@smaibulun/@pinklily on Pinterest (modified by author)
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A chic jumpsuit is a sleek fashion piece that requires minimal effort to look elegant and put together. Ensure the attire you wear fits perfectly, allowing you to move around comfortably. Elevate the look with heels and a matching clutch bag.

15. Silk blouse with tailored pants

Dinner ensemble ideas
Silk blouse with tailored pants. Photo: @rahalves01/@gabylacerdaestilo/@netaporter on Pinterest (modified by author)
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Tailored pants and a silk blouse are a go-to outfit choice if you are looking for a polished, elegant look. It is the perfect attire to wear if you will be heading for your date right after leaving your office.

Expert tips for your first date outfit

  • Do not wear new clothes and shoes. Instead, choose something you know you are comfortable in from your closet. According to stylist Kelly Henderson (via Oprah Daily), being yourself is key to a great date. 
The best styling advice for any date is to be yourself. Style is a representation of who you are, and first dates, or any dates for that matter, are about owning what makes you unique.

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  • Wear well-fitting clothes that flatter your shape and enhance your best features, according to dating coach and makeover expert Kim Seltzer (via Oprah Daily).
Women who feel self-conscious or find they don't like the way clothes cling against their skin often wear bigger styles in an attempt to conceal the parts they don't like. Instead, consider wearing something that flatters your body type and accentuates the parts of your body you feel confident in.
  • Ensure the makeup and accessories are kept to a minimum. New York-based relationship expert Rori Sassoon (via Editorialist) advises to dress for the occasion without overdoing or underdoing anything. 
Don't overdo it, and definitely don't underdo it... You're going on a first date, not the Met Gala. Makeup and hair should be attended to, but it's unlikely that E! will be interviewing you on the red carpet, so it doesn't have to be anything over the top. 

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  • Do not wear strong perfume that may overwhelm your date.
First date outfit ideas
A couple on an outdoor date. Photo: Anastasiia Krivenok
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'What should you wear to a first date?' is a common question that most people ask at some point in their life. The right ensemble has proven to be a confidence booster. 

How can you look attractive on a first date?

Looking attractive on your first date goes beyond what you are wearing, but it is important to dress to impress. Here are some tips to impress when meeting your date for the first time; 

  • Ensure you smell good, but avoid perfumes with overpowering scents 
  • Prepare for an engaging and interesting conversation that shows you are cultured, intelligent, and curious. 
  • Be keen on personal hygiene and grooming 
  • Maintain a good posture that helps you radiate confidence. 

How should a girl dress on a date?

When choosing an outfit for a date, consider the following; 

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  • Ensure you dress for the occasion; a dinner date outfit is different from a fun outdoor date ensemble 
  • Choose an outfit that flatters your body and accentuates your best features. 
  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable 
  • Keep accessories and makeup to a minimum 
  • Wear weather-appropriate clothes 

What should you bring on a first date?

Your handbag should have the following on a first date; 

  • Lip balm to avoid dry lips
  • A phone charger because you may be out for longer than expected
  • A tissue or wet wipes
  • Deodorant to freshen up later
  • Cash, irrespective of who is paying for dinner. You may need it to pay for a cab or other emergency
  • Mint or gum to freshen your breath

One thing you should avoid doing is taking out your phone, according to dating expert Erika Ettin in her previous interview on In case you are expecting an important call, ensure your date knows. 

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I want people to be as present as possible on the date, and in order to do that, you have to put the phone away. I might even turn it on 'Do Not Disturb'...Just tell your date, 'Hey, I'm expecting a call. Would you mind if I have my phone put?
What to your on your first date
A smiling couple on a date. Photo: Morsa Images
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Say goodbye to pre-date wardrobe dilemmas with the above first-date outfit ideas. Whatever ensemble you choose, remember that comfort is key!

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Whether you choose to wear a dress, a romper, or a two-piece ensemble, make sure you stand out elegantly. Check the article for ideas and inspiration.

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