Essential types of shirts for men: how to style them perfectly

Essential types of shirts for men: how to style them perfectly

There are several types of shirts for men for every occasion, from the office to going out on a weekend. Thus, understanding all of the different types of shirts is paramount when it comes to stocking up your wardrobe. From the classic office button-up shirt to the casual weekend t-shirt, here are the types of men's shirts you need.

Types of men shirts
From casual to formal, each shirt style's distinct narrative echoes the shades of a man's life. Photo: @UnderFit (modified by author)
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Every man needs a good selection of shirts in his wardrobe. Whether going to work, on vacation or heading for a weekend, you will need an ideal shirt suited for every occasion. So, what are the most popular types of shirts for men?

Types of shirts for men

Although there are multiple types of shirts, each one brings its unique touch to an outfit, contributing to the character of the man wearing it. Some of the essential shirts include:

1. Henley T-shirts

A man wearing a Henley t-shirt
The henley adds an instant rugged attitude to any ensemble and is excellent for layering. Photo by Leland Bobbe
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T-shirts come in many styles, often named according to how the neck is designed. Henley t-shirts have a y-neck with few buttons. They are typically cotton or cotton-blend and have no front closure.

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This shirt can go with anything in your wardrobe. It is ideal for layering over a t-shirt or under a jacket and is comfortable in all seasons.

2. Oxford button-down shirt

Oxford button-down shirts
Oxford shirts have been serving as the bedrock of many stylish outfits. Photo: @Care of Carl (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Woven from sturdy Oxford cloth and adorned with a button-down collar, this shirt combines durability and a relaxed charm, making it essential for men. It also has a thick, basketweave fabric.

The shirt pairs well with a suit but can also fit in with office wear, casual wear and even weddings if you are keen on your selection. Try it with corduroy pants, jeans or chinos for a casual ensemble.

3. Dress shirt

A man wearing dress shirt
The dress shirt is ideal for those seeking to project an air of refined elegance and professionalism. Photo: @Fruugo (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This is a formal shirt designed for black tie eveningwear. It features a cutaway collar, French cuffs, and a bib.

Details on a dress shirt are purposefully minimal, lacking hanger loops, logos, or pockets, which testifies to its formal character. It is best showcased when tucked in alongside a suit.

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4. Polo shirt

A man wearing polo shirt
The polo shirt has been perfected over decades by stylists. Photo by Westend61
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Polos work well on various body shapes and come in multiple colours. They are an excellent compromise for those who find standard t-shirts too casual. For a relaxed look, team it up with jeans and if you want a formal appearance, go for chinos or tailored trousers.

5. Rugby shirt

Men wearing rugby shirts
While rugby shirts were meant to get muddy on the field, they are without style limits today. Photo: @80s Casual Classics (modified by author)
Source: UGC

While rugby shirts were meant for sports, men embraced them for their unlimited style. They can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved, and their sturdy and durable fabric keeps up with the game.

They also come in various styles, as they were initially meant as sports jerseys. They come in multiple patterns, meaning they look great in just about anything in your wardrobe.

6. Long-sleeve T-shirt

A man wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt
Long-sleeve t-shirts act as a perfect balancer between sweaters and tees. Photo by Cavan Images
Source: Getty Images

A long-sleeved t-shirt can keep your style straightforward or be a laying piece when it gets colder. It can also be versatile under knitwear in winter.

The long-sleeve is stylish and comfortable, protecting your arms from scratchy outerwear like jackets. It should be tailored to perfection and look well-fitted on your body to boost your confidence.

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7. Short-sleeve shirt

A mean wearing a short-sleeve shirt
Short-sleeve shirts bridge the gap between casual and formal wear. Photo by Yagi Studio
Source: Getty Images

Short-sleeve shirts are ideal when the heat of summer sets in. They offer breathability and lightness while maintaining a formal edge. They are distinct from polo and t-shirts as they button up and have a collar.

A short-sleeve shirt also bridges the gap between casual and formal and is best worn all summer. It needs to be well-fitted to achieve a sharp appearance.

8. Cuban collar shirt

A mean wearing Cuban collar shirt
The typical Cuban collar shirt features a boxy fit, straight hem, and button-up front. Photo: @Percival (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The typical Cuban collar shirt features a somewhat boxy fit, a straight hem, and a button-up front. The Cuban part refers to the shirt's open collar, which makes it ideal for air circulation in your chest.

They can be paired with chinos for a dressed-up look or with shorts or jeans for a casual appearance. Do not shy away from vibrant colours or patterns.

9. Flannel shirt

A bearded man wearing a flannel shirt
The flannel shirt is a casual classic and a must for your autumn or winter rotation. Photo by Willowpix
Source: Getty Images

Flannel is ideal for cold weather and can also be plain or printed, influencing how you wear it. Woven from wool or cotton, flannel fabric is soft and slightly raised, making it great for insulation in cold temperatures. Jeans and leather boots are a classic combination.

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10. Overshirt

Overshirt shirts
Overshirts are designed to be worn as an outer layer. Photo: @Reiss (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Overshirts are suitable when you must layer up but still want to keep it light and casual. They are a perfect choice for those unpredictable transitional seasons.

Overshirts can be paired with a basic white t-shirt and jeans to create a relaxed, easy-going look, while a bright shirt and chinos elevate it for a more sophisticated style. It also offers an effortless way to introduce texture and dimension to your attire to fit any fashion mood.

11. Linen shirt

A man wearing a linen shirt
Linen shirts are among the most adaptable shirts for men. Photo: @Luca Faloni (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Linen shirts are light and airy, making them perfect antidotes on hot summer days. They can be paired with jeans or chinos, or you can roll up the sleeves and wear them casually with shorts. They are a solid option for summer weddings or vacation evenings, making them worth having in your collection.

12. Workshirt

A man in a utility shirt
Work shirts are made to withstand the rigours of long work hours and harsh conditions. Photo: @Wrangler (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Work or utility shirts are ideal in an office or a blue-collar job site. The utility work shirt represents a fusion of function and fashion, anchoring its position in contemporary menswear. Pair it with jeans for an effortless, rugged look that encapsulates laid-back masculinity.

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13. Denim shirt

A man in a denim shirt
Integrating a denim shirt into your ensemble imparts a robust masculine touch. Photo: @Activewear Group (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The denim shirt is sturdy and durable and can hold up after a long day at the factory or ranch. When worn right, this classic workwear can give your outfit a dose of masculinity. Unlike jeans, denim shirts are soft with a beautiful fading texture, making it a most straightforward way to add texture to your weekend wardrobe.

14. Chambray shirt

A man wearing a chambray shirt
A chambray shirt can be worn on its own or as an overshirt. Photo: @Charles Tyrwhitt (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Chambray is often mistaken for denim, but it is lighter, softer, and more breathable. It can be dressed up or down for date night or business casual office wear. Pair them with dark jeans or chinos for a straightforward yet fashionable ensemble or a light suit for casual charm.

15. Undershirt

A man wearing an undershirt
Undershirts make you feel calm and collected as you go about the day in layers. Photo: @UnderFit (modified by author)
Source: UGC

An undershirt helps absorb sweat to prevent overheating and any unsightly stains from bleeding through your button-down or dress shirt.

The ideal undershirt should be made from high-quality, breathable, moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool and dry all day. They should also be versatile enough to be worn or look invisible beneath outer layers.

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What is the best type of shirt?

The best type of shirt depends on your preference and intended use. Some things to consider include the fabric, fit, and whether you are getting the best value for your money.

How many types of shirts are there?

Shirts are mainly divided into two categories: former and casual. These categories consist of more than 21 styles of shirts.

Shirt trends are influenced by season, location, and prevailing fashion influences. Some of the trending shirts are vintage, bold prints and patterns.

What are the best types of shirts for girls?

Several shirts are available for girls, each designed for different styles, occasions, and preferences. Some common types include t-shirts, blouses, crop tops, tank tops, tunics, and off-shoulder tops.

How to choose the right shirt for men

No shirt looks good if worn in the wrong place or season. When you doubt the shirt fabric, go for a nice, soft, yet robust cotton with a great feel. This gives a perfect blend of versatility, breathability, and length of wear.

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What are the best types of shirts for women?

Different types of shirts for women offer the best coverage to their upper body and comfort levels. Over the years, designers have developed new styles, prints, cuts, fittings, types and designs in women’s shirts. These include dress shirts, long shirts, spread collar shirts, and Tuxedo dress shirts, among others

Here are the tips on how to choose the right shirt for men:

  • Choose the right colour
  • Select the right pattern
  • Select an appropriate collar
  • Check the weave of your shirt
  • Ensure the right fit

Above are the essential types of shirts for men and how to style them perfectly. From casual to formal, each shirt style's distinct narrative echoes the shades of a man's life. And while these types offer an essential framework, remember that the ultimate rule in fashion is personal style.

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