60+ best Shweshwe traditional dresses for 2024 (with images)

60+ best Shweshwe traditional dresses for 2024 (with images)

Shweshwe traditional dresses are known for their vibrant colors and patterned prints. They have been around for decades and will not fade away anytime soon. 2024 is another year to witness diverse creativity in making Shweshwe a contemporary fashion piece while maintaining its traditional vibe.

African Shweshwe fashion for 2023
Shweshwe traditional dresses. Photo: @tswanafied, @boitydoll (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Shweshwe dresses have become a common wedding theme among people of color because most couples today choose traditional attire over modern white wedding gowns. This African material can be customized to create any design you want.

Best Shweshwe traditional dresses for 2024

Shweshwe clothes come in a variety of colors and designs. Here are the top 50 best attires to rock in 2024. Pictures in this article are social media posts from fashion models, bloggers, and clothing designers.

1. Peplum Shweshwe dress

Shweshwe dress
Peplum Shweshwe dress. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

Bodycon mini peplum Shweshwe dresses are sleek, edgy, and even futuristic. Most women find showing off their beautiful legs and skin flattering. Moisturize your legs properly before you wear this dress.

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2. Shweshwe dress with a trail

Shweshwe dress
Shweshwe dress with a trail. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

A Shweshwe dress with a trail is among the most flattering traditional wedding silhouettes for African women. The dress is easy to wear even though its design looks complicated.

3. High-low Shweshwe dress

Shweshwe dress
High-low dress. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

A short and flaring high-low dress can be modest if worn appropriately. No matter how cute you look in this dress, wear cycling shorts underneath when going to windy places or during windy days.

4. Unique green dress

Shweshwe dress
Shweshwe traditional dress. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

This dress yields a tiny waistline and elongates your height. You can wear your Sheshwe clothing with matching gloves to look more classy. Keep your accessories simple and minimal, so the outfit remains the center of attention.

5. Shweshwe dress with a trail

Shweshwe dress
Shweshwe dress with a trail. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

This Shweshwe dress with a trail is easy to accessorize because it matches the light-skin complexion. You can also pick materials with colors that match darker skin tones.

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6. High-low Shweshwe traditional dress

Shweshwe traditional dress
High-low Shweshwe traditional dress. Photo: @faddicofficial
Source: Instagram

The ideal length for this Shweshwe traditional dress is the front hem touching slightly above the knee at the front while the hem at the back reaches your ankles. Try not to go shorter or longer than that.

7. Long maxi Shweshwe dress

Classy Shweshe dress
Classy Shweshwe dress. Photo: @dressedbyarato
Source: Instagram

A maxi Shweshwe dress is the correct length if you can walk comfortably without stepping on the hemline. Wear heels to keep the hem off the ground if the dress is too long.

8. Mermaid Shweshwe dress

Long Shweshe dress
Long Shweshwe dress. Photo: @tswanadresscode
Source: Instagram

Mermaid designs are the ideal Shweshwe traditional dresses in 2024. If you wear this outfit, please wear seamless underwear to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Underwear lines can kill a fabulous look, no matter how stunning the dress is.

9. Green midi dress

Shweshwe traditional dresses
Green midi dress. Photo: @tswanadresscode
Source: Instagram

If you wear a short flaring dress that shows off your legs, try covering other body parts. For example, pick a mini dress with long sleeves to balance out the proportions of the look and not make it too revealing. s

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10. Mini Shweshwe dress

Shweshwe dress
Mini Shweshwe dress. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

A mini Shweshwe dress looks classy and modest if it fits your body. A dress that is too tight will move up your thighs as you sit or move. Avoid wearing high heels because they make walking on uneven surfaces in a short dress harder.

11. Sleeveless skater dress

Traditional fashion
Sleeveless skater ensemble. Photo: @lynettemashitisho
Source: Instagram

Give your outfit a modern look with this off-shoulder Shweshwe print dress. It can be worn when attending social or official events. Remember to consider the weather. A windy day should tell you not to wear a flowing dress outside.

12. One-shoulder modern Shweshwe

One shoulder attire
One-shoulder modern Shweshwe. Photo: @ndaloh_creations
Source: Instagram

Keep it traditional in a modern way with this white and blue ensemble. The ruffle detail on one shoulder and the layered hem make it ideal for weddings.

13. Strapless caramel ensemble

Strapless attire
Strapless caramel ensemble. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

Make your day a caramel affair with this beautifully created piece of clothing. The mermaid style creates an elegant appearance, and the outfit looks stunning with minimal makeup and accessories. Combine your Shweshwe fabric with silk to make this unique dress.

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14. Colorful Shweshwe wedding attire

Conventional wedding ensemble
Orange wedding attire. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

Make your wedding vibrant with this bright wedding gown. Create a magical dress made from tulle, sequins, lace, sparkles, and beautiful Shweshwe fabric.

15. Red sleeveless attire

Shweshwe trending fashion
Red sleeveless attire. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

Make your day a blue affair with this beautifully created piece of clothing. The red lace at the hem adds a modern touch to the outfit.

16. Blue Shweshwe dress

Shweshwe traditional dress
Unique Shweshwe traditional dress. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

Ladies of all ages can wear this maxi flare ensemble. It only shows a little skin, making it a decent choice for all informal occasions.

17. Checkered sleeveless maxi

Shweshwe fashion
Checkered sleeveless maxi. Photo: @buhlemtungwa
Source: Instagram

This ensemble is best suited if you are attending a traditional-themed event. Please keep it simple with minimal makeup and a few accessories.

18. Strapless off-shoulder party dress

Short gown fashion
Strapless off-shoulder party dress. Photo: @mandinantsikwe
Source: Instagram

Blue and yellow are great color combinations for brightening your appearance. The off-shoulder sleeves give it an elegant appearance and will make you stand out.

19. Short-sleeved mermaid attire

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Traditional clothing designs
Short-sleeved mermaid attire. Photo: @k_couture
Source: Instagram

Simplicity is the new fashion in 2024. This mermaid ensemble has common Shweshwe prints and patterns but still stands out as a great traditional fashion piece.

20. Sequined orange Shweshwe gown

Sequined African fashion
Sequined orange Shweshwe gown. Photo: @didadabhay
Source: Instagram

What are you planning to wear on your big day? Make it a colorful affair with a beautifully created orange Shweshwe gown.

21. One-shoulder plus-size attire

Conventional ladies' fashion
One-shoulder plus-size attire. Photo: @asandile_designs
Source: Instagram

The good thing about the Shweshwe fabric is that the material looks great on everyone, irrespective of size. This midi-flare ensemble is flattering on curvy ladies.

22. Traditional peplum attire

Conventional clothing design
Traditional peplum attire. Photo: @boitydoll
Source: Instagram

Keep it traditional in a modern way with this fashionable ensemble. It is an ideal choice for informal events and social gatherings.

23. Trendy mermaid-cut Shweshwe dress

Trending traditional wear
Mermaid-cut Shweshwe dress. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

When it comes to conventional fashion, there is no limit to the designs you should create. A blend of orange, tangerine, and gold colors can make you a fashion queen.

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24. White Shweshwe wedding dress

White Shweshwe wedding dress
White Shweshwe wedding dress. Photo: @tswanafied
Source: Instagram

Create the best traditional wedding gown that combines Shweshwe and the usual white wedding fabric. Make your big day a fashionable occasion to be remembered.

25. Classy green dress

Shweshwe dress
Classy green dress. Photo: @tswanadresscode
Source: Instagram

This type of attire is a perfect choice for fancy evening occasions. The outfit enables you to steal everyone's attention at the event effortlessly.

26. Blue and white multi-layered wedding attire

Conventional wedding fashion
Blue and white multi-layered wedding attire. Photo: @sleek_afrik
Source: Instagram

Blue and white Shweshwe patterns are a match made in heaven. They bring out vibrant vibes in everyone on your big day! Most couples choose this color combination for their weddings.

27. Layered Shweshwe garment

Custom-made traditional ensemble
Custom-made garment. Photo: @ayanda_njilo
Source: Instagram

Layered maxi attires are some of the best Shweshwe bridesmaids traditional wedding dresses. The ensemble is comfortable, and your maids will have a great time the entire time.

28. Embellished single-sleeved

Embellished conventional attires
Embellished single-sleeved Shweshwe dress. Photo: @funkyresy
Source: Instagram

Blue Shweshwes are timeless in the world of conventional fashion. Get a premium look with minimal white and flower details.

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29. Blue off-shoulder outfit

Traditional blue clothing
Off-shoulder outfit. Photo: @shweshwedresses
Source: Instagram

A woman's joy is being able to stand out and look vibrant in their outfit. Create a charming and elegant look in this blue off-shoulder outfit.

30. Free-flowing ensemble

Free-flowing ensemble for ladies
Free-flowing ensemble. Photo: @styled_bythabim
Source: Instagram

Mix green with other colors to create unique Shweshwe patterns. You can keep it simple but fashionable by choosing this A-line green dress with blue detailing. It is the best attire for carrying out casual errands.

31. Maxi-pocket dress

Maxi traditional attires for ladies
Maxi-pocket ensemble. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

This maxi-pocket ensemble confirms that decency and fashion blend well. The look is simple yet classy, and the color gives the Shweshwe fabric a fashional escape from the usual dark blue.

32. One-shoulder fish-tail dress

Shweshwe traditional dresses
One-shoulder fish-tail ensemble. Photo: @shweshwedresses
Source: Instagram

Bring out your best features with this figure-hugging ensemble. Fish-tail details are common in conventional wear and help flatter your figure.

33. Green flare party dress

Traditional clothing for parties
Green party ensemble. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Take your sassiness to the next level with this green party ensemble. Above-the-knee flared outfits make your movements easy and fun.

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34. Off-shoulder fitting Shweshwe dress

Figure-hugging conventional ensemble
Off-shoulder fitting Shweshwe outfit. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Put your curves on a fashionable display in this off-shoulder figure-hugging ensemble. Be the standout guest at the ceremony.

35. Shoulder wrap midi-flare outfit

Red traditional Shweshwe designs
Shoulder wrap midi-flare. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Create an elegant fashion with red and white fabric. Apply matching makeup, and remember to keep accessories to a minimum.

36. Butterfly-sleeved traditional Shweshwe outfit

Match mother-daughter traditional outfit
Butterfly-sleeved traditional Shweshwe attire. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Become a sporty princess with your little girl in these matching conventional attires and sneakers. The outfit can be worn when out with your family for photoshoots and other social events.

37. Pink-yellow bracelet-sleeved party dress

Pink-yellow bracelet-sleeved party dress
Pink-yellow bracelet-sleeved party dress. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

You do not need a crown to become a princess. Be the center of attention at parties in this pink and yellow ensemble.

38. Sleeveless high-neck midi-dress

Colourful conventional outfit
Sleeveless high-neck midi-dress. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

Shine bright like a diamond in this colorful ensemble. Wear matching shoes and sunglasses for a complete princess vibe and appearance.

39. Single-shoulder asymmetrical pleated hem outfit

Asymmetrical Shweshwe outfits for ladies
Single-shoulder asymmetrical pleated hem outfit. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Getty Images

This bold and energetic traditional print takes your bossy moves to the next level. Natural makeup will go well with the colors.

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40. Single balloon-sleeved asymmetrical ruffled attire

Single sleeved conventional dresses
Single balloon-sleeved asymmetrical ruffled ensemble. Photo: @shweshwedesigns
Source: Instagram

White details are always a great match for any Shweshwe color. Finish the look with matching shoes and hair.

41. Elegant Shweshwe party ensemble

Elegant Shweshwe party ensemble
Shweshwe party dress. Photo: @_baegaleng
Source: Instagram

Blue clothes are the best Shweshwe bridesmaids traditional wedding dresses. This mini-flare ensemble will elevate your fashion pick on a sunny wedding day. Blueprint and matching strappy sandals never disappoint!

42. Maxi Shweshwe ensemble

traditional clothing for ladies
High maxi outfit. Photo: @zama.ni_designs
Source: Instagram

Create an elegant appearance with doing the most by wearing Shweshwe Tswana traditional wedding dresses. Well, this outfit says it all! White will always remain a perfect match for blue.

43. Official Shweshwe ensemble

Official Shweshwe ensemble
Official Shweshwe ensemble. Photo: @kgubedugirl
Source: Instagram

Mixing deep and light shades of blue gives you a sophisticated appearance. The outfit beautifully covers the body and is flattering on all body types.

44. Flared outfit with straps

best Shweshwe traditional dresses
Flared outfit with straps. Photo: @mmantshu
Source: Instagram

Design your entire outfit from Shweshwe fabric. Enhance the style with straps, laces, and matching footwear for a complete African fashion.

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45. Pink maxi Shweshwe attire

Princess pink ensemble
Maxi Shweshwe ensemble. Photo: @tumi_nakedi
Source: Instagram

Be the princess in your kingdom in this lovely pink Shweshwe maxi gown. Get a matching headpiece and high-heeled shoes for a whole shine.

46. Layered Shweshwe party dress

layered traditional attire
Layered Shweshwe party dress. Photo: @nomthwakazi_magoloza
Source: Instagram

When attending parties, a girl should feel comfortable and fashionable in her outfit. This green-layered party dress and yellow shoes will do the trick.

47. Green one-shoulder attire

Shweshwe traditional dresses
One-shoulder attire. Photo: @africanfabricanddesignske
Source: Instagram

African conventional attires are just as attractive as modern ones. Expand your fashion imagination by creating something that best brings out your personality.

48. Double-pocket midi-wrap dress

Single Shweshwe traditional outfit
Double-pocket midi-wrap ensemble. Photo: @styles.africa (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Shweshwe Zulu traditional dresses like this one will make your day fabulous. The design suits a bride or maid who believes simplicity is the new elegance. Keep things to a minimum with this grey ensemble for lobola negotiations.

49. Blue Shweshwe mini-dress

Summer conventional ensemble
Blue Shweshwe mini-dress. Photo: @ingomso_fashion
Source: Instagram

Every girl needs a mini-flare ensemble in their closet. This blue attire can flatter your figure and make you a few years younger!

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50. Peplum puff-sleeved attire

Shweshwe traditional dresses
Peplum puff-sleeved attire. Photo: @mmantshu
Source: Instagram

Peplum puff-sleeved attires are some of the best Shweshwe bridesmaids traditional wedding dresses. Keep that fashion crown high with this beautifully created mini attire. The bright colors and minimum details make it elegant.

51. Cute sleeveless mermaid dress

Maxi traditional Shweshwe outfit
Cute sleeveless mermaid dress. Photo: @leahgambule
Source: Instagram

Are you celebrating your anniversary or any other important event? Make it special and memorable with a creatively designed Shweshwe gown.

52. Leteisi-Shweshwe ball gown

Elegant traditional gown
Leteisi-Shweshwe ball gown. Photo: @tsholo_dikobe
Source: Instagram

A blend of Shweshwe and leteisi fabrics creates magic and pure elegance. This gown's color combination, accessories, and details will make you appreciate traditional designs even more.

53. Green Shweshwe midi dress

Trending outfits for ladies
Green Shweshwe midi dress. Photo: @nana01gp
Source: Instagram

Look no further if you need cute Shweshwe Zulu traditional dresses in 2024. This flare ensemble will do the trick. The green and white color combination looks great.

54. Semi-official Shweshwe attire

Semi-official Shweshwe traditional outfits
Semi-official Shweshwe traditional outfit. Photo: @gee_dhlamini
Source: Instagram

Dress to impress in this blue figure-hugging ensemble. It outlines your curves but still makes you look presentable.

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55. Red Shweshwe wedding gown

best Shweshwe wedding gowns
Red Shweshwe wedding gown. Photo: @shopmireila.com
Source: Instagram

Shweshwe traditional dresses for makoti are supposed to be decent but should stand out. This red gown will leave a great impression.

56. Shweshwe party ensemble

Shweshwe party dress
Shweshwe party ensemble. Photo: @maxine_makeup_.
Source: Instagram

Since blue Shweshwe dresses are common, switching it up to green ones and other colors. This short flare ensemble can be worn at your birthday party, a special dinner date, or any other event worth remembering.

57. Fishtail Shweshwe attire

Figure-hugging Shweshwe ensemble for ladies
Fishtail Shweshwe attire. Photo: @traditionalafricanweddings
Source: Instagram

Let the world see your well-defined curves in this figure-hugging Shweshwe that flares to the knees. Fishtails are common but fashionable, and they help flatter your figure, especially if you are pear shapes.

58. Butterfly-sleeved ruffled dress

Modern design traditional Shweshwe dresses
Butterfly-sleeved ruffled ensemble. Photo: @francoisvedemmefashion
Source: Instagram

Take traditional fashion a notch higher in this ruffled ensemble. Matching makeup and minimum accessories help bring out the best in conventional fashion.

59. White Shweshwe wedding dress

Traditional party dresses
Orange strapless party ensemble. Photo: @faddicofficial
Source: Instagram

A white Sheshwe wedding dress makes a bold statement and is the new sensation in modern styling. Turn heads at your wedding with this unique wedding ensemble. Combine your Shweshwe fabric with cotton wedding materials and laces for a fabulous dress.

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60. Sleeveless peplum attire

Peplum traditional Shweshwe for women
Sleeveless peplum attire. Photo: @antherline
Source: Instagram

Ladies of all shapes and sizes look great in peplum attires with a fish-tail detail. The different shades of blue and flower details create irresistible elegance.

What is a Shweshwe dress?

Shweshwe traditional attires are made from printed cotton fabrics that are initially indigo (dark blue). In modern South Africa, the ensemble comes in various colors and prints, often designed with other types of fabrics for a contemporary appearance.

Shweshwe fashion is here to stay as more designers develop new features daily. 2024 is another year where women shine in Shweshwe traditional dresses, whether attending parties, going to the office, or weddings.

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