Top 30 good quality clothing brands for men and women that are affordable

Top 30 good quality clothing brands for men and women that are affordable

It is no news that cloth has become an essential aspect of telling who a person is and how they want to be addressed. Men and women from different walks of life love their appearance to speak volumes for them. Granted that people have more pressing things to invest money into, the majority have resorted to finding less expensive, good, quality clothing brands from where to get their dresses.

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good quality clothing brands
Several fashion brands churn out eye-popping designs almost every year. Photo: @jeffcarvalho
Source: Twitter

There are a lot of fashion brands that churn out eye-popping designs almost every year to satisfy the increasing curiosity of their esteemed customers. However, these brands are expensive and sometimes create only a limited version of particular wears, sidelining some customers. Some brands are bridging this gap by providing good quality clothing for a low price compared to the big names.

Which is the best and cheapest clothing brand?

Below is a list of 30 high-quality brands ensuring that customers can afford fashionable clothes without breaking banks or sweating while paying for the product. The criterion behind this list is that they produce good quality clothes to be sold at relatively low prices compared to the more prominent fashion houses.

1. Bonobos

good quality clothing brands
Bonobos is one of the most fashionable clothes of top-notch quality. Photo: @Bonobos
Source: Twitter

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This brand has found a way to offer its customers some of the most fashionable clothes of top-notch quality. They are not so expensive and are renowned for their excellent fittings in the right places. So if you are looking for pants and différents shirts that hug you in the best way, you should be looking here.

2. Buck Mason

One of the most fashionable clothing for this brand is its leather jacket lines. These jackets are top quality and affordable at the same time. They also have lovely designs for their tees.

3. COS

COS has an affiliation with H&M but is the affordable version that does its best to provide top quality clothing désigns and materials still. Based in London, COS has immersed itself in the heart of customers as the one-stop brand for classic quality.

4. Everlane

Are you looking for classic casual wear that screams good quality clothes? Then this brand is more than willing to offer that at a pocket-friendly price. Highly classic Pocket Tees, cashmere, and other pleasant clothing essentials are their forte.

5. Express

As the name suggests, this brand is all about expressing your fashion preference, and it does not matter if it is edgy or balanced; there is always something for everyone. The variety of shirts on offer distinguishes them because they blend quality and affordability.

6. H&M

This is currently one of the high-quality clothing brands worldwide, and they have been in the game for a bit of time. So if your wardrobe is looking slinky and you are looking to overhaul the whole thing, you can easily get good quality clothes at the most affordable prices.

7. Huckberry

Huckberry clothing brand is one of the few that also stands out for its focused interest in cheap and quality outdoor wear. You are going to get everything you need in terms of clothing here.

8. Lucky Brand

This one is popular for offering the 80s kind of clothing vibes peculiar to Southern California. It is a brand that looks to cater to your coolest look and at an accessible price.

9. Mott and Bow

You can mostly get classy denim here for as low as possible. The brand is renowned for its fixation on simple and plain yet highly unique wear.

10. Nordstrom Rack

Do you feel your wardrobe game needs to be updated but cannot place a finger on why or how? Your solution lies here as a visit to this brand's store will help you discover clothing tastes you never knew that you had.

11. Old Navy

This brand's range of clothing and fashion is no easy feat. The company has been doing this since the 90s and has been patronised by some famous actors from way back. Classy cargo, unique denim, and easy-on-the-body shirts are what you stand to see here.

12. Rails

The brand has come a long way from producing a singular hat to becoming an exciting clothing brand. Highly quality hoodies, polos, and drawstring pants are some of their most prominent features.

13. River Island

You know that you are classy if classy European styles are your thing, and this is all for grabs here. You are promised a range of fashion senses from the latest to the most vintage.

14. Todd Snyder

Awesomeness and affordability are what this brand is synonymous with. However, once you get shopping here, looking back might become a non-existing thought as they offer a wide range of fashionable stylings among the best quality clothing brands.

15. Urban outfitters

As the name suggests, this brand wants the outsiders to feel sure about their fashion game, and it is their main focus. Whatever brand you feel is not a nor can be gotten here, they have made it so fashionable that even someone who is not an outfitter will want to cop something off their hanger.

16. Uniqlo

This Japanese brand gives even some of the highest quality clothing brands a run for their money. They like to describe what they offer in terms of clothing as "lifewear," which is synonymous with what they always offer.

17. UpWest

good quality clothing brands
UpWest has hoodies, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and loungewear, among others. Photo: @Brkfldproprtl
Source: Twitter

Are you all about comfort and finesse? If yes, then UpWest is where you should look up to catering such clothing needs. From hoodies to sweatpants, sweatshirts, sleepwear, and loungewear, UpWest is ready to wow your wildest wardrobe experience.

18. Target

This brand targets the experience of unbelievability when it comes to the clothing game. Some of the clothes you will get here will leave everyone doubting when you tell them exactly where you got them from. They expect such top quality wearables from certain expensive and exclusive brands.


This company looks to cater to the fashion sense of people looking for a blend of class and casual at an affordable price. If you love wearing an all-black outfit, you may want to pull up at any DSTLD stores offline or online.

20. Asos

If you are looking to try out the most trendy of fashions, then this is an excellent place to look at because that is all they are about. In addition, they offer a wide variety of shoes that can go with whatever clothes you get from them.

21. Lululemon

This brand is one of the best quality women's clothing brands, especially when talking about their leggings. Although they deal primarily with fitness wear, they make some designs that outfitters can wear casually and still get heads turned in their direction.

22. Pact

This eco-friendly company makes sure that everything they produce comes from organic cotton. They avoid using toxic chemicals during production, and employees' safety means a great deal to them. As a result, they sell quality clothes for affordable prices, among other things.

23. Reformation

Here, you can get an array of clothing for whatever occasion you are looking forward to. Whether it is casual as a hike or as important as a dinner date and subsequent wedding ceremony, Reformation has got you covered.

24. Able

This company produces high-quality everyday staples and creates a women-friendly working environment that seeks to bridge the financial gap between men and women. As a result, their clothing materials are cheap and inexpensive.

25. Madewell

This is one of the best quality clothing brands around nowadays, and their focus is on jeans and every other clothing you can rock with a pair of jeans. So, if you are a lover of everything denim, you need to look no further as they are the place for you.

26. Patagonia

good quality clothing brands
Patagonia is known for affordability, comfort, and top-notch quality clothing. Photo: @kron4news
Source: Twitter

Affordability, comfort, and top-notch quality are what this company offers when you buy a piece of cloth from them. So, whether you are looking to buy sweaters, pants, jackets, or shirts, you can be sure that you are getting the value for your money with them.

27. Alternative Apparel

This brand caters to the fashion demands of both men and women, and they do it effortlessly with great designs that have stood the test of time and modern trending styles originating from different parts of the world.

28. Land's End

Whatever clothing needs you are looking to cater to will be well taken care of by this brand. Men, women, and children all have a wide range of clothes to choose from here and at an affordable price.

29. Levi's

This company will end the thought that you may never find some of the best quality clothing brands that are affordable. They produce high quality and classy wear at pocket-friendly prices to suit your fashion narratives.

30. Kotn

This brand makes quality clothes for men and women from Egyptian cotton. Their clothes are easily one of the most affordable you can get anywhere.

What is the #1 clothing brand?

According to sources based on various verifiable information, Nike holds this title. The company has over the years been renowned for satisfying its customers with quality clothes which can be very expensive depending on your budget.

Which clothing brand is best?

This depends on the buyer's budget and preferences. For example, a person who does not support animal cruelty will consider a brand that upholds similar standards. However, irrespective of your standards and preferences, you can choose from several excellent brands when cloth-hunting.

Which brands are classy?

There are several classy brands to choose from when buying your clothes. Brands like Nike, Gucci, Luli Vuitton, and Chanel are just a few of the names that readily come to mind in this situation. They may not be as cheap as some of the brands listed above, but they primarily focus on being classy.

There are, however, affordable classy clothing brands as well, and some of them are Levi's, Todd Snyder, Buck Mason, River Island and Old Navy.

You are spoilt for choice when talking about top good quality clothing brands for men and women, meaning that the above-listed choices are not the only ones available to you. However, whatever preference you pick, it is a no-brainer that the amount of money you are willing to spend will play a significant role.

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