Mum Advises Parents on Raising Gen Z Kids, Shares WhatsApp Chats Between Her and Children

Mum Advises Parents on Raising Gen Z Kids, Shares WhatsApp Chats Between Her and Children

  • Nyambura Munyua shared vital tips parents could implement to build better relationships with their Gen Z kids
  • She said she was a hard-stance parent to her two boys, which saw her relationship with them drift apart
  • The China-based Laikipia mum shared the evidence of changing her stance and noted that her relationship with her sons improved

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A China-based Kenyan mother has opened up about her interesting experience with her Gen-Z sons.

Mother shares tips on how to parents Gen Z
A mother shared how she built a stronger bond with her children. Photo: Nyambura Munyua.
Source: UGC

Parent shares tips for parenting

Nyambura Munyua disclosed that she was a hard-stance parent with many do's and don'ts in her texting and value system.

She said if one could not write proper English with proper punctuation, they should not bother her with texts.

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Nyambura highlights importance of intentional listening

However, she should discover that her stance distanced her from her sons, and the gap could widen.

"I joined TikTok and activated my social listening on Twitter and Instagram. I wanted to learn their ways, their vibe, and their lingo. I worked on myself, and they noticed that I’d changed with time. They noted I’d relaxed my texting rules. I began sharing goofy videos with them."
"Now, we text and FaceTime each other all the time. We have stuff to talk about all the time—all because I adapted, all because I got intentional about listening," Nyambura said.

The doting mother of two also shared screenshots of the WhatsApp messages between her and her sons.

See her post below:

How can parents engage with their kids?

Nyambura, whose home is Nanyuki, Laikipia county, also highlighted a few pointers on how parents can engage with their kids.

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"Start by going easy on many things but within the boundaries; soon, they will notice. Get interested in the stuff they like. I had to keep pets because my children loved them. I subscribed to Biotech and mechanical engineering stuff that I knew nothing about."
"Also, they get interested in their friends. You will learn so much. Every day, I cook uji for five young men at home. In the process, they told me so much. I knew that Melissa was blocked because she’s clingy and wanted a relationship," she noted.

She encouraged parents who had difficulty connecting with their children to make amends.

Nyambura also noted that a strong parent-child bond gives parents peace of mind, as they know their children will make sound decisions in life.

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The mum encouraged parents not to be against giving their children gadgets, as all they need to do is guide them.


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