Nurse Relocates To Ireland, Buys Car After Two Months: "I Could Not Afford A Bicycle In Ghana"

Nurse Relocates To Ireland, Buys Car After Two Months: "I Could Not Afford A Bicycle In Ghana"

  • A video of a Ghanaian lady speaking on her experience as a nurse in Ireland has gone viral
  • She opened up on her time as a psychiatric nurse in Ghana and compared it to her present reality in Ireland
  • The young lady advised nurses who wish to relocate abroad to make the move

A Ghanaian nurse who decided to relocate to Ireland in search of greener pastures is thankful she took that life changing decision.

Speaking in an interview with Kweku Bee Abrante on YouTube, Abena Tina cited poor remuneration as one of the major difficulties that was affecting her work as a psychiatric nurse in Ghana.

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Lady relocates to Ireland to work as a nurse Photo credit: @Nurse Abena/YouTube
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"Back in Ghana, sometimes even before you get you salary, everything is gone, as a nurse I sometimes had to use my salary to buy medicines for some of the patients, even in some cases when you pay them a visit, they expect you to give them money.

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In desperate need to better her life, Abena relocated to Ireland last year, where she also practices as a registered psychiatric nurse and has no regrets.

She opened up on how the nation appreciates health workers and ensures that they get paid their worth.

Quizzed about her earnings, Abena, although she refused to state the specific amount, said it was far better than what she was paid in Ghana during her seven years of practice.

"During my time in Ghana, I could not even afford a bicycle. The car I was using belonged to my husband. But after relocating to work here, I was able to buy a car after two months,"

The young lady admonished the government to endeavor to better the conditions of service.

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She also encouraged her colleague nurses who wish to travel abroad also to make that step.

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I want our leaders to know the nation is lagging behind

In a comment to Brieflt News, Kweku Bee Abrante, the Ghanaian content creator who interviewed Abena Tina on life as a nurse in Ireland, said his ambition to shed light on stories of Ghanaians abroad is aimed at drawing the attention of the Ghanaian government on things which are not being done right in the country.

He opines that Ghanaian leaders can change the fortunes of the country if they commit to doing so.

"I was a journalist and teacher back in Ghana, and the reason why I am doing this now that I live aborad is because I want to compile lots of experience from our people outside the country so our leaders will realize we know what they are up to."

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Nurse buys new car, dream come true

In an inspiring turn of events, a dedicated nurse accomplished a milestone in her life by purchasing her first car, a Volkswagen Polo.

The achievement is significant for TikTok user @bridgetnkosi8, as she had never imagined owning a VW Polo.

In the video she posts of her driving her brand new set of wheels. The nurse's journey to car ownership is a testament to determination and perseverance.


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