Airbnb vs Vrbo explained: which company is better and why?

Airbnb vs Vrbo explained: which company is better and why?

Vrbo and Airbnb are online accommodation reservation marketplaces. Their initial target markets are tourists looking for hotels, vacation homes, and lodgings worldwide. Today, both platforms have rentals and houses for home seekers. When looking for a place to stay, choose a company to approach wisely. So, which is better? Airbnb or Vrbo? Check out the following detailed Airbnb vs Vrbo comparisons.

Airbnb vs Vrbo
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What does Vrbo stand for? These are initials for Vacation Rentals by Owner. Meanwhile, Airbnb stands for Air Bed and Breakfast. Airbnb’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California, while Vrbo established its head offices in Austin, Texas. These online companies do not own any of the properties or premises you see on their websites, social platforms, and apps. They, however, get their profits from commissions.

The difference between Airbnb and Vrbo

Airbnb and Vrbo are leading e-commerce accommodation service providers worldwide. Both Vrbo and Airbnb apps are fast, reliable, compatible with all operating systems, and free to download on app stores. These international platforms were created as meeting points for people buying and selling accommodation services.

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Advertise your hotels, apartments, and houses for sale there. Make several rooms in your house vacation homes and find clients on either platform. The slight uniqueness in these companies' services gives them advantages over each other. Is Airbnb better than Vrbo? These companies' differences will help you make a sound judgement.

1. Reservation

How does Vrbo work? Reservations are made online through their website, Vrbo app, or email. You can only access your “guest account” and contact your host via email or call after a reservation is approved.

Airbnb vs Vrbo
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There is no instant reservation because the host has 24 hours to cancel or confirm a pending request. Please pay using a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card. Vrbo charges a refundable security deposit at the time of booking.

Airbnb has a similar reservation system, but payments are made using credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, or Airbnb credits. The company puts the refundable security deposit on hold. You will not get charged until the property owner files a claim.

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2. Shared accommodation

You can rent a room in someone’s home on Airbnb, which means you will share the house with the homeowner. However, the homeowner cannot share with you the room you paid for. On the other hand, Vrbo does not have shared space rentals. The space you rent is all yours; hence the company only rents out whole apartments.

Airbnb vs Vrbo
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Is Vrbo as big as Airbnb? Airbnb is bigger than Vrbo in terms of market diversity. The company has millions of sellers advertising their shared accommodations. These people cannot sell their services on Vbro because the platform does not deal with shared rental services.

3. Reviews

Both platforms have review sections about the accommodation premises. You can establish the culture of the people and other vital details about the property and its owners from the reviews. Vrbo’s review section is better than Airbnb’s because it allows potential buyers to chat with sellers. However, they cannot engage in official transactions in this section.

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4. The accommodation’s location

Vrbo enables you to filter out all houses, rentals or hotels near the recreational facilities you want to visit, such as beaches or mountains. Meanwhile, Airbnb shows you amusement places to tour after you click on an accommodation facility.

Airbnb vs Vrbo
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Finding a suitable place to rent on Airbnb can be tiresome if you are looking forward to engaging in specific leisure activities. You have to check each accommodation to find out what recreational facilities are near them.

5. Affordability

Which is cheaper Airbnb or Vrbo? Vrbo rentals cost lower than Airbnb’s accommodations. However, the charges Vrbo imposes on its hosts and guests are higher than Airbnb's commissions. Airbnb charges the hosts slightly more than its standard commission if they offer guests unique experiences at their place.

The similarity between these platforms is that guests pay less than hosts. There are two forms of payment, the annual subscription fees and pay per booking. Hosts save money by paying the homeowners’ yearly subscriptions instead of paying per booking.

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6. Cleaning fee

Customers are unaware that Vbro is cheaper than Airbnb in the long run. Most first-time online accommodation seekers check Vrbo prices and wonder, “why is Vrbo so expensive?” They then choose Airbnb’s shared accommodation over renting a whole apartment on Vrbo.

Airbnb vs Vrbo
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Vbro requires the hosts to display the cleaning fee as a separate cost from the price per night. You can also negotiate the price with the host via email. Meanwhile, Airbnb hosts state the price per night exclusive of the cleaning fee. The guest receives a cleaning fee bill when checking out. This extra bill can be a financial inconvenience to the guest.

What would you choose after reading these insightful Airbnb vs Vrbo comparisons? Airbnb is the best for short-term adventurous trips, while Vbro suits a committed long-term vacation. Check out accommodations on either platform and choose what will meet your needs.

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