Jodha Akbar teasers for August 2021: Jodha conceives twins

Jodha Akbar teasers for August 2021: Jodha conceives twins

The enthralling Jodha Akbar teasers for August 2021 are out, and so much is bound to happen in the show! Unruly Jodha Akbar cast members find themselves in sticky situations, and they try to destroy Jalal's reign. Steamy Jodha Akbar episodes highlight how beautiful it is to be in love and how much love can change someone's perspective about life. Dramatic Jodha Akbar teasers for August 2021 highlight how the plot will go down.

Jodha Akbar on Zee World storyline
Jodha Akbar on Zee World is an Indian historical fictional drama. Photo: @TellyChakkar
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The Jodha Akbar storyline revolves around Jodha's untold love story. Jodha is expected to get married to Raja Ratan, who will take over the throne. However, their plans change, and Jodha is forced to marry Akbar to stop Mogul Emperor from attacking the Amer Raja Bharmal empire. Reducing Jodha to a mere political pawn comes with dire consequences, as highlighted in these Jodha Akbar teasers for August 2021.

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Jodha Akbar teasers for August 2021

Recent Jodha Akbar episodes highlighted the slow but surely eventful progression in Jalal and Jodha's relationship and how promising it would be. In the upcoming episodes, their love bears fruit when Jodha conceives twins. Here are fascinating Jodha Akbar teasers for more.

Jodha Akbar on Zee World teasers
Jodha gets pregnant with twins in Jodhar Akbar August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st August 2021 (Sunday – Episode 112)

Jalal has a hilarious reaction to Rukaiya's false expectancy while Shenaaz steals his way into the palace jail, hoping to locate Chand. Jodha's conduct reveals her pure heart, but Rukaiya is not pleased with her sympathies and asks her to stop acting nice.

2nd August 2021 (Monday – Episode 113)

A stranger offers to assist Shenaaz in her battle. Elsewhere, Jalal brings together people from different religions, and the nation gives him the title of AKBAR for his efforts. Jalal is excited about her husband's new achievement, while an old foe, Mahachuchak, is strongly determined to stop Jalal.

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3rd August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 114)

Shenaaz lied about being mentally ill, and Maham discovers this. Meanwhile, Jalal lets people know that his 3 special wives will take part in the forthcoming bazaar. Beg advises Mahachuchak on how to get his strong army to defeat Agra.

4th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 115)

Beg eliminates Ghani Khan in order for Mahachuchak to have instant access to Agra. The turban Jodha created for her husband is tainted, and Jalal accuses Zakira of doing it. Maham asks Shenaaz to have a public brawl with Jalal, then takes Adham to her secret hideaway where Chand is held.

5th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 116)

Todar has suspicions regarding Shenaaz and starts to watch her every move. Shenaaz later falsely accuses Todar, and he is sentenced to death for the crime. Elsewhere, Jalal is unable to enjoy a private moment with Jodha when Rahim intrudes while Haider marries Mahachuchak half-heartedly.

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6th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 117)

A big storm is coming while Mahachuchak gathers her army to attack Agra. Shenaaz decides to unveil her real identity while Jalal manages to save Todal before he can be hanged. Jalal also orders a search inside prisons to locate Chand, and Maham is able to relocate him before he can be discovered.

7th August 2021 (Saturday – Episode 118)

Nigaar and Mali work on their next plan while Mahachuchak and her army attack Agra's streets. Jalal is reluctant to go to war with his relatives, and Hamida persuades him to fulfil his duty as the king. The ladies get ready to leave the palace while Jodha receives news from the physician.

8th August 2021 (Sunday – Episode 119)

Jodha does not reveal her pregnancy news to Jalal to allow him to concentrate on his task. Meanwhile, Adham and Maham intercept Jalal's peace letter and prevent it from getting to Nigaar, thus fueling the feud that already exists between sister and brother.

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Jodha Akbar on Zee World teasers
Jodha has no hard feelings for Rukaiya and promises to give her one of her twins. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

9th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 120)

Nigaar causes distraction which leads to the capture of Jalal into the den of Mali. Jodha, on the other hand, pushes the women to fight Mali. In overcoming Mali, Jodha is helped by Rukaiya, Salima, and other women.

10th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 121)

Jalal is rescued by Maan from Mali's captivity, while Rukaiya praises the bravery shown by Jodha. Mahachuchak is not ready to accept defeat and uses a strange animal in human form to gain victory over Jalal. Adham works hard to become the ruler of a province.

11th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 122)

Shenaaz seeks an apology from Jalal and unites with him. As preparations for the unborn baby begin, Rukaiya learns about Jodha's pregnancy. Mahachushak sends Khaibar to murder Jalal.

12th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 123)

The physician announces that Jodha will birth twins, and the kingdom is filled with joy. Outside the palace, Khaibar causes havoc and kidnaps an expecting Jodha.

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13th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 124)

Hamida is filled with worry when Jodha goes to see Khaibar in jail. Meanwhile, a new girl comes in, and Jalal cannot forget her. Khaibar is mistreated by Sharif behind bars for having compassion for Jodha.

14th August 2021 (Saturday – Episode 125)

Jalal is not happy when Jodha acts negligently in her current condition. Atifa and Jalal's tight bond displeases Atgah. Later, Khaibar disappears from prison, and Jalal insists that he should be murdered, but Jodha is against the idea.

15th August 2021 (Sunday – Episode 126)

Jalal holds Jodha responsible for his public humiliation. Later, Maham watches as Jalal declares his love for Atifah as Rukaiya mocks Jodha. Jalal has a total change of heart, as Atifa prepares to depart with her husband.

Jodha Akbar on Zee World teasers
Jalal announces his marriage with Atifa in Glow TV's Jodha Akbar August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

16th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 127)

Maham threatens to kill Chand before Eid celebrations while Jodha releases Khaibar from prison. Khaibar does not want to let her go, and they find themselves wandering in the wilderness as Jalal sets out to look for them.

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17th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 128)

Jodha lands in trouble when she moves with certain robbers without knowing, and she is determined to give Khaibar a normal life but is devastated when he dies.

18th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 129)

Salima asks Jodha to try and regain her husband's love. Jalal reveals his decision to tie the knot with Atifa on Eid day, regardless of the fact that he knows the decision could cost him his throne.

19th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 130)

Jodha is ready to get away from the palace as Jalal divorces her, while Maham is surprised when she fails to find Chand in the cave. Atifa unleashes her evil side on their wedding day and tries to kill the king, but Jalal acts smarter.

20th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 131)

Jalal asks for forgiveness from his wife and reconciles with Jodha, while Adham is reappointed. Jodha involves her co-wives in her scheme to cheer up a glum Jalal. In another chain of events, Adham Javeda with his sword in an attempt to kill Jalal.

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21st August 2021 (Saturday – Episode 132)

Atgah dies due to his loyalty to the king, and Jalal kills Adham mercilessly to avenge his death. As people say their final goodbyes to Atgah, Maham is yet to believe that her son is dead and curses Jodha's unborn babies.

22nd August 2021 (Sunday – Episode 133)

Jalal sets fire on his throne out of frustration, and Jodha encourages him to take up his responsibilities. Bakshi is smacked by Sharif for discussing a girl child, and she later gives birth to a bouncing baby girl. Meanwhile, Rukaiya is envious because of her failure to conceive.

Jodha Akbar on Zee World teasers
Jalal and his sister Nigaar set their differences aside in Jodha Akbar August episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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23rd August 2021 (Monday – Episode 134)

Jodha learns that Bakshi did not tell the family the truth, while Sharif learns the gender of his child. Furthermore, Jalal is furious with Bakshi for enduring agony, and Sharif later asks Bakshi for forgiveness.

24th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 135)

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Rukaiya whirls an empty baby cot despite being aware that it is a bad premonition in her current condition. Later, Rukaiya wants Jalal to fulfil an appalling request, and she takes him to the judge when he fails to make her a mother. Sharif tries to get closer to Jalal using his daughter.

25th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 136)

Rukaiya changes her character each time while Maham does not want Javeda to see her in prison. Later, Jodha makes up her mind to give Rukaiya one of her unborn twins, but the decision does not please Jalal.

26th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 137)

Maham's health is failing, but she does not take her medication while Rahim takes Jodha to Hamanyun's memoir. Later, Javeda and Jodha come up with a lie to ensure Maham does not die while Sheriff works hard with his father to plan against Jalal.

27th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 138)

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Jalal cares about Jodha's safety and makes up his mind to send Maham to a faraway place, and Rukaiya supports his decision. Maham discovers that Jodha did not tell the truth regarding Javeda being a mother, while Hamida asks an expectant Jodha to concentrate on the welfare of her future family.

28th August 2021 (Saturday – Episode 139)

The soon-to-be mother asks the house helps to tidy Maham's room and get rid of old stuff. Meanwhile, a distressed Maham takes back her curse before dying in Jalal's arms.

29th August 2021 (Sunday – Episode 140)

Todar and Jalal disguise themselves as common folk and go to the marketplace to see how much goods cost. Later, Shaguni makes it known that Maham's curse on the unborn twins cannot be reverted. Rukaiya is taken aback when she sees Jodha in a bloody puddle.

30th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 141)

Jalal announces the freeing of all inmates to celebrate the healthy birth of Jodha's twins. Rukaiya promises to care for the twin sons when she is not present while the young mum questions the Mughal law of taxation of Hindus.

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31st August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 142)

As she had promised, Jodha offers Rukaiya one of her twins, and Rukaiya assigns Zeenat the task of caring for Hussain. Jalal converses with Qasim and his wife Zeenat, but it is later discovered that the two are there to cause destruction.

Jodha Akbar on Zee World teasers
An excited Jalal releases all prisoners in celebration of the birth of his twins. Gif:, (modified by author)
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She has unconditional love for Jalal and is happy when he is awarded the Akbar title. She later conceives, and the doctor reveals that it is twins. She feels pity for a childless Rukaiya and promises to gift her one of her twins despite all she had done to her out of envy.


She plans a public fight with her brother Jalal, but he is not willing to go to war. When she realized Mahachuchak was tricking her, she sought her brother's forgiveness, and they reunite. She later manages to rescue Chand from Maham's clutches, thus leading to an arrest.

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