Elizabeth Holmes: net worth, age, pregnancy, voice, husband, Theranos, professor

Elizabeth Holmes: net worth, age, pregnancy, voice, husband, Theranos, professor

Elizabeth Holmes' Thernos, a medical diagnostic company, no longer exists. Thernos was initially praised for allegedly creating a technology that quickly tested small amounts of blood. Elizabeth Holmes' net worth was $4.5 billion before scandals kicked into her life. Her company deceived the public for years before collapsing in 2018 due to lawsuits. So, what happened to Elizabeth Holmes?

Elizabeth Holmes
Elizabeth Anne Holmes established her company at age 19. Photo: @tec.ftu (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Thernos shut down on 4th September 2018 after Anne was caught in a wire fraud and conspiracy scandal. Anne and her husband, Billy Evans, had a baby on 10th July at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, California. Her trial was to begin in July, but it was postponed to 31st August because of the pregnancy.

Elizabeth Holmes' profile summary

  • Full name: Elizabeth Anne Holmes
  • Date of birth: 3rd February 1984
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Washington DC, USA
  • Career: Entrepreneur
  • Company: Defunct Thernos
  • Secondary school: St. John's School
  • University: Stanford University
  • Father: Christian Holmes IV
  • Mother: Noel Holmes
  • Siblings: Christian Holmes V
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Billy Evans
  • Children: 1
  • Net worth: $4.5 billion (before the fraud scandal)
  • Awards: Glamour Award for The Entrepreneur

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Elizabeth Holmes' biography

Elizabeth Holmes' age is 37 years, for she was born on 3rd February 1984 to Noel and Christian Holmes IV in Washington DC, USA. Her brother is Christian Holmes IV.

Elizabeth Holmes
She dropped out of a chemical engineering degree at Stanford University to build her company. Photo: @lsib.uk
Source: Facebook

Elizabeth Anne's education

Elizabeth was a grade-A student at St. John's School. She sold C + + compilers to Chinese schools and took Mandarin lessons. Stanford University's accepted her application to study chemical engineering.

In her first year on campus, Elizabeth won a $3,000 stipend for her medical research project. The lady wanted to be a surgeon like her great-great-grandfather. She even interned at the Genome Institute in Singapore.

Who were Elizabeth Holmes' college professors?

The fear of needles changes Elizabeth Anne Holmes' career aspirations. She proposed to her college professor, Channing Robertson, to help her establish a business. Anne established Real-Time Cures in 2003 at age 19, with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, USA.

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Phyllis Gardner, the Stanford professor of medicine, cautioned her against the business idea. Anne changed Real-Time Cures' name to Thernos and dropped out of Stanford to focus on her company.

Elizabeth Holmes
Elizabeth hired her brother as her company's consultant and overpromised investors what she could not deliver. Photo: @forbeswomen
Source: Facebook

Anne assured investors like Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Tim Draper that Thernos would transform the country's health system using advanced technology. Meanwhile, she dated Theranos' president Sunny Balwani, a man 20 years older than her.

In 2008, the Theranos board wanted to replace her with a more experienced person. Anne convinced them to let her keep the CEO position and started sourcing for investors abroad.

Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes' marriage

Elizabeth Holmes' fiancé, Billy Evans, was 27 years old when they held a private wedding in mid-2019. The couple first met in 2017. Elizabeth Holmes' husband is an MIT graduate from a family that owns a chain of luxury hotels in California.

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Elizabeth Holmes' house was a posh apartment in San Francisco worth $5,000 monthly rent, but the couple moved out in April 2019. What is Elizabeth Holmes doing now? The former CEO is now a mother and leads a low-key lifestyle.

Elizabeth Holmes
She dated her company's president while she was the CEO. Both of them are facing wire fraud charges. Photo: @forbeswomen
Source: Facebook

What did Elizabeth Holmes do?

Elizabeth and Balwani are facing dozens of wire fraud charges committed through their now-defunct Silicon Valley startup. She allegedly defrauded Theranos' investors more than $700 million.

Anne pleaded not guilty to lying to partners, investors, and the government about her company's blood-testing technology. Meanwhile, A 2018 Wall Street Journal investigation exposed unproven technology.

Elizabeth stepped down as Thernos CEO in 2018, and the company died the following year. NBC news' Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos explained that her lawyers might use her motherhood situation to gain the court's sympathy if found guilty.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Holmes' brother, Christian, and his wife expect a baby in September. She then hired him in 2011 as a Thernos analyst after he graduated from Duke University.

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Elizabeth Holmes
Her husband hails from a wealthy American family. Photo: @AmericanMasters (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

What is Elizabeth Holmes' fate now?

Anne could be sentenced to 20 years in prison, but the court is yet to make a ruling. A study made by Sonja Starr, a University of Chicago's criminal law professor, shows that childcare reduces the probability of judges recommending jail.

In the latest news about her case, Judge Edward Davila might unseal documents explaining her mental health records as requested by the media. Federal prosecutors support the request for they need to be ready if Anne makes a mental health defence.

What is Elizabeth Holmes' net worth in 2021?

In 2015, Forbes listed her among the 400 wealthiest Americans with a net worth of $4.5 billion and running a $9 billion company. Forbes revised Thernos' and Anne's worth in June 2016 after John Carreyrou, a Wall Street Journal reporter, exposed their fraudulent activities in 2015.

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Forbes dropped Thernos' value to $800 million. After being exposed as a university dropped out with a criminal record, the billionaire lost billions of money.

Does Netflix have an Elizabeth Holmes documentary?

Elizabeth Holmes
Legal experts presume she might use motherhood to attract the jury's sympathy or mental health to defend herself. Photo: @mulheresadmiraveisabayomi
Source: Facebook

In 2019, Netflix released an Elizabeth Holmes documentary titled The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. Alex Gibney directed and produced the 119 minutes long the English film.

Why did Elizabeth Holmes change her voice?

Elizabeth Holmes' voice is deep and commanding. Her family stated that it runs in their genes, but Thernos' former employees argued that she forced the voice to fit into the male-dominated Silicon Valley environment.

Professionals authorized by the US government are the only people allowed to can accesses information about Elizabeth Holmes' net worth now. The young self-made female billionaire appeared to many as someone who wanted to impact society positively.

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