Durban Gen teasers for October 2021: The premier episodes of season 2

Durban Gen teasers for October 2021: The premier episodes of season 2

Durban Gen teasers for October 2021 introduce the premiere episodes of season 2. Mbali and Lindelani reconcile towards the end of the show's first season. The doctors later fail to diagnose sickness in Lindelani's body when he faints.

Durban Gen teasers
Durban Gen teasers for October 2021. Photo: @ZAlebs
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In the October episodes of the Durban Gen series, the superstitious Lindelani believes isinyama is attacking him. He begs Mbali to perform cleansing rituals on him. Mbali works for the Dlaminis to access information about the rituals.

Durban Gen teasers for October 2021

Mrs. Dlamini makes a shocking request to Mbali in exchange for what she wants. Will she do as the boss has instructed? Find out from the following episodes of Durban Gen in October:

Friday, 1th October 2021

Episode 260

In Durban Gen's season 1 finale, Mbali and Lindelani rekindle their love while Thabo exposes Dlamini's deepest secret. Meanwhile, MacGyver protects Calvin.

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Monday, 4th October 2021

Episode 261

In Durban Gen's season 2 premiere, Thabo spends the most important days of his life in a Durban prison. The experience makes him understand why doctors do not belong in jail.

Tuesday, 5th October 2021

Episode 262

The Generals rescue those injured at the cemetery, and Sibusiso relays alarming messages to Mbali and Agatha. Meanwhile, there is not enough proof against MacGyver.

Durban Gen teasers
Durban Gen teasers for October 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Wednesday, 6th October 2021

Episode 263

Tension mounts between Mbali and Mrs. Dlamini after the reading of Sibusiso's will. The enraged women lay grave accusations against one another.

Thursday, 7th October 2021

Episode 264

Ngcobo wants to leave Durban Gen, and a surprise awaits Lindelani when he visits Mbali without notice. Meanwhile, Calvin forces Bab'Gumede to follow his new house rules.

Friday, 8th October 2021

Episode 265

Ngcobo finally leaves Durban Gen. Elsewhere, and MacGyver is in love with someone.

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Monday, 11th October 2021

Episode 266

Agatha starts over without her children. Lindelani and Mbali's relationship thrives, and Calvin argues with Bab Gumede. Finally, Sibiya uncovers some painful truth.

Tuesday, 12th October 2021

Episode 267

Someone catches Bab Gumede with his pants down, and no one knows how Thabo got out of the police custody.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021

Episode 268

Sibaya is proud of himself, Thabo continues to unwind, and Phumeza helps Mbali and Lindelani get closer to each other. Elsewhere, Nkabinde suspects something fishy is happening in the on-call room.

Durban Gen teasers
Durban Gen teasers for October 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Thursday, 14th October 2021

Episode 269

Thabo sinks into more trouble, and Bab'Gumede makes a bold decision about his future. Agatha creates drama at the hospital.

Friday 15th October 2021

Episode 270

Thabo becomes homeless, and Bab'Gumede turns into chaos. Meanwhile, Mbali holds her head high at the office despite shame hanging over her head.

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Monday, 18th October 2021

Episode 271

Thabo vomits on his mum, and Lindelani wonders if isinyama is valid. Sylvia's new man attacks Bab'Gumede later.

Tuesday, 19th October 2021

Episode 272

Msizi tells Bab'Gumede to cut ties with Sylvia. Lindelani stays away from Mbali takes his medicine. Someone then catches MacGyver in a shameful position.

Wednesday, 20th October 2021

Episode 273

The doctors find themselves in the middle of drama while examining MacGyver and Simon. Ntombi must choose herself or her husband. Bab'Gumede returns to Msizi when Sylvia refuses to accommodate him.

Thursday, 21st October 2021

Episode 274

Sne believes MacGyver will regain consciousness, and Bab'Gumede challenges Slyvia's boyfriend, hoping he will win back her love if he wins the quest.

Durban Gen teasers
Durban Gen teasers for October 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Friday, 22nd October 2021

Episode 275

When doctors find no illness in Lindelani after he collapses, he begs Mbali to cleanse him. The man believes isinyama is affecting his body.

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Monday, 25th October 2021

Episode 276

Mrs. Dlamini trusts in God when debt collectors and neighbors stress her out. MacGyver's sexual organs malfunction and Zandile plans Lindelani's downfall.

Tuesday, 26th October 2021

Episode 277

Mbali hopes she will achieve her heart's desire after working for the Dlamini family.

Wednesday, 27th October 2021

Episode 278

MacGyver gets a new lover, and Mrs. Dlamini's request surprises Mbali. Elsewhere, Bhengu meddles in everyone's affairs.

Thursday, 28th October 2021

Episode 279

Mbali accepts Mrs. Dlamini's suggestion to get vital information about the cleansing. MacGyver regrets placing high expectations on his lover. Lindelani gives Msomi harsh conditions.

Friday, 29th October 2021

Episode 280

MacGyver breaks up with Jessica, and Mbali returns home with a surprise. Qwabe returns to Durban Gen to claim her place.

Durban Gen teasers
Durban Gen teasers for October 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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He spends some days in jail after exposing the Dlaminis' secrets. Thabo also becomes homeless when the police finally release him. He adopts an unruly behavior when his woes increase.

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Mrs. Dlamini

She argues with Mbali after the reading of Sibusiso's will. Mrs. Dlamini's debts and neighbours later throw her in distress.


He is over the moon when he finds a new girl. However, the relationship is short-lived. Did the relationship die because of MacGyver's condition in his reproductive organs?


He hurts when Slyvia moves on. Bab'Gumede tries to prove he is a better man by challenging his love rival, but Sylvia no longer wants him.

The episodes highlighted in Durban Gen teasers for October 2021 air on on weekdays at 18h30. Watch a repeat the following day on eExtra and at 11h15 and 13h30, respectively. Meanwhile, the Durban Gen omnibus airs on every Sunday at 10h20.

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