I Do on Zee world: cast, plot summary, full story, theme song, teasers

I Do on Zee world: cast, plot summary, full story, theme song, teasers

I Do on Zee world is a fascinating drama series that tells a breathtaking story of two lovers whose relationship has never been easy. You do not want to miss the tea on the crooked path these lovers have walked. Here is the I Do cast, plot summary, complete story, theme song, and teasers. This Indian soapie guarantees entertainment!

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The I Do family romance series speaks of Zoya Farouqui, a high spirited woman brought up in New York, USA. She travels to Bhopal city in India to search for her biological father, staying with her foster sister's aunt Dilshad.

I Do plot summary

Zoya leaves the USA to search for his biological father. She goes to Bhopal and resides there with Dilshad, her foster sister's aunt. While at Dilshad's place, she meets Asad, who she falls in love with, but Asad's childhood friend Tanveer Baig builds stumbling blocks against them.

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The drama contains various twists and turns of both bitter and sweet tales of Zoya's family and friends. Zoya eventually finds his father and discovers another sibling and other relatives that she did not know. Much romance in this drama led to marriages between Zoya and Asad, Haider and Humaira, and the reunion between Dilshad and Rashid.

The romance also caused chaos and deaths among them. Haider joins Siddiqui's family to kill Gafoor for destroying his parent's death, but he finds love. We will know more about that from the whole story.

The I Do full story

The captivating series, I Do has four seasons. The series began in 2012 and ended in 2016. It starts with informing us about Zoya leaving New York, USA to Bhopal in search of her father. Farouqui finds Asad, a silent, traditional, and tetchy man she gradually loved. However, Asad's long life friend, Tanveer Baig, makes it hard for both of them.

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Season 1

We are introduced to Rashid, who left Dilshad to marry a wealthier Shireen. She gave birth to two more children making Rashid have three; Ayaan Ahmed Khan, Dilshad's son, adds to the number. In addition, Shireen has a brother Gafoor Siddiqui, Zoya's biological father, who presumes that she is dead after Razia, Siddiqui's second wife, kills Farouqui's mother escapes to save her life.

Humaira, Gafoor's younger daughter, felt sad because Ayaan left with her sisters when Rashid reunited with Dilshad. Haider enters Siddiqui's family to revenge for the murder of his parents but, he meets Humaira and love ignites. Haider and Humaira later marry.

Zoya discovers that she has a sister, Humaira. Asad and Zoya tie the knot. Their first fruit was twin daughters Sanam and Seher. Haider and Humaira moved into Dubai, and there is evidence that Humaira is pregnant.

The season ends with Tanveer tracing out where Asad and Zoya are; he ruthlessly stabs them and sets fire to them at their house. Seher goes missing while Dilshad flees with Haya and Sanam.

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Season 2

Dilshad stays with unspeaking Haya and Sanam in Punjab. Sanam runs a restaurant but encounters non-compliance from a business tycoon Aahil Raza Ibrahim, blind Tanveer's stepson. Sanam smacks his brother Rehan and afterwards meets Seher, a con woman since childhood.

Haya finds herself in a love triangle. Raahat whom she loves and Faiz who is crazy about her. Faiz, who is jealous of his brother, attacks them, but they finish him off and stick together. Dilshad learns about Tanveer and reveals Sanam and Seher's story to them.

Tanveer repossesses her sight and instils pressure on Aahil to marry Sanam. Aahil's anger towards her mother for lying to her about her father led him to abandon her. Tanveer plans to end her son's life but instead kills Rehan.

Sanam is on time to save Seher from Fake Sanam's attempt to market her as a brothel but Seher dies during the getaway. Sanam has no clue about it, and she continues to look for her and ends up in Lahore.

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Season 3

The memory of Sanam is disoriented. A Pakistani Major Shaad Aftaab Khan picks her up and resides with her. Aftaab names her Jannat. After some time, Sanam's memory gradually gets back since she could remember bits of her life with Aahil. Tanveer's daughter clothes herself with a new identity Misbah, Shaad's cousin and kills the family posing as a terrorist.

Shaad and Jannat run after Misbah up to India, where Aahil finds Sanam and suggests that they go for treatment in Bhopal. Shaad finds out that Jannat is Sanam and leaves her with Aahil. The Imposter Sanam does not want the real Sanam around; hence she hires a killer to kill them both. Aahil murder was successful, but, Shaad returned and gave himself up to save Sanam. Sanam could not withhold the death of both; she cursed her fraudster's youth and committed suicide.

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Season 4

Sanam gets dressed up in a new character, Mahira, who comes to stay at Bhopal with her stepsisters. She meets Azaad, Begum's older son, and they become infatuated. The ugly side of it is that Azaad is a vampire. Begum strives to watch over her household, but Mahira conquers her. Sadly, Azaad died, and a heart transplant was done and given to his ailing older brother Armaan.

Khan was no longer energetic which consequently led to Mahira's concern for Armaan. Affections between them spring up, they wed each other and conceive a child with the name Zoya.

The I do cast members

Here is the list of the cast members and their specific characters in the series.

1. Surbhi Jyoti as Zoya Farooqi

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Zee world series actress Zoya sunkissed. Photo: @surbhiJtweets
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Zoya is the wife of Asad Ahmed Khan who is Gabriel's daughter. At the beginning of the series, she was in search of her father and it was then that she found Asad when she resided in Dilshad's home.

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2. Karan Singh Grover as Asad Ahmed Khan

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Zoya's husband Asad. Photo:@bipashabasu
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Karen Singh Grover is an Indian model and actor who plays a major role as Farouqui's husband in the I Do series. He receives a lot of opposition from his old friend Tanveer who even burns their house.

3. Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan

I Do zee world: cast, plot summary, full story, theme song, teasers
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Ayaan is the son of Rashid, Dilshad's husband. He and Asad are very good friends and form a good loving relationship.

4. Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Dilshad Ahmed Khan

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Shalini acts as Rashid's wife and mother to Asad and Najma. She is also a foster sister Aunt to Farouqui.

More of the cast members in the series include:

  • Karanvir Bohra as Aahil Raza Ibrahim
  • Tej SapruGafoor as Ahmed Siddiqui
  • Amrapali Gupta as Tanveer Baig
  • Aditi Gupta as Khan Begum
  • Avinash Sachdev as Armaan Raza Sheikh
  • Digangana Suryavanshi as Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan
  • Aditi Gupta as Khan Begum

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The I Do theme song and teasers

The theme song for the series is an Indian slow, soothing song that gives a romantic vibe when you listen to it. The actors and actresses in the movie were the singers of the song Qubool hai 2.0.

The teaser for the I Do series 2.0 continues to air on Zee5 Original. You cannot afford to miss out on the Indian drama soapie. Things are heating up!

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