10 best Joyous Celebration songs 2023 worth listening to

10 best Joyous Celebration songs 2023 worth listening to

Joyous Celebration songs are some of the most common gospel songs in South Africa. This group is known for its electric praise and worship songs in the country and beyond. In fact, the group is known for releasing hit tracks almost all the time. Since the wake of 2020, the gospel team of artists has released some of the most inspiring renditions.

Joyous Celebration songs
Joyous Celebration team. Photo: @myjoyouscelebration
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Praise and worship tend to bring people to the presence of God. This explains the numerous top gospel songs 2023 had to offer as gospel singers released powerful hits to God's glory. One such group is the Joyous Celebration group, one of the famous gospel groups in South Africa.

Top Joyous Celebration songs

The team comes up with fresh and catchy gospel hits that will get you praising and worshipping your Creator. So, what are some of the top Joyous Celebration 10 songs from their top tracks from that you can still listen to in 2023? Check out the following.

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1. Sengiyacela

The lyrics and the passion that accompanied this song show the state of a worshipper who is hungry to meet with God. It also emphasizes why purity is a major criterion for seeing God. Since the 5th of March, 2020, when the song was uploaded to the YouTube channel, more than 1.4 million people have viewed it. Here are some reactions to the song:

This lady! Mam Londiwe KaMasondo Cele!! What a blessing from above. From her first Solo “Uyalalelwa” to present she always delivers‍♂️ - Msizi Praise Gumede
I love how Nozipho shows enthusiasm to all the songs. There's no song that you can say "she probably doesn't like this one". She always gives it her all & shows support - Nathi Ntsangani

2. Lona Baratang

This powerful praise track with over 825,000 views on YouTube will encourage you to always count on God. He is the King of kings and the one that you can always call on. He is forever present and ready to hear our prayers. Check out what listeners have to say on it:

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Even in 2021 I'm still listening. I never get tired of this song ❤❤ - Khwezi Mwandla
I can't stop repeating this song. It's amazing! - AONE LUDO HOPE

3. Legodimong

Listening to songs by JC's choir means you are willing to have an encounter with God. Their songs pierce the soul and depict what matters. Legidimong is a song about heaven. The lead singer emphasizes that there are garments in heaven and that he has seen and chosen them. The tenacity that accompanies the song makes it a must-hear for you. Since the video premiered on YouTube, it has gathered over 745,000 views. Here are some comments:

Am I the only one who likes the way he says ''ke se apere? He can sing!!!!- Forgie M LIVE
This man is anointed. No matter if he sings praise or worship you can tell it is not the gift in him but the anointing- Jasper Munikwa.

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4. Emaphakadeni

JC's choir is respected for their love for God and the quality song they always release. Interestingly, this track is not an exception. Their dimension of praising God is extremely wonderful. Since Emaphakadeni was uploaded to the YouTube channel on the 26th of March, 2020, well over 622,000 people have viewed it. Here are a few comments:

One day is one day. I will take this stage and lead a song as powerful as this one with the JC choir. Mark this comment. I am coming back to tell you of my testimony #CrazyFaith - Amanda
If there is anyone who doesn't like this dude, that person has a major virus more than corona itself. May God continue blessing us all. - Janet Ogolla

5. Akhonamandla

Are you looking for a song to stir up your faith? Are you looking for a song to remind you that Jesus still heals and delivers? Then, this track is for you. This is evident in the over 506,000 views that the song has received since it was uploaded to the YouTube channel on the 11th of June, 2020. Here are some reactions so far:

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Guys... can we give a round of applause for SbuNoah cos his energy is just EVERYTIME I don’t know where he gets it from but just wow - Claudia
Anybody feels the Holy Spirit move mightily throughout the song?❤️❤️this is true worship.letting go of everything and yielding to God to have his way.well done my sister.your future is bright - Mope Thipana

6. UJesu Uyanginakekela

Every song has a message, and UJesu Uyanginakekela is not exempted. The tune and harmony will catch your attention too. The track has more than 472,000 views since it was uploaded to the YouTube channel on the 11th of June, 2020. Check out what others are saying:

Did the congregation rehearse before the performance, woow. I haven't met a more tarlented people - Magezi Arthur
One of the best songs for me in these album. Was really looking forward to their performance in Gaborone Botswana these year.. these pandemic shall pass god being our helper - Gofaone Gatogang

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7. Sibabaza Wena

Sibabaza Wena is one of the latest tracks released by the JC's choir. The not-so-fast song will captivate your heart with its melodious harmony of alto, bass, and soprano. Also, the lyrics are worth pondering on as it talks about how things came into existence through God. The song, with more than 366,000 on the YouTube channel, has lots of reviews, including the following:

Ain't God too Good!! What a heaven on earth!! ♥️♥️♥️ Joyous music always reminds me of the book of Psalms.. We're singing with you guys.. I love you.. Botswana bows with you before the majestic Throne of Grace!! - Leano C. Maphorisa
Beautiful one. Loving it. Yeyyyyy we as Joyous fans we've become judges now Yaz all we care about is whether it's nice or not. We no longer look for substance in the song. Hmmm, ngizwa ngisaba - Vuyisa Sandile

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8. Sihamba Ngomoya Medley

Sihamba Ngomoya is another hit, and it remains one of the best Joyous Celebration songs. Apart from the beautiful intro and the song's instrumentals, the choir's harmony is beautiful to watch. Although they sang in a native language, non-native language speakers enjoy listening to it. With over 73,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube on the 23rd of February, 2021, some of the comments by viewers are these:

Yeeeeeaaahhhhhmy jam just dropped i have no idea how you guys are dancing and singing so awesomely - Gad Maina
Am geared up for prayer because of such profound music. With such music you wont go wrong in prayer hallelujah am blessed by joyous - Bukhosi Sibanda

9. Alikho Igama Medley

This is another powerful worship melody that will make your heart glad. Basically, the worship track will remind you of what the power of the Lord can do. With over 64,000 views since it was released on the 26th of February, 2021, these are what listeners have to say:

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Finally the video appeared again. Thank God. One of my favourites songs and girl. - Humble _Arena
Oh...Xolile dear... wow! Still fire to this day mama... sickness trembles at the mention of His name... May God's covering be upon y'all bazalwane. - Sibhekile Mndzebele

10. Modimo Ke Lerato

This one is a powerful reminder of love. Within ten days after it was uploaded to YouTube, it has garnered over 56,000 views.

One of the songs we greatly enjoyed doing at our church in Nairobi. And yes from the group that Ntokozo Mbambo calls "the biggest gospel choir in Africa." - Céphas Doc
JC my best gospel group. Right from Cameroon. Wish you people could come and bless us in Cameroon... Please ooo. It's a heart cry - Patos B

It is indisputable that Joyous Celebration songs keep hope alive. The passion with which they sing moves people to experience true worship in a world with a lot of suffering. Besides, an interesting thing about it all is that you can get Joyous Celebration songs downloaded to your device on leading online music stores.

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