Meet Phoebe Adele Gates: Biography of billionaire’s daughter

Meet Phoebe Adele Gates: Biography of billionaire’s daughter

Phoebe Adele Gates, the youngest 'princess', is the third child of one of the richest men in the whole world, Bill Gates. What do you know about this young lady?

She often hides in the shade of her famous father and elder siblings, but now, be prepared for the unveilling of the life of the girl and discover what it is to be the daughter of a billionaire.

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Phoebe Adele Gates biography and facts
Image:, @melindafrenchgates

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The youngest daughter of an incredibly famous father was born on 14 September, 2002. At that time, Bill and Melinda Gates already had their eldest daughter Jennifer Katharine and a son, Rory John. onaires list, 2018. However, the life of the wealthiest kids in the world is often different from what we would, imagine.

Phoebe Adele Gates, the youngest princess

The youngest daughter of an incredibly famous father was born on 14 September 2002. At that time, Bill and Melinda Gates already had their eldest daughter Jennifer Katharine and a son, Rory John.

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Despite Bill Gates being famous worldwide, the young princess and her siblings have escaped the closest attention of mass media and spotlight. Bill and Melinda have always cherished the privacy of their life and the life of their children. This is likely because they are not pop stars and don't want to spoil their children with too much attention and public affection from a very young age.

Throughout her childhood, Phoebe Adele rarely appeared in public and was almost only spotted with her parents on family vacations. The biography of the children of the Gates family contains one interesting fact: their father did not allow the kids to have any mobile devices or gadgets until the age of 14.

Even after the kids reached 14 and received their first devices, they were restricted in regards to how much time they could spend using them, and so on. This strict discipline was obviously aimed at the development of the teens.

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This rule has successfully prevented the children of Bill Gates from having accounts on any existing social media platform. Jennifer, the elder sister, only started her own Instagram page at the age of 19. It was the only place where the audience could see the girl, her brother and their youngest sister.

It is known that the youngest beloved daughter of the Gates family attends a New York ballet school at the moment, and it is very likely that she will want to have an Instagram account one day and start to share pictures from her classes or performances.

What is Phoebe Adele Gates occupation?

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As a 16-year-old girl, Phoebe still has nothing else to do but study hard to build up her own future. You have probably heard that Bill and Melinda have already decided the fate of their enormous assets. Mr. Gates has already announced that almost all of his fortune will be given to charities. This step may seem horrible to many parents all around the globe because they are supposed to leave everything they possess to their children.

Yet, Bill and Melinda always insist that they love their children dearly and this is the reason why they do not want to give them fish instead of a fishing rod. For this reason, the children know well that they will not have a bright future unless they put in the effort and study hard.

Phoebe is a student of the Professional Children’s School in the Big Apple. In addition to this, she is fond of ballet and attends a New York School of American Ballet and The Julliard School. The latter is known for its world-known alumni, such as Robin Williams and Jessica Chastain.

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Apart from her studying, the girl is involved in her parents’ charity activities. Since the very beginning of their childhoods, Gates explained the idea of charity work to his children, and they have supported his view. It was his intention to show his kids how regular people live and how hard they need to work to fight poverty, provide their families, and so on.

All this has ensured the kids’ sincerest involvement and their desire to make this world a better place to live in with the help of charity foundations, scholarships and other means.

Since the youngest Gates girl is only a school student, it is still quite difficult to guess whether she will proceed into a career in her father’s business or choose another path. We are going to have an exciting time watching the growth and professional development of all Bill and Melinda’s beautiful children.

What is known about Adele Phoebe Gates personal life and love?

A 16-year-old can hardly have a family already, especially in the USA when people usually get married after they have education and career. There is no information regarding Adele’s boyfriends or girlfriends. She seems to be a very good girl, obedient, dedicated to studying, and sharing a delightful relationship with her elder sister and brother.

Maybe, there will appear some interesting information regarding her first love affairs in a short while because the girl is growing up. Even the eldest daughter, Jennifer, has a boyfriend.

Sometimes, girls from prominent families have problems when searching for their true love. Too many scoundrels hunt for the assets rather than for true love. Even though the biggest part of the money that already exists will be donated to charities, the children of the Gates family will have enough to attract dishonest people. That is why all the kids from this family will need to be very careful with all those love affairs.

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What does Phoebe Adele Gates really look like?

It is curious that the eldest sister, Jennifer, was often mistaken for Phoebe by many media sources. Since the youngest daughter was rarely seen in public, journalists simply used pictures of Jennifer with her parents while writing about her younger sister.

The problem is aggravated by the fact that the girls look very similar and it is quite hard to tell who you are looking at if there is only one sister in a picture. However, now, when Jennifer is over 20, it has become easier for the audience to tell one girl from the other. Phoebe has fair hair, brown eyes, a charming boyish smile, and a very slim build.

It is funny, but it is a fact that some mass media used a wrong picture, one of a Hollywood actress Rachel Leigh Cook to illustrate their articles about either of the Gates sisters. It is absurd, but the habit has survived even now when pictures of both the sisters are available.

Some facts about Phoebe Adele Gates

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Since Bill and Melinda’s children have been away from the spotlight for so many years, there are not so many facts, rumours or controversies connected to them. Here is a list of several small personal facts about the youngest heiress of the famous billionaire:

  1. The girl’s star sign is Virgo
  2. When she was a child, the Wonderslist website ranked her number 10 among the Top 10 most powerful kids under 12
  3. Phoebe supposedly has a fortune of R 14.49 million (as said, this was the statement made by her father when he was asked about the amount of money his children were going to inherit after him)
  4. Her ethnicity is Irish-German in accordance with the available information regarding her parents’ ethnic roots

That was a glance at the life of Phoebe Adele Gates, the youngest daughter of one of the wealthiest and most famous me in the whole world. She is just a child, so we still have an excellent opportunity to watch her life and career develop with time.

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