10 best kids coding languages

10 best kids coding languages

Are you looking for kids coding languages that your child will enjoy learning? Have you planned to introduce your child to the coding world early enough? In case you notice that your child is talented and has a tendency towards technology, be the great parent that supports them and allows them to explore. One way of doing this is ensuring that you enroll them to a school that can help them advance this skill.

kids coding languages

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However, even as you choose the right coaching environment for your kids, you may want to start with the basics. Make sure you find coding languages that your child can easily get interested in. It has to be fun and enticing so that they can get interested at a very early age. Check out the following examples that you can consider.

Best programming language for your child

kids coding languages

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As a parent that is techno-savvy and interested in growing your child in the same way, you must explore the best programming language to learn. This means that you must do your research well. Here are ten examples you should keep in mind.

1. C#

This is an interesting language for your kid if they are interested in doing 3D games. This is a Microsoft programme started in 2000. It is popular since it is used to develop a number of third-party apps for Windows. It is excellent especially if you want to start to code. It has similarities with Java when it comes to syntax. This means that anyone that has worked with Java will find it easy to adopt. Your kid will appreciate it as a coding starting point and the fact that they can easily learn to make apps for Windows.

2. JavaScript

Perfect for web development and design. It is both procedural and object-oriented making it a front end language, hence its popularity. It is helpful in creating complex interactive web applications. It is one of the major core languages in the world of programming.

3. Scratch

It is a visual programming language and an online community that mainly targets children. The MIT Media Lab development is event-driven and is considered a block-based programming language with a huge following considering that it has 70+ translations. In most cases, especially for kids, this one is used as an introductory one and can be linked to other languages including Java and Python. You can have your child create animations, art, interactive stories, or music on Scratch.

4. Python

This language is very common and almost resembles common speech. It is easy to learn since the functionalities are already ingrained in the program. It is one of the easy languages that make coding for kids fun and enjoyable. In case you want your kids o start out right, then Python would be advisable considering that it offers a general overview of what programming is really about, hence provides a perfect starting point for the child.

5. Ruby

This is one language with the most readable syntax, especially for beginners. What this translates to is that most of the codes will be self-explanatory since it is easy to understand and as such there will be minimal explanations needed.

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6. Java

kids coding languages

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As one of the most used languages across the globe, having your child learn this will give him or her an advantage over the rest. With all large companies in the world using it, you will be preparing the kid for a future of competitive advantage. Your child will learn how to create Android mobile apps, game engines, as well as large back-end environments just to mention a few of the possibilities that Java provides.

7. Go

Also known as Golang, this is a Google creation developed by engineers Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson. Encourage your child to learn it considering that big companies use it. These include Google, Twitter, YouTube, BBC, Apple Dropbox, IBM. With a simple structure and syntax, programmers that exercise a bit of caution will get safe and neat results. It is also easy and fast to learn.

8. Dart

Another Google creation. This is an object-oriented and class defined programming language. It is a C-style syntax and is quite easy to learn which means that your smart kid will not necessarily struggle with it. Furthermore, they can make smooth animations as well as transitions running at 60fps (frames per second).

9. Blockly

This is a visual block programming language for kids developed by Google in response to Scratch. It is meant to be an easy and fun way for kids to learn coding. It is meant to help kids master codes faster. It is made from a number of already pre-existing languages.

10. Perl

Is your child interested in the world wide web? If so, then this is the language is useful in web development. You should, however, be careful with it. Only introduce it to talented or older kids to avoid discouraging the younger ones since the syntax can be a bit challenging.

Regardless of which kids coding languages you choose for your child, you can be assured that they will enjoy starting out with something that is fun and interesting. Make a point of researching and knowing what they can handle based on their capabilities. Either way, as a good parent, you must invest in fueling your child's interest once it is revealed.


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