How to check your UKZN application status

How to check your UKZN application status

It is about that time that prospectus students make applications to join the universities of their choice. This is the most crucial moment in the life of a student. Not only are they required to be keen during the application procedure but also ensure that they follow up on their applications. Here is how to follow up on your UKZN application status.

How to check your UKZN application status

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Most universities have devised means that have enabled prospective students to go through the online application process, which has proven to be more convenient. Institutions like the University of KwaZulu Natal have come up with ways that enable the applicants to check the status of their applications. If you are a prospective student at the University of KwaZulu Natal, these tips on how to check your KZN application status will come in handy.

How do I check my application status online?

In most cases, after the university goes through the applications that the applicants have made, it responds to the applicants that have secured their chances at the university. If you do not receive any response from the institution, that does not mean it is the end of the road for you. You could attempt to use the online UKZN status check to confirm the progress of your application.

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Status check UKZN

If you applied for the University of KwaZulu Natal 2018 intake and you have not received any response, you do not have to fuss. With the online method of checking your UKZN status, you could confirm whether your application was successful or not. The process is as simple as following these steps:

  • Click here to access the application check dialogue box.
  • On the dialogue box, enter your year of application.
  • On the next dialogue box, you will be required to enter either of the following numbers; your passport number or your Identification number and your UKZN student number or your Central Application Office number, depending on the one that suits you.

After entering details, click on the check button. Then, the dialogue will give the results of the search.

UKZN check status and accept offer

How to check your UKZN application status

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This process is in two parts; the status check process and the process of accepting the offer. To go through it, you will be required to click here to display the dialogue box that will take you through the whole process. Therefore, you can go through the first process, which is the status check process.

The status check process

To go through this process, you will be required to fill in either of the following details; your CAO number, or your national identification number or passport number. Alternatively, you could also use your student identification number.

Upon clicking on the submission button, either of the following will be displayed;

1. Firm offer

Firm offer means that the application was successful. Then, the following options will be listed and either of them would be selected;

  • Offer without funding
  • Offer without residence or funding
  • Offer with residence

2. Pending statuses

This result will then be shown if your application is still being checked and no decision has been made yet. The possible options under this result include:

  • Pending
  • Awaiting academic record or other documentation
  • Waitlisted
  • Referred for decision

3. Regret status because

This is the third possible outcome of the UKZN status check. This result means that the application has been rejected because of either of the following reasons:

  • You declined the offer
  • Programme is full
  • You did not meet the admissions requirements
  • The offer was withdrawn because you did not accept it within the specified period.

If you have received an offer in any of the options in the firm offer options, you can proceed to the registration information page where further instructions will be provided.

UKZN NSFAS status check

How to check your UKZN application status

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After confirming the offer that the University of KwaZulu Natal has provided for you, you can go ahead to conduct a status check for NSFAS. The procedure is as simple as clicking here; after which you will be required to enter the login details, which are your national identification number and the password that you set while creating the portal. Then, the status of your NSFAS application will be displayed.

My UKZN app

The app acts as an interface between the students. MyUKZN app provides updates on the matters affecting the students; for instance, the schedule of exams. Alternatively, students can use my UKZN email for the same purpose, especially for off-campus access. In case one experiences trouble with their my UKZN email login, they can seek clarity through the following phone number; 031-2604000.

My UKZN student central

Once one has been confirmed to be a student of UKZN university, they will be awarded a student number that they will be required to use for logging in to the UKZN central, which is the official portal of the institution.

In case of any inquiries regarding application and admission to the University of KwaZulu Natal, you can reach out through the school's website; www.ukzn.

UKZN Westville contact details

The contact details for Westville are:

Physical Address:

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Room 316, Level 3, Block H1

University Road, Chiltern Hill

Westville, 3629

Postal address;

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Private Bag X54001,

Durban, 4000

The telephone number to call for inquiries is; (+27) 31 2607136 or 2603018.

The process on how to check your UKZN application status is as precise as that. Being knowledgeable on the additional information concerning the process is prudent as it saves the prospective student time and helps them build confidence in the admission process.



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