Who is AKA's mother, Lynn Forbes? Interesting facts about her life

Who is AKA's mother, Lynn Forbes? Interesting facts about her life

Lynn Forbes, AKA's mother, is the brain behind the success of South Africa's Forbes family. She is the Kylie Jenner of the continent. After helping AKA become one of the best hip-hop artists the country has ever produced, Lynn Forbes is now dedicated to making her granddaughter's Brand Kairo an international multi-billion brand.

Lynn Forbes
Lynn Forbes sitting on the stairs. Photo: @lynnforbesza
Source: Instagram

Lynn Forbes wants Kairo to be one of the wealthiest women in Mzansi at the age of 21. Mzansi believes AKA's mother will make it happen because Brand Kairo is already among the most famous brands in the country. At the same time, her granddaughter is a popular social media influencer.

Lynn Forbes' profile summary

  • Full Name: Lynn Forbes
  • Date of birth: 11th July 1968
  • Age: 53 years
  • Career: Blogger, Inspirational Speaker, Social Media Influencer, Businesswoman
  • Nationality: South African
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Children: 2 sons
  • Grandchildren: 1
  • Net worth: $1 million to $3 million
  • Lynn Forbes' Instagram page: lynnforbesza
  • Lynn Forbes' Twitter page: @lynnforbesza

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Lynn Forbes' biography

Lynn Forbes' age is 53 years. She was born in a family of teachers on 11th July 1968. Her hometown is the Free State town of Koffiefontein. AKA's mother earned her education degree program at the University of the Western Cape.

Lynn Forbes
The celebrity mum looking young in a yellow dress. Photo: @lynnforbesza (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Lynn Forbes' family

Who is Lynn Forbes' husband? Lynn Forbes had Kieran in her first year on campus. She married her baby daddy, Tony Forbes, and they later had a second son, Steffan. The lady worked as a teacher for six months. She sacrificed her job because her family needed to relocate to Johannesburg in 1994.

Kieran spent most of his childhood with his grandmother in Cape Town. He later joined his mum in Johannesburg in 1995 and changed schools. AKA left the Holy Cross Convent in Cape Town and enrolled at Johannesburg's Greenside Primary school.

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Lynn and Tony Forbes divorced after twenty years of marriage. AKA's mother built a business with Tony but left it to start over. Tonny found love again and settled down. Meanwhile, AKA's mother is still single but has made more wealth than she lost in the divorce.

Tony and Lynn care about their children even after separating. After Nellie Tembe's tragic death, Tony Forbes told TshisaLIVE that Kieran was having tough time mourning. The tabloids' perception of AKA and Nellie's relationship was damaging AKA's image.

Who is Lynn Forbes' famous granddaughter?

Lynn is the coolest celebrity mum, mother-in-law, and grandmother ever. Her son, Kieran Forbes (AKA), has an adorable six-year-old daughter named Kairo Owethu Forbes. AKA's mum runs Kairo's Instagram account. She has built it to a million followers as of July 2021. AKA and DJ Zinhle gave birth to Kairo on 8th July 2015.

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Lynn Forbes
AKA's mum wearing a tiara on her head. Photo: @lynnforbesza
Source: Instagram

AKA's mum, DJ Zinhle, and AKA have made Kairo a rare brand. Businesses cough out millions of Rands for her to grace their events, photo and video shoots, and gigs. DJ Zinhle hates it when the internet trolls her baby, but AKA plans to create a show for his princess.

Lynn Forbes was sexually abused

Kairo's birth reminded Lynn of a family friend who sexually abused her. However, Lynn kept it a secret for thirty-eight years and disclosed it on her blog. Today, the lady supports and inspires rape victims through the Lynn Forbes Foundation.

How Lynn Forbes treats AKA's girlfriends

DJ Zinhle's fans went wild when AKA's mother supported his decision to date Nellie Tembe. They called her all sorts of names online. What upset them most is because AKA's mother liked Nellie's picture on AKA's IG page while staying in Zinhle's house. During the 2020 COVID 19 lockdown, the two stayed together as AKA's mother helped Kairo with her school work.

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Lynn Forbes
AKA and his mother wearing matching outfits. Photo: @lynnforbesza
Source: Instagram

Angered fans accused her of being a hypocrite and an opportunistic lady who used Zinhle's fame for personal gains. Meanwhile, DJ Zinhle and AKA's mother were not fighting about it. Zinhle and AKA mutually agreed to move on after their 2020 break up. The two ladies joked on Instagram.

While AKA recorded a song dedicated to Nellie, Zinhle showed off flower gifts from a secret admirer and told her fans she was ready to have another baby. AKA's mother supported both of them and never meddled in their affairs.

Lynn Forbes and Bonang's scandal

AKA cheated on Zinhle with Bonang Matheba while she was carrying Kairo's pregnancy. They broke up in 2015 and reconciled in 2019. Before their reunion, AKA dated Matheba for three years. In 2016, AKA ranted on Twitter about his mother disapproving of his relationship with Bonang because she liked Zinhle. The celebrity mum was not supporting any of AKA's ladies but considering Kairo's future. She responded by tweeting:

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I have asked to meet Bonang on many occasions and that offer still stands ... I am still waiting.
Lynn Forbes
The celebrity mum sitting on a swing. Photo: @lynnforbesza
Source: Instagram

She added,

Don't bash me for being a decent human being ... I have apologized for where I believe I have wronged. I am not perfect. For Kairo's sake, can we all get along and live in harmony?

Did Lynn Forbes date her photographer?

Her Peruvian photographer accompanies her on traveling adventures. Therefore, AKA's mother posts pictures of themselves on her Instagram pictures. The pictures made fans assume they were dating. The celebrity mum refuted the claims and explained that the gossips affected her friendship with Xavier Saer.

What is Lynn Forbes' net worth? Her net worth range is $1 million to $3 million. AKA bought his mum a new BMW a few years ago. Meanwhile, Lynn Forbes' house is located in Douglasdale, Johannesburg.

Lynn Forbes is a bubbly woman in her fifties. She shows maturity when dealing with family issues and interacting with fans. People respect her for always making fair judgments and decisions to keep her family together.

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