Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp: The tragic story of Jeremy Camp's wife

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp: The tragic story of Jeremy Camp's wife

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp was known for being Jeremy Camp's wife. The American Gospel singer and songwriter married her in October 2000, but their union did not last long. The lady died three months later. This article covers Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's story, including how she died.

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp
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Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's husband released eleven albums between 2002 and 2017. Four of his albums are RIAA-certified as Gold. Jeremy Camp and Melissa shared an incredible love story and some of his early songs were about how her demise emotionally affected him.

Profile summary

Full nameMelissa Lynn Henning-Camp
Date of birth7th October 1979
Place of birthSouthern Carolina, USA
Date of death5th February 2001
Age at death21 years
Place of burialSan Diego, California, USA
SpouseJeremy Thomas Camp (2000 – 2001)
MotherJanette Henning

Who was Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp?

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She was the first wife of Jeremy Camp, an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter from Lafayette, Indiana.

Where was Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp from?

Jeremy Camp's first wife was born on 7th October 1979 in Southern Carolina, USA.

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's family

While details about Melissa Henning's father are unknown to the public, her mother, Janette Henning, is a Christian woman born out of the Jesus Movement of the 1970s. She is a pastor's wife, a mother of four, a grandmother of eight, a Bible Study teacher, a women's minister, and a writer.

Moreover, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's mother teams with her husband Mark as real estate agents in San Diego County. The couple lives in the beach community of Encinitas, California.

Who is Melissa Henning's sister?

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's siblings are Heather Dalton Henning and Megan Henning.

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's husband
Melissa hugs Jeremy Camp. Photo: @melissaifonelife
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How did Jeremy Camp meet Melissa?

Jeremy was leading worship at a Bible study on campus in 1999 when he spotted Melissa completely lost in worship in the congregation. He had just graduated from bible college.

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Their flirtatious friendship somewhat landed them in a love triangle between Jeremy and a friend who introduced them. The situation forced Melissa to end both friendships, breaking Jeremy's heart.

When he learned that Melissa had cancer, Jeremy left everything to keep her company. The two dated for a while before he proposed to her at the hospital, where she was undergoing chemo treatments.

When was Jeremy and Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's wedding?

After dating for about a year, Lynn Henning and Jeremy tied the knot in October 2000. She was 21 while the singer was 23. Upon getting married, the couple lived close to the beach in Carlsbad, California.

How long were Jeremy and Melissa Camp married?

Their marriage lasted about three months, from October 2000 to February 2001, when she took her last breath.

What was Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's cause of death?

Jeremy Camp's first wife succumbed to ovarian cancer on 5th February 2001, almost three months after her wedding.

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Jeremy Camp's wife
Melissa and Jeremy Camp's wedding picture. Photo: @silas
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How long did Melissa Camp have cancer?

It is not clear how long she had the disease. Melissa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2000, when it was in its late stages. The cancer had already spread throughout her abdomen and reached the liver. Jeremy Camp proposed to her a year later at the hospital, and the two had a huge wedding.

Did Melissa Camp's cancer really disappear?

Melissa Henning was declared cancer-free a month before her wedding to Jeremy Camp. When she fell ill shortly after their honeymoon, the doctors discovered cancer had returned and spread throughout her body.

How did Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp die?

When the doctors gave her only a few weeks to live due to the recurrence of ovarian cancer, singer Jeremy Camp's wife received the news positively and spent her last days singing and worshiping God.

Melissa Camp's last words were:

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If One Life comes to faith in Jesus Christ because of what I go through it will all be worth it!

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's funeral

She was laid to rest at the El Camino Memorial Park in San Diego, San Diego County, California, USA.

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's mum
Melissa sits close to her mum. Photo: @melissaifonelife
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As Melissa battled cancer, gospel singer Jeremy Camp continued performing in Southern California, sharing their testimony and believing in a miracle. He completely lost his desire to make music when she died in 2001.

A pastor encouraged Jeremy to keep singing and sharing his testimony through his music. In 2002, he released his first nationally distributed album, Stay. The songs had inspiring lyrics that touched thousands of lives.

Between 2002 and 2017, Jeremy released 11 albums and sold nearly 5 million albums. He also received numerous awards and nominations, including five GMA Dove Awards, four ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Awards, three American Music Award nominations, and one Grammy nomination.

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Is I Still Believe Based on a true story?

I Still Believe and Walk by Faith were among the first songs Jeremy Camp wrote about his wife's battle with ovarian cancer and her death. He wrote Walk By Faith during their honeymoon, and I Still Believe after Melissa's burial. I Still Believe was later turned into a movie, with KJ Apa starring as Jeremy and Britt Robertson playing the role of Melissa.

Is the movie I Still Believe on Netflix or Hulu?

Jeremy and Melissa's I Still Believe movie is on Hulu, Netflix, FXNow, fuboTV, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu.

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp
Melissa smiles in a white top. Photo: @wickliffe
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Did Jeremy Camp remarry?

Melissa Henning's husband married South African singer/songwriter Adrienne “Adie” Camp (née Liesching) in 2003.

Who is Jeremy Camp's wife?

His current wife, Adrienne, is a South African singer born on 12th July 1981. She was the lead singer of the Benjamin Gate, a Christian pop-rock band that started in 1998 and broke up in 2003. The couple has two daughters, Bella Camp and Aerie Camp.

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Does Jeremy Camp still talk to Melissa's family?

The American singer has maintained a good relationship with his late wife's family even after remarrying and having children with his second spouse.

Facts about Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp

  • Her mother taught her and her sisters to believe in Jesus Christ.
  • She was a worship team and choir leader, an impactful college student, an athlete, a mentor, a camp counselor, and a writer.
  • Melissa and Jeremy Camp were part of a worship team that performed in Southern California.
  • She loved children and worked as a preschool assistant and a nanny.
  • Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's mother released a book titled, Melissa, If One Life..., in her memory.
  • Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp's book is a treasure full of her unedited journals.
  • Heather Dalton continues to share her sister's story to inspire people.

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp died young but full of faith in God. She and her husband's love story has positively influenced many. Many who knew Jeremy Camp's wife remember her as a devoted Christian who loved people and was good to many.

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