Makoti Season 2 June 2022 Teasers: Lilitha and Mtho’s Marriage Gets Tested

Makoti Season 2 June 2022 Teasers: Lilitha and Mtho’s Marriage Gets Tested

Previously on Makoti, Lilitha was getting settled into her role as a wife. Will she fluidly settle into her marriage with Mothokozisi? The new couple, Qhama and Langa will face challenges about trust as they navigate their relationship in the new season of Makoti. The series also promises guest appearances by Zakhele Msibi, Amanda Quwe and Charmaine Mtinta. Keep reading Makoti June teasers to find out more about what is coming.

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The couple on 'Makoti' will be in for a ride in season 2. Lilitha will have to do it all as mother and businesswoman this June while Jessica and Mo deal with in-laws. Image: Instagram/@makotisabc1
Source: Instagram

Lilitha must balance her marriage with her growing brand, Flawless Love. Will her brand flourish, or will she fall prey to an unrealistic lifestyle? Langa faces off against Noncebo, who does not trust her for what she says.

Makoti season 2 June teasers

Qhama and Langa have to hold on to their relationship through any doubts. Noncedo goes on a mission to determine if Langa is up to any dishonest tactics. Jessica has to make a huge decision about her life and career.

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1 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 24 (Oh, Word?)

Anathi is nervous about a therapist visit with her mother. Jessica and Nomzi are finally in sync. Jessica calms Ezra after a crisis.

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Anathi's ridiculous post has a social media follower speculating about a love triangle. Qhama is surprised to see Noncedo appearing out of nowhere.

'Makoti', Mthokozisi, Lilitha husband, Judith's son, Mtho season 2
'Makoti' season 2 is full of humour and surprises as Mthoko and his wife Lilitha will have to choose each other on their hilarious adventures. Image: Instagram/@makotisabc1
Source: UGC

6 June 2022, Monday: Episode 25 (Confessions)

Nomzi introduces Jessica to her pals, leading to an awkward moment at the "high tea". Zandisile and Ezra decide to take over the marriage preparations. While Qhama prepares for her massive day, her father surprises her by being there for support.

7 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 26 (Moms and Sons)

Qhama does not tell Pastor Dawn about Langa, leaving Langa feeling rejected. Noncebo set Pastor Dawn aside after the ordination. Julius decides on a name for the baby. Jessica finally makes some progress with Mo's parents. Qhama's family makes her feel better after a hectic day, but Anathi drops a bombshell.

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8 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 27 (Dads and daughters)

Mthoko returns to KZN while Ta Lloyd makes sure he is fine. Zansidisile is headed to Johannesburg to meet Ezra, which stresses out Mo. Qhama gets to see some of Anathi's art. Meanwhile, William confirms Anathi's suspicion.

Lawrence is concerned about Lilitha and vows to send help for her in Mthoko's absence. Zandisile and Ezra hit it off like a house on fire.

13 June 2022, Monday: Episode 28 (Before the storm)

Qhama goes viral after opening up publicly. Noncebo continues to torture Langa. The pastor wants to talk to Qhama about Noncebo.

Lilitha gets rescued by two men and a surprise third party. Zandisile advises Mo to control his temper before they speak.

14 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 29 (Family Meeting)

Ezra and Zandisile decide to take over details about their family's meeting and the gifting ceremony. Lilitha, played by Thuli Phongolo, gets overwhelmed by Judith and runs off. Zandisile finally addresses what happened with Mongezi. Jessica advises Ezra to find himself a partner.

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15 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 30 (Family meeting 2.0)

Anathi's grandmother arrives but not in the way Anathi wanted. Mo and Jessica find out that their fathers have created a Ketubah for them. Qhama and Pastor Dawn have an honest conversation about Noncebo.

Nomzi and Mary have the best time in preparation for the gifting ceremony.

'Makoti', Mo, Jessica, 'Makoti' couple, season 2 wedding, in laws, Grootboom family
Mo and Jessica have to deal with their families. Can they unite despite any differences? Image: Instagram/@makotisabc1
Source: UGC

20 June 2022, Monday: Episode 31 (Parenting is an exam)

Qhama tries to cope with Anathi's news. Mo and Jessica's parents corner them into giving answers. Lilitha makes a mistake about the baby, and Thabo is there in time. Judith witnesses the incident. Will she tell on Lilitha?

21 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 32 (Little secrets big lies)

Mthoko returns, and the house gets tense. Judith tortures Lilitha with the truth. Nopasika works to make Esme's house presentable. Qhama's rage makes Anathi strike back.

22 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 33 (Love forgives)

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Anathi's post makes the rounds on social media, affecting the chances of any amends with Qhama. Lilitha and Mthoko continue to butt heads.

27 June 2022, Monday: Episode 34 (Slay Your Dragon)

Pastor Dawn comes to see Qhama with an offer. MaMezala and Makoti have an epic clash.

28 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 35 (Heal)

The Grootboom family are forced to confront skeletons in their closet. Mthoko does all in his power for Lilitha, who is confused after a secret meeting. Mo is scared that she might lose Jessica. Langa goes shopping for something exciting.

29 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 36 (No more groove)

Lilitha starts to feel guilty about her secret meeting. Mthoko will do anything to make up with his wife. Mo leaves the big decision to Jessica, but she is also undecided.

What will happen to the cast members of Makoti season 2

Makoti promises drama between couples, and this season will deliver as each couple faces its trials and tribulations. Will Lilitha and the Mthoko be able to welcome the new baby to win intact marriage? Jessica and Mo must merge their family, but there's a bigger change on the horizon for the couple. Be sure to catch Makoti on SABC 1 Monday to Wednesday at 19:00 or keep up with the latest on the soapie's Instagram.

Lilitha and Mtho

This month the couple will have to face a lot of pressure, especially Lilitha. The soon-to-be mother to also be a businesswoman and the perfect daughter-in-law. Mthoko, on the other hand, must ensure that his wife and baby will be comfortable. Can the couple face the challenges together, or will there be a third party who rocks their relationship?

'Makoti', Lilitha, Mthokosizi, new baby, mother in law Judith, season 2, husband and wife 'Makoti
Lilitha and Mtho have to find each other through the chaos coming their way. Can Lilitha ignore any interference from third parties? Image: Instagram/@makotisabc1
Source: Instagram

Jessica and Mo

This couple is preparing to get together but can their families unite? Jessica is also growing in her career. Mo must let go of control and leave a big decision up to Jessica. Will Jessica have to choose between a relationship and a career? Or will it be no questions asked for the young couple? The two must come together and make one of the biggest decisions in their relationship.

'Makoti', Mo, Jessica, engaged couple ' Makoti', in laws, family, marriage, wedding
Jessica and Mo have to make their relationship work through meeting in laws and a big life decision. Image: Instagram/ @makotisabc1
Source: Instagram

Skeem Saam teasers: Pretty deals with an ex, Lehasa and Khwezi get tested

Briefly News previously reported what to expect on Skeem Saam in June 2022. There is still havoc at Turf High school, and the principal is determined to get to the bottom of it. On the other hand, Eunice lost everything, which gave Chef Kgosi the opportunity to take over her life. Will Eunice now gain the strength to not put up with anyone's trickery and stand on her own?

In previous episodes, Lehasa was more concerned with finding his money and surviving his case. Now, Lehasa's energy will have to be more focused on his romantic life.

The Principal continues to face the students and has learnt some hard lessons, while Pax can only hope for the best about his secret. Celia, on the other hand, faces the hardest challenge any mother can ever have with her child.

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