Radha Mohan on Zee World: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

Radha Mohan on Zee World: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

Get ready to be enchanted by the captivating Hindi social drama Radha Mohan on Zee World. Mohan, a charming flute player, turns bitter after his wife's death, but his childhood friend Radha is determined to bring back hope and happiness. This official Yaaradi Nee Mohini remake is a must-watch with a perfect blend of romance and drama.

pyar ka pehla naam: radha mohan's episode
Radha Mohan cast members. Photo: @RadhaMohanZEETV
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Radha Mohan on Zee World is a Hindi supernatural romantic drama series that has been the town's talk since its premiere on 2 May 2022. Starring Shabir Ahluwalia as Mohan and Neeharika Roy as Radha, this show is the perfect blend of love and drama that will keep you coming back for more. There has been curiosity about the show as it premieres on Zee World Africa.

Who is Radhe Mohan?

Radha Mohan is a television series created by Prateek Sharma. Recently, the cast and crew celebrated the completion of over 300 Radha Mohan episodes of the show. On Zee World Africa, the show will air on 8 April 2023 with 265 episodes in a season.

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Radha Mohan's plot summary

Mohan's first wife Tulsi has passed away, leaving behind their daughter Gungun. Gungun blames her father for her mother's death, while Radha is in love with Mohan and finds him to be her inspiration. Tulsi's soul has not found peace, and she wanders in the house, protecting her daughter at every turn.

Kadambari, Mohan's stepmother, wants to remarry him and chooses her niece Damini as a suitable match, but Damini is only interested in Mohan's wealth. Mohan agrees to the marriage for the sake of his mother. Radha saves Gungun's life and stays at Mohan's house as a guest.

As Radha and Mohan grow closer, Damini becomes jealous. Kadambari and Damini learn about Tulsi's soul and try to imprison her with the help of Gurumaa, but their efforts are unsuccessful. Gungun and Radha become friends, and in an attempt to get Radha out of the house, Damini accuses her of theft, but she can prove her innocence.

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Radha Mohan's full story

Radha Mohan
Radha Mohan on Zee World: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes. Photo: Rinki Rajput (Modified by author)
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Pyar ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan tells the story of two people, Mohan and Radha, and how they overcome obstacles to be together. Mohan was once a caring and loving person, but after his wife's death, he became easily irritated and different. His daughter Gungun blames him for her mother's death, causing Mohan to feel heartbroken. Despite this, Mohan loved his first wife, Tulsi, deeply.

They fought and had a misunderstanding which led to Tulsi leaving. Tragically, Tulsi died in a fire. After her death, Kadambri attempted to marry Mohan to her niece Damini, who was only interested in his wealth. Tulsi's spirit still wanders in the house, protecting her daughter from danger.

Radha has loved Mohan since they were children, and after she saves Gungun's life in a challenging situation, Mohan invites her to stay as a guest. While staying there, Radha helps reconcile Mohan and Gungun. Mohan and Radha also grow closer, but Damini tries to separate them with evil tactics. When Damini and Kadambri learn about that spirit, they attempt to catch her but fail.

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Damini becomes jealous of Radha's closeness to Mohan and Gungun and falsely accuses her of theft in an attempt to remove her from the house. Radha ultimately proves her innocence and exposes Damini's deceit.

Radha Mohan cast with images

As the show premieres, here are some cast members to watch out for.

Neeharika Roy as Radha

what is the real name of radha in zee tv?
Neeharika Roy plays Radha in the television series. Photo: @theneeharikaroyofficial (modified by author)
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What is the real name of Radha from Radha Mohan? She is Neeharika Roy, a Mumbai, Maharashtra model who has expressed her passion for acting since childhood. Recent episodes have shown Radha's attempts to regain the trust of Mohan and his family after their marriage while also dealing with the nefarious plans of Damini and her mother.

Shabir Ahluwalia

How much does Shabir Ahluwalia earn?
Shabir Ahluwalia is an Indian actor and host. Photo: @shabirahluwalia (modified by author)
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The Indian actor and host is known for several television shows he has been featured in. For instance, he portrayed Abhishek Prem Mehra in Kumkum Bhagya. Other shows he has been featured in include Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kahi To Milenge, and Kasautii Zindagii Kay.

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Reeza Choudhary as Gungun

The Indian child actor and model is gradually registering his name in the entertainment industry with her acting prowess. She plays Gungun Mohan Trivedi in the Zee TV serial.

Swati Shah as Kadambari Trivedi

The 39 years old Indian television actress is famous for featuring in television shows, including Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Saath Nibhana Saathiya, and Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie. Her work in Teen Bahuraaniyaan and Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein also resonates. Other cast members in the show and the roles they play include the following:

  • Sumit Arora as Ajeet
  • Brij Kishore Tiwari as Rameshwar Vashisht
  • Ranveer Singh Malik as Rahul
  • Manisha Purohit as Kaveri
  • Pooja Kava as Ketaki
  • Sunny Sachdeva as Shekhar
  • Keerti Nagpure as Tulsip
  • Kajal Khanchandani as Sundari Dadi
  • Raju Lodhia as Vishwanath

Who is the actress in the Radha Mohan serial?

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Neeharika Roy is the actress who plays Radha in the show. She is a positive and spiritual character on a mission to make Mohan happy again.

Radha Mohan on Zee World has got fans buzzing with excitement! The latest episodes have brought twists and turns that have left viewers spellbound and craving more. With the suspense at an all-time high, the next episode cannot come soon enough. This show is one to watch!

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