Rajjo on StarLife cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, trailer

Rajjo on StarLife cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, trailer

Rajjo on StarLife is the latest soap opera airing in 2023, promising a thrilling experience. If you are a Bollywood fan, you have all the reasons to be excited, so go through these details as they highlight what the show is about.

What is the story of Rajjo?
Rajjo on StarLife cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, trailer. Photo: @Barry Fouta (modified by author)
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Unlike most soap operas which entail the Romeo-Juliet love story, Rajjo explores slightly different themes while mirroring notable societal concerns. Go through these details for hints on what the show is about, especially if you want a soapie to binge on at the end of a busy day.

Rajjo series on StarLife

Genre Romance, drama
Written by Bhavna Vyas
Starring Celesti Bairagey, Rajveer Singh, Gungun Uprari and Surjit Saha
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
Number of seasons1
Number of episodes190
Original network StarPlus

Rajjo on StarLife is a heartwarming story centred on the power of perseverance when chasing your dreams. It is a must-watch show for anyone who believes in determination, pushing against the odds, and the strength of the human spirit.

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Rajjo plot summary

What is the story of Rajjo? The show revolves around Rajjo's trials and tribulations. She is an aspiring athlete from Uttarakhand. Manorama, her mother, has a dark past and is sceptical about Rajjo's persistence in pursuit of her dream.

The Kedarnath flood separates the mother and daughter. Later, Rajjo crosses paths with Arjun, a fertiliser businessman. How will she deal with the past and fulfil her dream of becoming the best athlete?

Rajjo cast

These faces will be gracing your screens in the oncoming Rajjo on StarLife episodes.

Celesti Bairagey as Rajjo Thakur (née Dhaki)

Rajjo Thakur is an aspiring athlete. She is Pushkar and Manorama's daughter, Niharika, Kalindi and Bunty's half-sister and Sagar, Pankkhuri and Mukund's cousin. She is married to Arjun and is Vicky's ex-fiancé.

Rajjo series
Rajjo hails from a humble family that despises her dream of becoming an award-winning athlete. Photo: @Celesti Bairagey (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Rajveer Singh as Arjun Singh Thakur

Arjun is a fertiliser businessman, Pratap and Madhumalti's son, Chirag's younger brother and Pankhuri, Sagar, Mukund and Rocky's cousin. He is Rajjo's husband and Urvashi's fiancé.

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Rajjo cast members
Arjun is a successful fertiliser businessman. He offers to support Rajjo and later falls in love with her. Photo: @Rajveer Singh (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Gungun Uprari as Manorama "Manno" Dhaki"

Gungun is a former athlete, Rajjo's mother and Pushkar's ex-lover.

Rajjo series
Manno is afraid that her daughter's failure might bring disgrace to the family; hence, she discourages her from pursuing athletics. Photo: @Gungun Uprari (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Aayushi Bhave Tilak as Urvashi

Who is Urvashi in Rajjo? Aayushi Bhave Tilak plays the role of Urvashi. Urvashi is Dheeraj's son and Arjun's fiancé.

Pakkhi Hegde as Madhumalti Pratap Thakur

Pakkhi is Pratap's wife, Arjun and Chirag's mother, Siya's grandmother and Rocky's aunt.

Surjit Saha as Bunty Chaudhary

Surjit is Pushkar and Kavita's son. He is also Niharika and Kalindi's brother, Rajjo's half-brother and Pankudi, Sagar and Mukund's cousin.

Rajjo series on StarLife
Surjit is Rajjo's half-brother and Sagar's cousin. Photo: @surjitsahaofficial (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Siddharth Vasudev as Pushkar Chaudhary

Siddharth is Jilmil's elder brother, Kavita's husband and Manorama's ex-lover. He is also Siya's grandfather and Rajjo, Bunty and Niharika's father.

Kajal Sharma as Niharika Chaudhary

Kajal is Kavita and Pushkar's daughter and Bunty and Kalindi's sister. She is also Rajjo's half-sister.

Avinash Sahijwani as Pratap Singh Thakur

Avinash is Keshav's son, Madhumalti's husband, Arjun and Chirag's father and Kartik's brother. Avinash is also Siya's grandfather.

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Jaya Binju as Kavita Chaudhary

Jaya is Pushkar's wife and Bunty, Kalindi and Niharika's mother. She is also Rajjo's stepmother and Siya's grandmother.

Maleeka Ghai as Jhilmil Thakur

Maleeka is Kartik's wife, Pushkar's wife and Pankhur, Sagar and Mukund's mother.

Premchand Singh as Kartik Singh Thakur

Premchand is Keshav's son, Pretap's brother, Jhilmil's husband and Pankhuri, Sagar and Mukund's father.

Utkarsh Gupta as Chirag Singh Thakur

Utkarsh is Pretap and Madhumalti's elder son, Arjun's brother, Sagar, Pankhuri, Rocky and Mukund's cousin. He is also Kalindi's husband and Siya's father.

Recurring cast members

These are the soapie's recurring cast members:

  • Divyangana Jain as Kalindi Thakur
  • Ankit Bhardwaj
  • Minoli Nandwana as Swara Thakur
  • Vedant Sharan as Shesh
  • Itika Kabra as Siya Thakur
  • Niel Satpuda as Sagar Singh Thakur
  • Roselyn D'Souza as Pankhuri Thakur
  • Ravi Jhankal as Keshav Singh Thakur
  • Pratham Kunwar as Rocky
  • Ankit Narang as Vicky
  • Suraj Bharadwaj as Bharat
  • Harsh Chatrath as Dheeraj – Urvashi's father
  • Kushagre Dua as Naman Singh Thakur

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Rajjo plot summary

The show begins with Rajjo, an ambitious young girl living with her parents in a low-income Indian village. Rajjo is a talented athlete who dreams of winning gold medals for her country. Her family thinks her ambition is unattainable; hence, they talk her out of it.

Rajjo's father is a peasant farmer who struggles to make ends meet. Her mother is a homemaker who believes women should prioritise marriage and raising a family at the expense of their careers.

Rajjo on StarLife
Arjun meets Rajjo when she needs him the most. Apart from supporting her, he becomes her saving angel. Photo: @ZEEbingeseries and @Rajjo on StarLife Monday to Sunday (modified by author)
Source: UGC

A dream

Despite the challenging living conditions, Rajjo trains hard and believes every effort is a step towards her goal. She signs up for local tournaments and meets several people, like her coach and best friend, who play an integral role in her success.

Despite her zeal and determination, Rajjo's family is apprehensive about supporting her. Her father thinks spending his hard-earned money on her will be unprofitable, while her mother says she will bring shame to the family by pursuing an unconventional career.

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Rajjo's persistence propels her to the national-level athletic program; hence, she moves to a different city to pursue her training. Her family unconvincingly comes to terms with her decision.


Making it to the national level is not the icing on the cake. Rajjo faces obstacles while training and in her personal life. Self-doubt kicks in and worsens her situation. However, fate works in her favour, and she becomes a successful athlete and wins a gold medal for the country.

She becomes a hero in her village and offers to mentor young girls to carve a niche in their careers in athletics. She also rallies families to support their children and nurture their talents.

Rajjo episodes

The show is only one season long and has 190 episodes. Its original language is Hindi, although it will air in English on StarLife.

Rajjo trailer

Rajjo on Starlife episodes air from 4th May 2023, every Monday to Sunday at 6 pm on StarLife TV available on DStv Channel 167. Meanwhile, check out the show's trailer for insight into what to expect from the Indian soapie.

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Rajjo on StarLife features a captivating storyline graced by the most talented figures. It also highlights the rich Hindu culture while modelling common societal issues. Tune in to StarLife at 6 pm every day for a captivating experience.

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