Woman Says Dad Got 30-Year-Old Pregnant, TikTok Video of Holiday Family Drama Amuses Peeps

Woman Says Dad Got 30-Year-Old Pregnant, TikTok Video of Holiday Family Drama Amuses Peeps

  • A woman on TikTok shared a piece of family drama that involved her dad's big bombshell at a family dinner
  • The lady's video left people curious after she gave some interesting details about her father's Thanksgiving announcement
  • Many people had jokes about how the holiday season brings all the family drama and shared their stories

A TikTokker told online viewers that her father shared the biggest surprise at a Thanksgiving gathering. The lady made a video detailing her dad's recent revelation to the family.

TikTok video of woman exposing dad's Thanksgiving dinner announcement
A TikTok video shows a woman sharing the beans her dad spilt at Thanksgiving dinner. Image: @carahjean
Source: TikTok

Many people thought it was hilarious to see the woman's relatable struggle. The video got thousands of comments from netizens.

Woman exposes dad in TikTok video

A woman, @carahjean, made a video detailing that her dad (70) got a 30-year-old pregnant and that the two-year-old at the table was their sister.

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Watch the clip below:

Online users curious about dad

Many people were in disbelief over the woman's story. Others commented that they could believe it as they have stories about their dads having surprise kids.

stephf9 said:

"Like his announcement was showing up with a two year old or he announced it and then he brought her."

Heather Alawawda commented:

"My stepdad left my mom for my younger sister and they’re still together and have a 13 year old."

Midwestvalleygirl added:

"Dinner AND a show."

Tanya Wilson wrote:

"I am 52 and my only sibling is 6."

QueenCoco wrote:

"He brought the tea this Thanksgiving."

Hannah Boyd Jacoby could relate:

"Join the club- 1945 dad and siblings in 1970 1973 and somewhere around 2011 or 2012."

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Lady shares wild story

A woman told people she was getting ready for her boyfriend's wedding. The lady shared interesting details that many thought were unbelievable.

Dad caught cheating by children put on blast

Briefly News previously reported that a family had one epic family meeting when the children exposed their father's affair that had been going on for months. The kids accessed his phone and started reading out the text messages between him and his mistress out loud in front of the whole family.

The dad sat quietly with his tea as his children were in disbelief at the salacious texts and the planned hookups he had arranged with his side piece while the family was away. One of his daughters started crying and swearing at him for repeatedly putting their mom through pain.

The mother calmly said that God always brings things to the light, as the children scorned their father.

Source: Briefly News

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