Woman in Bloemfontein Reflects on 20 Potential Dates in TikTok Video of Feedback in PowerPoint Form

Woman in Bloemfontein Reflects on 20 Potential Dates in TikTok Video of Feedback in PowerPoint Form

  • A young woman studying at the University of Freestate (UFS) told people all about her dating life experiences
  • The gorgeous students made a detailed presentation to review her love life and how it ended in 2023
  • Online users thought it was hilarious to see what she had to say after going on some dates with men interested in her

A woman was open about her love life in a TikTok video. The lady went viral after showing people what she went through.

TikTok video of UFS student reviewing dating life in 2023
A TikTok video shows a woman in Bloemfontein opening up after trying to get a bf in 2023. Image: @reamkg
Source: TikTok

Many people thought it was hilarious to see her thoughts after going through so much with men. The video of the young woman's romantic adventures got thousands of likes.

Woman reviews dating life

@reakmkg posted a video detailing that she had talking stages with 20 men. She only got a few dates, and only one got the third date. In the end, she shared the reasons she got dumped, including being told she was psycho and because she is ready for a serious relationship.

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Watch the video:

SA amused by love life review

Many online users thought it was hilarious to see her break down her dating life. The content entertained netizens.

God's favorite said:

"I'm loving the fact that people are making whole power points for this trend."

lulumakhalima commented:

"Not the comrades, they'll be revolutionary with your feelings those ones."

Tholoana Mokgatla added:

"Mot you meeting 20 people while I only met two, actually one the other one I've always known him."

Fentse added:

"It made sense when I realised that you in Bloemfontein."

Abigail Mmapaseka wrote:

"Love love this trend , the self reflection one goes through on this video is so pretty to witness."

Mharu was amused:

"So now we do mjolo analytics ? Iyho."

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Woman's love life amuses many

People thought it was interesting to see a woman after being stood up. The lady ended up alone in less than a minute.

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The quick video offers an unconventional look at a potentially risky lifestyle, leaving viewers both intrigued and astonished by her candid

The video shared by @nyla_zaa takes her followers on a humorous journey that starts with her peering into a mirror. She then reveals her hand holding a large roll of money, and the video concludes with her standing beside a police car.

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Source: Briefly News

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