Mzansi Woman Shows Disturbing Hair Bleaching Aftermath on TikTok, Says She Almost Died

Mzansi Woman Shows Disturbing Hair Bleaching Aftermath on TikTok, Says She Almost Died

  • A South African woman shared the terrifying aftereffects of bleaching her hair on social media
  • The TikTok post shows how the bleach has caused severe damage to her scalp and left her face severely swollen
  • Dermatologist, Dr Matilda Mphahlele told Briefly News that the woman had severe allergic contact dermatitis from hair dye
  • The video has sparked a conversation about the dangers of hair bleaching, with many netizens expressing their concern
woman shares damaged suffered from bleaching hair
A woman suffered scalp damage and swelling to her face from bleaching her hair. Image: @misskstufuza
Source: TikTok

A South African woman has taken to TikTok to share the devastating aftereffects of bleaching her hair, sparking a conversation about the dangers of the popular beauty treatment.

Woman shares horrific bleaching experience

In a series of shocking images, the woman, whose username is @misskstufuza, documents her journey from having beautiful, short blonde hair to losing most of it and suffering severe burns and swelling to her scalp and face.

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The first image shows @misskstufuza looking confident and happy with her new blonde hairdo. However, the subsequent images reveal a stark and disturbing reality. The bleach has caused severe damage to her scalp, leaving it red, raw, and hairless. The woman's face is also visibly swollen, highlighting the severity of her reaction.

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While hair bleaching is a popular choice, it's crucial to be aware of the potential risks. The chemicals used in bleach can irritate the scalp and cause allergic reactions, leading to symptoms like burning, itching, and hair loss. In some cases, as seen with @misskstufuza, the reaction can be severe and even life-threatening.

Dermatologist sheds light on bleaching incident

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Qualified dermatologist, Dr Matilda Mphahlele told Briefly News that the woman in that video had severe allergic contact dermatitis from hair dye.

"It is the PPD in the dye that causes these kinds of reactions. This is a delayed hypersensitivity reaction, which can take a few days after applying it to present on the skin.
"One of the reasons why almost all hair dye will indicate that one needs to apply it on a small area of skin, wait a few days before putting the dye on your whole head," Dr Mphahlele said.

She added that the reaction causes erythema, swelling and blisters. The reaction can go beyond the area of contact, hence the swollen eyes).

"Once this happens, you have to seek medical attention. If not, the inflammation can destroy the hair follicles leading to alopecia (balding).

Mzansi netizens left disturbed

The video has gone viral, garnering over 471K views and thousands of comments. Many netizens were shocked and horrified by the woman's experience, expressing their concern and asking questions about what went wrong.

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Others shared their stories of adverse reactions to hair bleaching, emphasizing the importance of caution and awareness.

Julenda Ntlekoana said:

"Kunini ngithi yoh."

WAFFELS responded:

"Lapho bowumuhle kanjani."

100strictlychats commented:

"This turned into a whole boxing match now ."

Khomotso said:

"I gasped at every slide ."

Ratanang Nare wrote:

"Ahhhhh bengingafuni lokuhleka."

Xoliswa Noncolela Xo replied:

"Nam indenza so I dye futhi njeh asayifaki at all."

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TikTok user @unathi_unobthered shared a hilarious video of herself, wig flung to the font, having a good scratch. Sis didn't even have to explain because if you wear a wig, you know!

Source: Briefly News

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