Young Lady Baffles South Africa With R19 Wig Deal on Shein in Viral TikTok Video

Young Lady Baffles South Africa With R19 Wig Deal on Shein in Viral TikTok Video

  • A young woman's TikTok video showcasing a R19 wig from Shein has gone viral in South Africa
  • Netizens are eager to replicate the deal, revealed to be a limited-time offer where the second wig is discounted by 99%
  • This discovery has created a frenzy among budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts seeking high-quality wigs at affordable prices
woman unboxes R19 Shein wig
A woman amazed many when she showed a wig she bought for just R19 on Shein. Image: @esii_moetii
Source: TikTok

South African TikTok is abuzz with curiosity and intrigue after a young lady shared a video of unboxing a wig she purchased from Shein for a jaw-dropping R19.

The video, filmed from her bedroom, shows the user excitedly unwrapping a full frontal wig, its long, flowing strands appearing to be of surprisingly high quality.

Netizens were left stunned, wondering how the young shopper managed to snag such an incredible deal.

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The mystery was eventually unveiled in the comments section, where the user revealed that she had capitalised on a limited-time sale offer. She explained that for every wig purchased, Shein offered a 99% discount on a second wig, bringing its price down to a mere R19.

Mzansi left in awe of wig deal

This revelation sparked a frenzy, with many viewers eager to replicate the deal. TikTok comments were flooded with questions about the sale, duration and how to find the discounted wigs.

It remains to be seen whether others can replicate this incredible deal, but the young shopper's story has undoubtedly captured the imagination of South Africa.

She has inadvertently become a champion of bargain hunting and a source of inspiration for those looking to elevate their hairstyles without breaking the bank.

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911what'syouremergency replied:

"Why do I find it hard to believe you?"

Aamanda214 wrote:

"I'm also waiting for mine and I'd like to know how much customs you paid so that I can estimate kahle tuu please."

Skhulile Mthembu ❤️ replied:

"Ayi ngeke R19."

user2424724884906 commented:

"I don't believe I usually get disappointed when it comes to the wigs from Shein."

its_justmelissa said:

"As I sit here waiting on mine that I might get in 2024."

amogelangmoreman7 said:

"R19 jwang."

Zamokuhle wrote:

"No like are you serious, bc it’s almost December, please be honest, you sure it’s R19?"

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