SA Teacher Baffled and Amused by Hilarious Parent's Response to Child's Misbehavior in TikTok Video

SA Teacher Baffled and Amused by Hilarious Parent's Response to Child's Misbehavior in TikTok Video

  • A South African teacher shared a TikTok video showcasing a tiny note from a student's parent
  • The funny note was received after the teacher had reported the child's misconduct to the parent
  • While many found the minimal effort and humour in the note amusing, others criticised it as lacking proper accountability
Teacher receives note from parents
A teacher shared a tiny note reading "Sorry Miss" from a student's parent after reporting their child's misbehaviour. Image: @tashiaduskjones
Source: TikTok

A South African teacher, Tashia Dusk Jones, was left defeated and amused by one of her pupils' parent.

Teacher receives note from parent

Tashia posted a TikTok video showing her holding a small scrap piece of paper with the words: "Sorry Miss" from the pupil's parents after she had informed them that their child was misbehaving in class.

"I phoned a parent to report their child's misconduct, and this is what they sent the child with," Tashia said.

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SA amused by the parent's note

Mzansi netizens reacted to the video with humour as they joked about the parent's response and bare minimum effort to address her child's behaviour. A few people were unimpressed by the parent's response, saying it showed a lack of interest.

Zeecona commented:

"Straight to the point njeKant miss ufunanton."

Kgomotsegang89 said:

"Loving how the parent dealt with it. You know teacher's don't know that nathi we want to tell on our kids too."

Sobhazana commented:

"Kunini esithi sorry."

turndoor responded:

" Iphepha nalo bal’ coshe phansi?."

Tens replied:

"Askies, this is a sign of not caring."

Nompumelelo Mathaba commented:

"It's giving “shuthi sorry ke”."

Thuli responded:

"Sorry wethu I guess ."

Teacher puts on a show as he teaches his class with vibey song

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Source: Briefly News

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