Single Lady, Without Husband or Kids Makes Emotional Video, says Age is Catching up with Her

Single Lady, Without Husband or Kids Makes Emotional Video, says Age is Catching up with Her

  • A lady who feared age was catching up with her at 31 took to TikTok to share the pain of not having a husband
  • The single lady added that there was no kid and the only thing she had was a job and a car she managed to buy
  • Many people had mixed reactions to her video, as some said she must have been so picky in her prime

A 31-year-old woman without a partner has cried out in a viral TikTok video about her situation.

The lady's clip was in response to another video of a 30-year-old lady who said she had nothing at her age.

Marriage drama in Africa/Single lady and goals.
The lady placed her cheek on her hand as she talked about not having a husband and kids at her age. Image: @the_lazy_blackmakot
Source: UGC

Lady without a husband

The 31-year-old lady (@the_lazy_blackmakot) said that although she is grateful for a job that got her a car, age is catching up with her.

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She added that she is scared and needs to have a kid. The single lady wondered who the father would be despite her desire.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to the woman's video

Social media users flooded her comment section and shared their thoughts.

NobodysBabyDaddy said:

"Don't stress about dating, just remain alone there is nothing out there."

user2918148713324 added:

"At some point u met yo soul mate, pride played it's part or u said nt my type."

Kristal commented:

"Girl at least you got a JOB."

Padikie wondered:

"Who make that rule that u should have everything before 30?"

zipho khaya Nzama said:

"You can't approach these ones in their early twenties. Life is doing it's thing now."

Leadership generation responded:

"Prideness will humble them when their prime is gone."

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timer792 asked:

"What where u doing at 25?"

Nene said:

"At 22 I had my 1st born 28 got married 29 bought car 30 got 2nd born 31 got divorced life no balance."

Erence thevu said:

"You guys worry too much, just be grateful for life."

bastojoaqui said:

"I'm in my 30s no wife no house, worse I work everyday and I am broke like hell... why are we here?"

30-year-old lady shows frustration for not achieving much

In a related story, Briefly News reported on a young woman who shared a video on TikTok expressing her disappointment in life. She shared that she is almost 30 years old but has not accomplished much to show for it.

Netizens commented on her video, reassuring her that life is not one-size-fits-all and that measuring success with age is unrealistic.


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