Woman Floored Internet by Revealing What She’s Hiding Under Her Wig

Woman Floored Internet by Revealing What She’s Hiding Under Her Wig

  • A woman on TikTok, Ekane, shared how she got her wig installation looking flawless
  • She shocked the internet by revealing the destruction going on under her perfectly installed wigs
  • TikTokkers are scared on the lady’s behalf if ever she were to have a bad day and get her wig snatched

A woman on TikTok shared a video of a wig installation that killed the internet in abs forming laughter.

lady hiding disaster under wig
An unbothered woman killed the internet by revealing what she hid under her wig before an installation. Image: @ekanetoyou
Source: TikTok

The lady is seen prepping for killer wig installations, but one cannot ignore the disarray on her head.

Looks just like grandpa

The woman shaved the top of her head and resembled the receding hairline of a sixty-year-old grandpa. The senior citizen-looking woman was unbothered as she exposed herself on camera and was about to install her wig.

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The funny part is how unbothered the lady is to look “different” just so she could lay her wig flawlessly. She wanted a good middle part wig so she thought of a good bone to bone method which worked to get her desired outcome of a flat, glued down top.

Watch the video below:

Social media goes crazy

The video making its rounds on TikTok offers instant comic relief as one is greeted with a huge bald spot before figuring out what’s going on. The comments section of the post is a good camp out for a good laugh as netizens didn’t fail with their witty commentary:

@ava.gulifoyle admitted that she too is always up to no good, silently in her room:

“Me in my room when he won’t answer my calls.”

@human.sunflower couldn’t keep her unsolicited advice to herself and said:

“Just shave the rest cuzant.”

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@Librattt had her lightbulb lit at the end of the clip:

“So this is how I get my part FLATTT??!”

@IMAGIN is convinced that this is a paid promotion and commented:

“Nah, she trying to get paid no way she just did that. Either way, she hilarious.”

Bad hair day

Briefly News has a collection of bad hair reports but this one is about one short-haired lady in Durban who showed people the hairstyle she got after going to a South African barbershop. The TikTokker's pictures of what she wanted compared to what she got had many people in stitches. The Legends Barbershop client got thousands of likes as people could not help but crack up at her misfortune.

Source: Briefly News

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