“There Goes My Lamp”: Woman Hilariously Runs Away After Man Tries to Grab Her Phone

“There Goes My Lamp”: Woman Hilariously Runs Away After Man Tries to Grab Her Phone

  • A woman in Cape Town showed the moment a thief tried snatching her phone but took her flash instead
  • After the comical interaction, the woman shouted for her flash after negotiating with the man to leave her phone
  • People filled the comment section with laughs and wondered whether the robbery was real

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A woman recorded the moment a thief tried to grab her phone.
A young woman in Cape Town tried negotiating with her thief to take her flash instead of her phone. Images: @third_one
Source: Instagram

A woman shared the moment when someone tried to steal her phone, leaving many people online cracking up.

Micro-influencer Ntathu Zungu shared a video on her TikTok account (@thirdoneonline) of her encounter with an unknown man in Cape Town trying to take her possessions.

The brightly lit video starts with laughter in the background. Ntathu walks away from the criminal and asks why they are trying to take her phone. The woman's walk turns into a run, telling the man to stop as she giggles. The clip then cuts to Ntathu pleading with the raspy-voiced man to take her flash instead of her phone.

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He does just that, leaving the poor lady in darkness and shouting for her stolen flash at the end of the video.

Ntathu captioned her post:

"There goes my lamp. Never say no when a thug asks you out."

Watch the comical video below:

Netizens sceptical about woman's interaction with criminal

Ntathu receives plenty of laughs in the comment section, with some people questioning the authenticity of the exchange between the two individuals.

@kopanosejake6 asked Ntathu:

"Why did you make this robbery sound so fun?"

@fentseriley shared in the comments:

"This has to be a skit."

@ngongomazamah also questioned the video and commented:

"This cannot be real."

@kamomodisakeng laughed and said:

"I’m sorry, but I’m so entertained."

Commenting on the thief's voice, @shapedlikearoach jokingly wrote:

"Cookie Monster is now stealing phones in Cape Town."

Mzansi laughs at two thieves who ran out of airtime during robbery

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In another article, Briefly News reported about the time two guys robbed a community and also kidnapped a security officer.

However, the two thieves ran out of airtime while trying to make a call to get directions out of the neighbourhood.

Source: Briefly News

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