Baby Sleeping Hack: Mom Puts Her Baby to Sleep Within a Minute by Rubbing Her Ears in Viral TikTok Video

Baby Sleeping Hack: Mom Puts Her Baby to Sleep Within a Minute by Rubbing Her Ears in Viral TikTok Video

  • A mom tried a sleeping hack to put her fussy baby to sleep within a minute by rolling her fingers in the child's ear
  • The video gained a lot of traction on social media as it appeared that this urban myth works because the baby fell asleep very quickly
  • Social media users give their input as to why this method of putting a baby to sleep could be effective
Mom and her cute baby
Video of TikTok mom rubbing her baby's ears, and she falls asleep within a minute. Image: @thetorans
Source: UGC

A TikTok mom posted a video of her putting her baby to sleep in a minute by massaging the inside of her bundle of joy's ears.

This unheard-of technique had a lot of tongues wagging on social media, with users giving their two cents as to why it's effective.

The cute baby wearing a bonnet can be seen fussing and turning while her mom soothes her ears, and "voila", within a minute, she falls asleep.

Could this be the end of sleepless nights for mommies? Here are some social media comments:

@dibaby03 asked:

"Really , all these years I've been rocking, walking , patting even asking what's wrong and this is all? She is beautiful."

@Tiffanylmnop2 said:

"What the heck. I wish I would have known this 18 years ago."

@ooola_wan asked:

"Does this work on toddlers because I'm tired?"

@mrswilliams4ever added:

"Imma try this on my 25 year old daughter when she comes in here bothering me."

@tsf970 commented:

"Thinking about it I wonder if it's because it sounds like when a baby is in utero! Worked on my 1 year grandson."

@thedirtyexplorer said:

"Yeah, I just tried this on myself. It sounds like what I's imagine in utero sounds like."

@eaudeshay mentioned:

"I fell asleep with my finger in my ear last night so I believe it."

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