Young African Woman Takes Dad on a Shopping Spree, Shares TikTok Video

Young African Woman Takes Dad on a Shopping Spree, Shares TikTok Video

  • A stunner took to TikTok to showcase how she spoiled her father
  • In the clip, the man is ecstatic as he is seen trying on various clothing
  • People adored the father and daughter moment, while many wished to have such a bond with their dads
  • Briefly News spoke to Counseling Psychologist Nikole Seele on the importance of a female having a father figure in their lives

One young lady has amazed many people online after showcasing a video of her taking her father on a shopping spree.

A woman goes shopping with her father.
A young South African takes her dad on a shopping spree in a TikTok video. Image: @happiemagcaba
Source: TikTok

A woman takes her father shopping

A video shared by @happiemagcaba, which has gathered over 81.5K viewers, thousands of likes, and many comments, shows the adorable moment between the father and daughter. The clip shows the father in a dressing room trying on various clothing with a big smile. The dad looked excited as he showed off the shirts, cap, and shoes his daughter had bought him.

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As the video professes, the father and daughter had a shoe cam moment, melting many hearts in Mzansi. At the end of the clip, the dad is seen all dressed up in the clothing his daughter bought him. He looked super happy as he began to dance.

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The stunner revealed in her TikTok caption that she was "grateful" to be able to spoil her father in such a way:

"This has to be the best moment I swear, seeing ubaba ezikhethela izinto akazifunayo for the 1st time ngimucorrect kokunye because akakaze azithengele…I’m so grateful to God for having such moments."

Watch the video below:

SA claps for the young lady

Many people were proud of the woman for honouring her father beautifully, while others wished for a bond like theirs.

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LaNoksBoutique wrote:

"How I wish owam avume amaphutha akhe sqale phansi impilo as family ngyakbongela sis. May God continue to bless you nobaba wakho."

Anelity_Nkumbi gushed over the video, saying:

"The last part, how I wish mine was still alive."

Lulu could not hold back her tears:

"This makes me so emotional I’d literally do anything for my dad even sell my kidney to make him happy! That man is the best father ever!"

To which she responded by saying:

"Same, that man is everything I swear, his kindness, my God."

KaMphephethwa wrote:

"Praying I'll get the chance to do this for him esaphila. That man has carried me kuko konke empilweni, I can't wait to give him impilo eSoft nami."

The importance of a father figure in a woman's life

According to research, a girl's development is impacted in many ways by a father figure who is present and good.

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While speaking to Briefly News, Counselling Psychologist Nikole Seele listed the various ways in which a father can contribute to the emotional well-being and self-esteem of a when being good and present father figure.

"Security and support: A father's presence offers a sense of security and emotional support, fostering resilience and emotional stability in his daughter. Positive self-image: A loving and supportive father who expresses appreciation and encouragement contributes to his daughter's positive self-esteem and self-worth. This builds a strong foundation for her self-concept and overall outlook on life.

Healthy relationships and life choices:

Modelling healthy relationships: Nikole Seele went on to say that fathers serve as significant role models for how girls navigate relationships with men.

"The way a father treats his partner, daughter, and others shapes her expectations and understanding of healthy interactions," she adds.

Setting boundaries and making good choices: The Counseling Psychologist said that fathers can play a part in setting boundaries and guiding their daughters towards responsible decision-making, potentially influencing their life choices.

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Academic achievement and personal growth:

"Motivation and engagement: Studies indicate that a father's involvement in his daughter's education can be associated with higher academic performance. Confidence and exploration: A supportive father can encourage his daughter to explore her interests and pursue her goals, fostering confidence and a sense of self-efficacy," said Nikole Seele.

Viral TikTok video of hands-on father shopping with baby on his back

Briefly News previously reported a story of a man who became a viral hit for breaking free from gender norms. The gent wrapped his baby on his back with a pink towel while running errands at a shopping centre.

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Source: Briefly News

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