TikTok Video Captures Hilarious Moment Kid Got Stuck in a Chair, Mzansi Has Questions: “But How?”

TikTok Video Captures Hilarious Moment Kid Got Stuck in a Chair, Mzansi Has Questions: “But How?”

  • A naughty toddler found herself in a tricky situation after she got her head stuck in a chair
  • The incident was captured in a TikTok video and two women were trying to help her as she seemed calm like nothing was happening
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many finding it funny and asking how she got herself in there
A TikTok video of a kid who found herself stuck in a chair has gone viral, leaving South Africans in stitches.
A toddler hilariously found herself stuck in a chair. Images: @nuenhlemnguni
Source: TikTok

A TikTok video of a kid stuck in a chair is going viral. South African TikTokkers are questioning the situation.

In a video posted by @nuenhlemnguni, the child's head is stuck between the chair's seat and back parts. The naughty one looked calm and unbothered while two women tried to help her out of the situation. But the ultimate question is, how and why did she get her head in there from the get-go?

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Toddler finds herself in a tricky situation

Watch the funny TikTok clip below:

TikTokkers are laughing at the little girl

The video garnered over 11K likes, with many online users finding the clip funny and hilariously advising the parents to leave her there for a few hours so that she knows never to do it again.

The parent updated the social media users, saying that the little one had learned her lesson and as soon as she got out of that situation, she went straight to bed.

@Mamago Botlhale ❤️ wanted part two:

"I am waiting to see how she ended up in the situation."

@omotowo observed:

"She is so unbothered, like in her mind, 'Please remove my head and make it go slow like padlock'."

@BamiDiamond said:

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"If you want to develop patience, have kids, I'm telling you!"

@ORION OSEI MENSAH hilariously asked:

"But how?"

@Miss_Dani_Dan_Dan laughed:

"...bundle of joy, they said..."

2 Siblings decide to be naughty after mom confiscates their phone

In another story, Briefly News reported about two siblings who were caught being naughty because their mom took their phone away.

The uploaded TikTok video shows two toddlers covered in a grey-pinkish lotion that they smeared on their bodies. When the mother asked them why they misbehaved, the little girl said they decided to act up because their mom had taken away their phone.

Source: Briefly News

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