Women Copy Soft-Spoken GF Asking for Red Bull in Video, Ntando and Bash Dubbed Couple of the Month

Women Copy Soft-Spoken GF Asking for Red Bull in Video, Ntando and Bash Dubbed Couple of the Month

  • One woman, Ntandokazi (Ntando), who trended for speaking to her boyfriend, Bash, kindly has taken over on the socials
  • Ntando and Bash are content creators and have been documenting their love, and one of their TikTok videos went viral
  • Since the viral video of Ntandokazi, others have tried to recreate her video as the nation has continued to fall in love with the couple

Ntandokazi went viral after having a sweet interaction with her boyfriend, Bash. People found more videos of her, and Twitter users have been gushing over the lady.

Ntandokazi trended on Twitter as a soft spoke gf
Ntandokazi inspired other women to be more soft-spoken after going viral. Image: TikTok / ntando_bash / Twitter / BasilNgidi / Instagram / @ntandokazi_mm
Source: UGC

Other women recreated the video of Ntando asking her boyfriend for Red Bull. Online users could not stop raving about the cute couple.

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Ntandokazi and Bash's love make waves

One woman, Ntando, and her boyfriend, Bash, have continued to go viral following their wholesome conversation. Other people have tried to recreate the video that went viral where she wanted him to get her Red Bull.

Watch the clips of others who copied Ntando below:

Ntandokazi get 2 cases of Red Bull

After the viral video of Ntando asking for Red Bull, the energy drink company sent cases of the drink. Watch the video below:

SA cannot get over Ntando and Bash

Many people took two social media to discuss the couple. Ntando is the woman of the moment, as many netizens have dubbed her the perfect girlfriend.

@OMphinyane said:

"The first woman in history to be allowed as a guest at the Men’s Conference! #Ntandokazi"

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@RidgeForresta wrote:

"Hope these guys find forever seems like they have a healthy relationship, it is awesome to see such in the modern age, they're really doing good with each other and not afraid to show the world and I like that. #Ntandokazi"

@MichaelPayiya gushed:

"Tjoo I am amazed at her spirit. And the guy compliments her well. God protect them and let their love grow stronger every day."

Lady shows off romance with taxi driver

Briefly News previously reported that a woman wanted her followers to know that she was hopelessly in love. The stunning babe made a TikTok video showing off her life partner.

The video of the couple received over 90 0000 likes. There were hundreds of comments from people who enjoyed watching the romantic moment.

@luthandotshehla0 posted that she is dating a taxi driver. In a clip, she called him her "15 seater driver." before flipping the camera and showing her boyfriend.

Source: Briefly News

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