Side Chick Heartbroken After Learning Married Man She's Dating is Cheating With Another Woman

Side Chick Heartbroken After Learning Married Man She's Dating is Cheating With Another Woman

  • An angry lady has taken to social media to ask for advice on whether she's allowed to be upset over her married boyfriend dating a third woman
  • The discovery has left her grappling with the emotional aftermath of being deceived, as she believed it would only be her and the man's wife
  • Instead of sympathizing with the heartbroken side chic, netizens condemned her for dating a married man

Love has turned sour for a paramour who has been having an affair with a married woman after she discovered he is involved in yet another extramarital affair.

Side Chic
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The heartbroken woman took to social media to ask for advice on whether she was allowed to be upset over the turn of events.

Cheater cheated on

Speaking on Quora, the side chic disclosed that the news left her devastated as she believed she had found love from a married man seeking refuge from his marital woes.

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The affair took a tumultuous turn when the side chic stumbled upon evidence of "her man's" involvement with another woman.

"I’m having an affair with a married man. I just found out he’s cheating on me and his wife with a new woman. What should I do?" she asked.

The woman did not disclose how she learned about the third woman, but she was shattered to learn that the man had been juggling two illicit relationships simultaneously.

Karma caught up?

Most responses from social media users were harsh towards the complainant, with many viewing it as karma.

Alec Schwartz:

"He isn’t cheating on you, you’re freaking delusional and dumb to think that if he was capable of cheating on his wife that he wouldn’t go behind your back as well. Karma caught up to you."

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Mark Albano:

"You don’t have a “relationship” with this man. Just like the other woman, and it is likely that there are even others."

Renee Terry:

"He is not cheating on you and his wife with a new woman. He is cheating on his wife with you and the new woman. The best thing you can do right now is gather up every stitch of your dignity and get out of this scenario."

Diane Read:

"The cheater is being cheated on. You knew better than to commit adultery with a married man. So now that he's cheating on you, you're asking for advice? What goes around, comes around!"

Side chick has Mzansi in stitches

Briefly News reported that a gusty side-chick had South African netizens laughing out loud after sharing a video of herself reporting live from a closet when a visit to her man went south.

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The funny video was shared by TikTok user @imthatdude2.0 and shows the woman hiding in the closet as she explains what is happening.

She reveals that she is the side chick and has been hiding for almost three hours after her man’s main girlfriend and has to make sure that she is not seen.


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